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Proposed solar development at Mapperton Farm, near Sturminster Marshall

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Proposed solar development at Mapperton Farm, near Sturminster Marshall

Good Energy, the 100% renewable electricity supplier, encourages you to have your say on its proposed solar farm in East Dorset.

As you may know, Good Energy is a 100% renewable electricity supplier dedicated to helping the UK achieve a future that’s powered purely by renewables.

In addition to our first solar farm near Wool in Dorset, we’re committed to developing further renewable electricity generation capacity to help build energy security for the UK and tackle climate change. This is where our proposed solar development at Mapperton Farm, near Sturminster Marshall, comes in.

If it gets the go-ahead, this project will generate enough renewable electricity to supply around 6,000 average homes*, making a significant contribution to Dorset’s renewable energy targets.

This site itself is in a sparsely populated area that is naturally screened from view by the surrounding landscape. It is outside any conservation areas but it will also benefit from various measures designed to increase the wildlife value of the site.

The local area will receive a range of community benefits including a locally-controlled fund of £35,000 per year to support local initiatives. You can read more about the community benefits package here.

Our proposals are due to be considered by the planning committee at East Dorset District Council within the next few weeks. Local voices like yours could make all the difference to the future of this important project, so we urge you to register your support for our planning application.

You can submit your comments by registering on the Council’s planning website here or by e-mailing JBrightman@ uk quoting the application number 3/13/0681/FUL. Alternatively you can write to the planning officer as follows:

FAO James Brightman

Planning Applications (East Dorset)

Council Offices



BH21 4HN


We would urge you to make sure that your comments are submitted by Friday 12th June to ensure that they can be taken into account in the planning officers report.

Further information about the project is available on Good Energy’s website: dorsetsolar/mapperton-farm.  I f you have any questions or comments about the project, please get in touch viamappertonsolar@goodenergy.


Lets Get Energized says:
Good Energy propose new solar farm near Wareham in Purbeck

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Example Photo: Westmill solar farm in Oxfordshire

100% renewable energy suppliers Good Energy have informed us that they recently submitted a planning application for a 5.8MW solar farm at Oaklands Plantation, just north of Wareham, Purbeck. Subject to approval, Good Energy’s Oaklands solar farm will generate enough renewable electricity to supply around 1,500 homes, helping to achieve their mission of increased energy security and stability for the UK.

The site at Oaklands is very well screened, positioned between a landfill site and a commercial forest. They are proposing to install the solar panels on land which is currently used as a Christmas tree plantation, some rough pasture and a motor-cross track.

The land surrounding the panels will be recreated as grassland which can be grazed by sheep and will be managed to improve its quality and biodiversity. Some areas of the site will be adapted to recreate heathland and they will introduce a wetland area providing habitat for heathland species.

Good Energy have also promised an annual investment of £5,800 (linked to RPI) into a community fund, which will be controlled by local people to support community initiatives.

Please support Oaklands Solar Farm

Good Energy has a stated mission of supporting the development of renewable electricity and helping deliver a more secure energy supply for the UK. They would love you to join them on this journey by supporting this latest project.

You can submit comments on the Purbeck planning website before the end of Friday 29th August (apologies for the late posting here), where you can also find all the documents associated with the application.

If you have any questions about the plans or you need some more information, please get in touch with the project manager,, and look out for updates on the project here.

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  • Alastair Mumford comments:
    "I think this is a very good scheme and balances impact with renewable generation whilst supporting the local community financially. "
    August 29, 2014 a 2:33 pm


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Meet the Good People Bringing Good Energy to Dorset

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Hugo House (above), Dorset Developer for Good Energy, shares the latest news on their proposed solar farms in Dorset (following on from our previous post in August 2013: Good Energy plans 3 new solar farms in Dorset)…

Having grown up in Dorset, I can’t help but love its countryside. Many of my school days at Dumpton in Wimborne were spent on Dorset’s heathland, our outdoor ‘biology lab’, where I learned more about the value and the vulnerability of our local ecosystems than any classroom could offer. 25 years later it’s a pleasure to be working in Dorset on Good Energy’s solar projects. I strongly believe that Good Energy has a great opportunity to create solar farms that have a positive impact on wildlife and for local people. We want our projects to showcase how renewable energy, agriculture, biodiversity, education and the economy can work together and thrive.

The obvious benefit of a solar farm is the clean energy it gives us that contributes to our national energy security. Our aim is to make sure our solar sites can be used for sheep grazing too. This means they keep an agricultural value and a grazing herd is the most practical way to manage the vegetation. The solar farms will become pasture for 25 years or longer. By over-sowing the grassland with nectar-rich wild flowers we can encourage pollinating insects, providing safe haven for our rare species of bees and provide a new foundation for the entire food chain, helping to boost biodiversity. We are also exploring the opportunity to recreate heathland at our solar farms, a habitat that has suffered through Dorset’s development.

We want to use our solar projects to encourage school children to get outdoors. These sites can support so many aspects of learning including environmental, ecological, even physics and maths, inspiring kids today, just like I was a quarter of a century ago.

Our projects can bring direct benefits, socially and economically to the local community and this is exactly what we are aiming to do.

Will Turner (above), Trading and Forecasting Manager for Good Energy

Like Hugo, Will grew up in Dorset and his family have lived near Dorchester for three generations.

Will says, “I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and Dorset was a wonderful place to grow up. I got married here and I think Dorset is one of the most beautiful places in the UK.”

Joining Good Energy three years ago enabled Will to move out of the city and back to the countryside he loves.

“I’m excited about Good Energy’s plans for solar in Dorset. In my role, I match the power produced by our generators using hydro, wind, solar and anaerobic digestion technologies with our customers’ demand for electricity. I know how important solar has become to provide the lion’s share of power our customers use between March and September. Dorset’s fantastic sun hours make a meaningful contribution for Good Energy and for the county.”

Above: Mock-up of the proposed Mapperton Solar Farm 

As Dorset Energized reported last month, shockingly, currently only 1% of Dorset’s total energy demand comes from renewables – this is a third of the UK national average so to play our part in meeting national renewable energy targets, generation needs to increase by over 15 times in just 8 years. Apparently, we have the highest number of sun hours in the country, so solar is an obvious and exciting solution for Dorset.

Read full details of Good Energy’s three Dorset solar projects – Homeland Solar Farm, Mapperton Solar Farm and Woolbridge Solar Farm – to find out what we’re planning at:


Lets Get Energized says:
Good Energy plans 3 new solar farms in Dorset

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Good News for Dorset!

Good Energy are planning 3 new solar farms here in Dorset.

Good Energy are based in the South West (in Dorset’s neighbouring county of Wiltshire) and were the UK’s first dedicated 100% renewable electricity supplier. Their mission has always been to help tackle climate change by giving people the opportunity to buy electricity generated from UK renewable sources, rather than imported fossil fuels.

Dorset below the national average for renewables despite being the sunniest county?!

Shockingly, currently only 1% of Dorset’s total energy demand comes from renewables – this is a third of the UK national average! To play our part in meeting national renewable energy targets, generation needs to increase by over 15 times in just 8 years.

Apparently, we have the highest number of sun hours in the country, so solar is an obvious solution for Dorset.

Above: Mock-up of the proposed Mapperton Solar Farm

Good Energy Solar Projects for Dorset

Good Energy is seeking to develop 3 solar farms in Dorset to generate over 47,000 MWh of peak daytime power for customers whilst fostering wildflower meadows, biodiversity and creating substantial benefits for Dorset communities. The proposed sites are:

  1. Homeland Solar Farm
  2. Mapperton Solar Farm 
  3. Woolbridge Solar Farm

Above: Mock-up of the proposed Woolbridge Solar Farm

Go to the Good Energy website to download detailed plans for each Dorset Solar Farm at:

If you aren’t already a Good Energy customer, you can switch your energy supply to them for competitive and stable energy bills, and if you quote ‘Dorset Energized’ they’ll give you £50 off your first bill!

Switch to Green Energy at Good Energy today to get £50 off your first bill at:

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  • Paul McIntosh comments:
    "Its good to see that Good Energy are engaging with the communities which are affected by these installations and negotiating meaningful community benefit. "
    September 13, 2013 a 10:24 am


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Save £50 off your first energy bill with Good Energy

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We have doubled our special offer discount when you switch to Good Energy, the UK’s only 100% renewable electricity supplier.

Quote ‘Dorset Energized’ and they’ll give you £50 off your first bill (this offer is open to all UK customers so you don’t have to live in Dorset).


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Have your say on renewables in Wiltshire (and the UK!)

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Good Energy are calling on supporters to have your say on an important planning policy issue on our home turf and very close to us here in Dorset, which could affect the UK’s ability to achieve its renewable energy targets.

The week before last, Wiltshire Council launched a public consultation on a controversial last-minute amendment to its Core Strategy which, if adopted, would effectively cut off a major route for developing renewable energy in Wiltshire. The amendment would stop wind farms being built by stipulating minimum separation distances between homes and wind turbines, ostensibly on health and safety grounds.

Friends of the Earth’s Executive Director Andy Atkins said, “It’s right that Wiltshire residents are consulted about this amendment to planning policy – wind turbines are not dangerous and there’s no safety reason to stop them being built within three kilometres of any home. Instead of sneaking in last-minute caveats that will stop clean energy in its tracks, Wiltshire Council should be blazing a trail with its local plan – cutting emissions and creating hundreds of jobs.”

It’s not just a local issue – Swindon is now discussing making a similar amendment to its Core Strategy, and Lincolnshire has already introduced restrictions. There is clearly a danger of a national precedent being set. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen.

You don’t need to be a resident of Wiltshire to comment on the consultation – so please take a few moments to have your say.

As Dorset Energized blog authors have pointed out before – supporters of onshore wind tend to be the silent majority, but now is the time to make your voice heard.

The consultation ends on November 1st, so please take action quickly.

For more details and to take action visit:


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Dorset Energized Good Energy Special Offer

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Switch to Good Energy and get £25 off your first bill when you quote ‘Dorset Energized’

We’ve already lined up some great offers for you! Dorset Energized are proud to be in partnership with Good Energy, the UK’s only 100% renewable electricity supplier. All of their electricity is generated using natural power from the wind, water and sun or through sustainable biogeneration. That means no carbon, no nuclear and no fossil fuels.

If you switch to Good Energy, quote ‘Dorset Energized’ and they’ll give you £25 off your first bill.

Visit their website at or phone 0845 456 1640.

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