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Theresa McManus says:
70% of UK public want action on climate change

Category: Climate Change

An interesting article has been published by Carbon Brief who report on the latest developments in climate science, and fact-checks stories about climate and energy online and in the press. They are funded by the European Climate Foundation, whose objective is to reduce emissions.

Carbon Brief published the results of polling on energy and climate change issues, over the Easter bank holiday.

According to their results, 69% of UK adults believe scientists and meteorologists are trustworthy sources of accurate information about climate science. Politicians fare rather worse, polling at just 7%  – in joint last place with blogs and social media.

The poll also reveals that 89% believe climate change is happening, though there appears to be a split over whether people think it’s caused by humans or not. Interestingly, this split was not echoed in whether people want to see action to tackle climate change, though. Nearly 70% said they want the government to act to avoid warming.

Polling expert Leo Barasi writes that the results show ‘belief’ in climate change really doesn’t mean that much – people tend to trust climate scientists and want to see action on climate change, and doubts about whether climate change is happening aren’t rising.

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Beverley Satchell says:
Win a Nissan LEAF + Help Dorset/Somerset to Win Rapid Electric Car Charging Stations

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Have you visited the The Big Turn On yet? Nissan LEAF aims to get one million people to Turn On to 100% electric driving on their fantastic The Big Turn On website at: Once ‘Turned On’ you will be entered onto a leader board where you could WIN a Nissan LEAF or an iPad2 as their weekly prize. You can then gain additional points by taking part in various activities and encouraging other people to ‘Turn On’ too.

Nissan will also donate rapid charging stations to the city with the most ‘Turn Ons’. Please help F J Chalke make Wincanton (in Somerset near Dorset) part of a low-carbon lifestyle for a more sustainable future, by turning on Wincanton!

Check out the Winning Cities board here: and click the ‘TURN ON’ button for Wincanton or your nearest city. Southampton and Bournemouth are currently in the top 30!

Remember you can book your FREE Nissan LEAF test drive with us at F J Chalke to see how easy it is to make the change to 100% electric driving.
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Theresa McManus says:
Ensure your own energy security by using & producing your own renewable energy

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Catherine Mitchell has recently written a really powerful article published in the Guardian, which is critical of the UK’s energy policy. The article Who is in charge of Britain’s energy policy? claims that “Intense lobbying by energy companies and government misinformation is creating genuine uncertainty about who has overall control”. It is cause for concern, but effectively emphasises the need for people to take their own steps to avoid possible future price hikes and to make their own low-carbon choices.

Read her  full article here:

For more ideas and inspiration from local people who are using renewable energy check out our ‘Dorset Energy Stories’ at and visit our Renewable Energy section on this website to see what is available and to take the next step:

As always, if you have any queries you can comment here on this blog post, or talk to me or one of my colleagues at the Dorset Energy Advice Centre on 0800 975 0166 for some free advice.

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  • Peter Bywater comments:
    "Another article in the Guardian a few months ago pointed out that the renewables industry gets a constant bad press and most of that bad press is completely void of fact. It was pointed out that in terms of subsidies we pay for energy through our fuel bills, we pay up to around £350 per year to subsidise nuclear power and only around £60 for renewables. In fact with the new cut in the wind + hydro subsidy that will be down to £55 next year. "
    July 31, 2012 a 9:02 pm


Lets Get Energized says:
Blandford Forum Parish Centre Incorporates Renewable Energy Systems

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The Blandford Forum Parochial Church was redesigned as a Community Centre to have a low environmental/carbon footprint. It incorporates renewable energy systems (ground source heat pump and solar collectors), environmentally friendly building materials and low energy/water consumption features. Intention is to showcase best practice to encourage others to incorporate these features into new build/refurbishments projects.

Nature of Project
The much loved, much used Victorian pre-fabricated Church Hall which served the community of Blandford for over 100 years became disused, dilapidated and beyond economic repair. The Hall Steering Group (HSG) gained planning permission to replace the existing structure with a new, purpose built, environmentally friendly facility which would be available 7 days a week throughout the year for the community to use. No such facility existed in Blandford.

The Blandford Forum Parochial Church Council (BFPCC) and HSG were very keen to ensure that the new building should have as low an environmental/carbon footprint as possible. The building was specifically designed to reduce its environmental impact in terms of its construction and operation and will demonstrate to the local and wider community what can be achieved in terms of sustainable construction.

The building is constructed using structured insulated panels, triple glazed widows and double glazed doors with low emissivity glass. This makes the building very thermally efficient thus making it ideal to heat with low grade heat from the ground which is heated by the sun. Space and water heating requirements are provided by a ground source heat pump and solar hot water collectors. The building also has energy efficient lighting, waterless urinals and no-touch, low water consumption taps and toilet flushing. The exterior timber cladding, windows and doors were sourced from FSC certified forests whilst environmentally friendly Bamboo and Altro were specified for the flooring. We also used local tradesman and specialists on the project, John Turnbull Architect, Jack Wiles Quantity Surveyor, RB Snook Building Contractors, Microgeneration – ground source heat pump, Rayotech Solar Shading, Build It Green – wall panels, Bullivents – beam and block floor, Fusion Electrics.

There were no known examples of green church/community halls in the local area. Our intention was to promote the project widely as a case study to encourage the further take up of best environmental practice by others involved in the construction and renovation of community buildings/church halls, churches, church maintained schools and other community and church associated buildings throughout the country. We also hope to encourage those using these buildings to take action to improve their environment and to consider incorporating these features into their own homes and businesses.

Members of the HSG researched what had been done elsewhere to make buildings more environmentally friendly/sustainable. A checklist was produced which the group worked through to see what could be incorporated into the new building within the constraints of the budget and with the site itself. For example, rainwater harvesting was ruled out because of extensive tree roots from listed trees; the shade from these trees also ruled out the use of photovoltaic panels.

Some of the “green technology” was unfamiliar to the group e.g. the ground source heat pump. However, they showed great faith and, despite a few technical glitches with commissioning, are pleased with the results. We think it is fair to say that by stipulating a list of “green requirements” for the building, all those involved with the building e.g. architect, quantity surveyor, builders, tradesmen have all gained from the experience of seeing them being successfully incorporated into this sort of building project.

Community Involvement
They consulted widely with the community and existing/potential user groups to ensure that the building was designed to meet their current and future needs. They received many expressions of interest from numerous children and youth groups, community groups such as The University of the Third Age, The Civic Society, Playgroups, and public bodies such the Environmental Agency and the Town and District Councils. Indeed Local businesses and community groups were particularly interested in holding their meetings and training events in such an environmentally friendly venue which would in turn help them to cut their own carbon footprint.

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This story was provided by Sustainable Dorset, the website for DA21:


Theresa McManus says:
How Low Can You Go?

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Low emission cars are increasing in popularity, according to a BBC article today:

In 2007, only one in ten new cars sold was a low emission car, producing less than 130 grammes of CO2 per kilometre. In 2011, nearly half the new cars in the UK were low emission.
These low emission cars deliver an average of 54 miles to the gallon. Of course, some are much higher.

There is a close link between reduced fuel consumption and emission reductions, and the result of this trend is a big step towards a low carbon motoring future.


Beverley Satchell says:
The Big Turn On is Coming to FJ Chalke Wincanton – WIN a Nissan LEAF, iPad2 + win charging stations for Dorset!

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Dorset Energized partners FJ Chalke Nissan in Wincanton are encouraging drivers in the area to ‘Turn On’ to a low-carbon lifestyle for a more sustainable future.

The Big Turn On is an online led campaign with the aim of getting one million people to Turn On to 100% electric driving and create their own profile page on The Big Turn On website.

Once ‘Turned On’ you will be entered onto a leader board where you could WIN a Nissan LEAF and also an iPad2. You can then gain additional points by taking part in various activities and encouraging other people to ‘Turn On’ too.

Nissan will also donate rapid charging stations to the city with the most ‘Turn Ons’. Local councils and businesses will then find the best locations to install the stations – please recommend Wincanton!

The website at will house content and allow customers to:

  • ‘Turn On’ to electric driving’ by simply clicking the ‘Turn On’ button, these will add up to reaching the one million ‘Turn Ons’.
  • Contribute to their citie’s chance of winning 30 charging points.
  • Book a 24-hour test drive so customers can enjoy the benefits of 100% electric motoring.
  • Create a participant page and earn credits in The Big Turn On competition for their chances to win a LEAF.
  • View video content on different people’s experiences of driving a LEAF.

Join the excitement and book your 24-hour Nissan LEAF test drive. See how easy it is to make the change to 100% electric driving.

To book your 24-hour test drive at FJ Chalke Wincaton visit


Theresa McManus says:
Government plans to slash carbon emissions from heating don’t go far enough

Category: Fuel Poverty & Security, Renewable Energy
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At the end of March 2012, the government launched their strategy for low carbon heat.

According to the strategy,

“By 2050, we need to remove all direct greenhouse gas emissions from heating our buildings. This is exceedingly challenging, and means that any heat generated at building level must be set on a low carbon footing by replacing fossil fuel-based heating technologies within individual buildings, such as natural gas or oil fired boilers, with low carbon alternatives.” It goes on to add that “ Before we do this, maximising the efficiency of our gas boilers will help realise cost and carbon savings in the short and medium term.”.

Whilst this strategy clarifies that we must move away from using gas and oil to heat our homes to using low carbon alternatives, I don’t feel that it places enough emphasis on the importance of insulation and other energy efficiency measures has in reducing energy demand.

Indeed, reducing energy demand is our first priority, as we already know that we cannot easily meet today’s demands with clean, renewable and sustainable technologies.

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Beverley Satchell says:
Nissan LEAF Test Drive Week for Climate Week

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I’m Beverley, the Electric Vehicle Sales Manager for the Nissan LEAF at FJ Chalke, Wincanton. We are very proud to be in partnership with Dorset Energized.

This revolutionary new car is the world’s first affordable 100% electric car with zero emissions and has impressed the media and potential customers alike, as well as picking up two of the motor industry’s biggest accolades by becoming both the European and World Car of the Year 2011 which, seeing as it is the first electric car to ever achieve this, shows just how good it really is.

I haven’t been in car sales for long at all, and the Nissan LEAF is the first and only car I have ever specialised in. Customers sometimes are too afraid to walk into a dealership in case they are thrown into a massive sales pitch, when all the really want to do is take a look at a car, and possibly test drive it.  So to celebrate Climate Week, FJ Chalke will hold a test drive open week for the Nissan LEAF 12th to 17th March. No strings attached, just come in, take a look at the LEAF and getting a feel for the car by taking it for a test drive and experience the real deal for yourself. All we would ask for is feedback.


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