Example Photo: Westmill solar farm in Oxfordshire

100% renewable energy suppliers Good Energy have informed us that they recently submitted a planning application for a 5.8MW solar farm at Oaklands Plantation, just north of Wareham, Purbeck. Subject to approval, Good Energy’s Oaklands solar farm will generate enough renewable electricity to supply around 1,500 homes, helping to achieve their mission of increased energy security and stability for the UK.

The site at Oaklands is very well screened, positioned between a landfill site and a commercial forest. They are proposing to install the solar panels on land which is currently used as a Christmas tree plantation, some rough pasture and a motor-cross track.

The land surrounding the panels will be recreated as grassland which can be grazed by sheep and will be managed to improve its quality and biodiversity. Some areas of the site will be adapted to recreate heathland and they will introduce a wetland area providing habitat for heathland species.

Good Energy have also promised an annual investment of £5,800 (linked to RPI) into a community fund, which will be controlled by local people to support community initiatives.

Please support Oaklands Solar Farm

Good Energy has a stated mission of supporting the development of renewable electricity and helping deliver a more secure energy supply for the UK. They would love you to join them on this journey by supporting this latest project.

You can submit comments on the Purbeck planning website before the end of Friday 29th August (apologies for the late posting here), where you can also find all the documents associated with the application.

If you have any questions about the plans or you need some more information, please get in touch with the project manager, hugo.house@goodenergy.co.uk, and look out for updates on the project here.