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Sharon Fay says:
Time to turn over a new LEAF (£1600 deposit contribution towards a brand new Nissan LEAF)

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Have you ever thought about buying an electric car but thought it was going to be to expensive and gave it no more thought? Well here are a few points you may not have thought about with the bigger picture of owning a Nissan LEAF compared to a combustion engine car…

Costs like fuel that just keep rising but you can charge the Nissan LEAF from as little as £2.03 for a full charge.  This is an annual cost of £186 based on 10000 miles per annum.  With the average cost of a gallon of petrol now £6.32 what does you car do to the gallon? The Nissan LEAF is 339 mpg.

We all hate to pay road fund license, but with the Nissan LEAF this is NIL and the same with the congestion charge in London which is normally £8 a day but NIL if you have a Nissan LEAF.

All these savings add up plus with the £1600 deposit contribution with Nissan Finance you can save yourself even more on monthly payments.

So enjoy the luxury, comfort and smooth ride of the Nissan LEAF –  it may not be as expensive as you think!

Give me a call (Sharon Fay) at FJ Chalke Ltd 01963 34335 or email for FREE advice to get on the road to greener energy.


Vince Adams says:
Ecotricity announce new DC fast charge technology for the Electric Highway

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Real progress!

I have just been informed that Ecotricity have announced their new DC fast charge technology for the Electric Highway.

They have teamed up with Nissan to roll out fast charge technology at 40 Welcome Break motorway service stations.

Hopwood Park, South Mimms and Oxford Welcome Break Service Stations are up and running. This means electric car owners like myself will be able to charge a Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi iMiev in under 30 minutes.

Use of Ecotricity’s charging network is currently free – they want to encourage the take-up of electric vehicles and being able to recharge quickly is obviously a big part of this.

View the Ecotricity Electric Highway online map for which ones have been installed already and those coming next:

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  • Lucy Chant comments:
    "Thought you would be interested to know that our electric car charging point is now fully operational and we have been loaned a Nissan Leaf from F J Chalke in Wincaton! Come along to our official launch event on Saturday 24th November at the CORE, hope to see you there, regards
    Lucy "

    November 13, 2012 a 2:01 pm


Beverley Satchell says:
Vince’s Nissan LEAF Gets Dorset Energized with FJ Chalke!

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Dorset Energized’s very own Vince Adams came over to F J Chalke Wincanton today for his annual service… and to have the graphics done on his Nissan LEAF! Not only does it advertise the Dorset Energized website, but also gives people the opportunity to get directed via our smart phone QR reader, to our FJ Chalke – Nissan LEAF webpage for more information.

This is a brilliant idea, as we work closely with Dorset Energized, and this really seals the relationship! I think Vince is going to get a lot more interest in his Nissan LEAF then he does already (which I hear is a fair bit!), and with the car parked up, people can access the information whilst they are curious about the car.

If you see him driving around Dorset be sure to send us your comments, or maybe tweet us your photos @WincantonLeaf


Beverley Satchell says:
The Big Turn On is Coming to FJ Chalke Wincanton – WIN a Nissan LEAF, iPad2 + win charging stations for Dorset!

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Dorset Energized partners FJ Chalke Nissan in Wincanton are encouraging drivers in the area to ‘Turn On’ to a low-carbon lifestyle for a more sustainable future.

The Big Turn On is an online led campaign with the aim of getting one million people to Turn On to 100% electric driving and create their own profile page on The Big Turn On website.

Once ‘Turned On’ you will be entered onto a leader board where you could WIN a Nissan LEAF and also an iPad2. You can then gain additional points by taking part in various activities and encouraging other people to ‘Turn On’ too.

Nissan will also donate rapid charging stations to the city with the most ‘Turn Ons’. Local councils and businesses will then find the best locations to install the stations – please recommend Wincanton!

The website at will house content and allow customers to:

  • ‘Turn On’ to electric driving’ by simply clicking the ‘Turn On’ button, these will add up to reaching the one million ‘Turn Ons’.
  • Contribute to their citie’s chance of winning 30 charging points.
  • Book a 24-hour test drive so customers can enjoy the benefits of 100% electric motoring.
  • Create a participant page and earn credits in The Big Turn On competition for their chances to win a LEAF.
  • View video content on different people’s experiences of driving a LEAF.

Join the excitement and book your 24-hour Nissan LEAF test drive. See how easy it is to make the change to 100% electric driving.

To book your 24-hour test drive at FJ Chalke Wincaton visit


Theresa McManus says:
Government plans to slash carbon emissions from heating don’t go far enough

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At the end of March 2012, the government launched their strategy for low carbon heat.

According to the strategy,

“By 2050, we need to remove all direct greenhouse gas emissions from heating our buildings. This is exceedingly challenging, and means that any heat generated at building level must be set on a low carbon footing by replacing fossil fuel-based heating technologies within individual buildings, such as natural gas or oil fired boilers, with low carbon alternatives.” It goes on to add that “ Before we do this, maximising the efficiency of our gas boilers will help realise cost and carbon savings in the short and medium term.”.

Whilst this strategy clarifies that we must move away from using gas and oil to heat our homes to using low carbon alternatives, I don’t feel that it places enough emphasis on the importance of insulation and other energy efficiency measures has in reducing energy demand.

Indeed, reducing energy demand is our first priority, as we already know that we cannot easily meet today’s demands with clean, renewable and sustainable technologies.

For more details of the stratgey see


Beverley Satchell says:
Nissan LEAF Test Drive Week for Climate Week

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I’m Beverley, the Electric Vehicle Sales Manager for the Nissan LEAF at FJ Chalke, Wincanton. We are very proud to be in partnership with Dorset Energized.

This revolutionary new car is the world’s first affordable 100% electric car with zero emissions and has impressed the media and potential customers alike, as well as picking up two of the motor industry’s biggest accolades by becoming both the European and World Car of the Year 2011 which, seeing as it is the first electric car to ever achieve this, shows just how good it really is.

I haven’t been in car sales for long at all, and the Nissan LEAF is the first and only car I have ever specialised in. Customers sometimes are too afraid to walk into a dealership in case they are thrown into a massive sales pitch, when all the really want to do is take a look at a car, and possibly test drive it.  So to celebrate Climate Week, FJ Chalke will hold a test drive open week for the Nissan LEAF 12th to 17th March. No strings attached, just come in, take a look at the LEAF and getting a feel for the car by taking it for a test drive and experience the real deal for yourself. All we would ask for is feedback.



Beverley Satchell says:
Crestmoor Construction Save over £11K on fuel costs with the Nissan LEAF

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Local building contractors Crestmoor Construction, who work closely with Somerset and Dorset County Councils with highways maintenance, were originally contacted by Shane Rendall at FJ Chalke Wincanton regarding Nissan’s commercial vehicles. After a conversation with the Director of Crestmoor Construction, Kenny Higgins, it became apparent that they were more interested in reducing the company’s carbon footprint. This is important to them because they work so closely with the county councils who are required to greatly reduce their own carbon footprint by 2015. For them this means using contractors who make efforts to boost their green credentials.

The Nissan LEAF achieves this perfectly, NO exhaust means ZERO emissions. Mr Higgins was also very interested in taking advantage of the LEAFs other big benefit, being 100% tax deductable in the first year. The car is used to travel between sites and for surveying, the have made a huge saving on fuel costs, this is due to a comparison made on their previous vehicle. It is worked out over 3 years and compares the LEAF with their Nissan Pathfinder automatic and covers their average mileage of 500 miles a month. The results of which are astounding.

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5DCi Auto Fuel per month – £320
Fuel for the Year – £3840
Over 3 Years – £11,520
3 Years worth of Road Tax – £1,500
Running cost £13,020
This figure does not include hefty servicing and insurance costs.

Nissan LEAF
1 full charge – £1.47 (off peak)
2 charges a week – £2.94
Monthly charging cost – £11.76
Yearly charging cost – £141.12
Total for 3 years in electric – £423.36 (off peak) or £820.80 (on peak)
This figure does not include insurance. The car is tax exempt and servicing will be considerably cheaper.

So using a LEAF saves them £11,096 on fuel alone which proves that LEAF was the answer to drastically bring down running costs and improve their carbon footprint, and now they have achieved this even more than they thought was possible. To promote their green credentials whilst out and about on the road, they had the car decaled with their logo.

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