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Lets Get Energized says:
Spring Prize Draw: Win the original Wonderbag portable slow cooker

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Win a wonderful Wonderbag worth £30

We’ve got another fantastic prize for Lets Get Energized subscribers this Spring!

Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary, non-electric portable slow cooker. 

It continues to cook food which has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 8-12 hours without the use of additional electricity or fuel. It’s said that “The Wonderbag Will Change The Way You Slow-Cook Forever”.

It’s simple: you can boil it, bag it, slow cook it, then share it! The Wonderbag is made from Polycottons inside and out, filled with polystyrene.

WONDERBAG How does it work vers2 from Heidi Otto on Vimeo.

The story behind the Wonderbag

The Wonderbag was designed by Sarah Collins, an amazing woman who has devoted her entire life to searching for ways to empower people in rural Africa, especially women.

Inspired by the San people who bury food in the ground while they are cooking she says, “I thought to myself, ‘This is the oldest technology in the world.'” Wonderbags were originally created for poor families in Africa, to cut down the amount of costly firewood they need for cooking. And for every Wonderbag purchased in North America today, one is donated to a family in need in Africa, and so drastically changes the life of the family who receives the bag and becomes a catalyst out of poverty.

Sarah’s goal is to sell one hundred million Wonderbags worldwide, helping over a billion people. “It empowers consumers, by giving them innovative ways to be part of the solutions that the world is looking for.”

Read the full story here >>

Eco-friendly & perfect for picnics this Spring!

The Wonderbag is an extremely well-insulated cooking bag that keeps anything – from meaty stews and vegetable curries to simple rice and soups – cooking for hours without using any power, saving time, money and reducing energy use.

It’s clever insulating properties allow food that has been brought to the boil to finish cooking without extra heat. This greatly reduces the use of additional energy, and means you can cook appetising, hot meals while saving time, energy and money.  It’s ideal for home cooked hot dinners, camping, outdoor festivals and picnics.


Sign up & Get Energized for the chance to win a Wonderbag!

This wonderful jazzy patterned purple Wonderbag (pictured above) has been very kindly donated to us by STIR Into Action who use their own Wonderbag at all their workshops.

The competition has been extended and ends at midnight UK time on 30th April 2015 and the lucky winner will be picked at random from all our e-newsletter subscribers on 1st May.

Simply sign up to our e-newsletter, if you haven’t already, for the chance to win.

Click here to enter our prize draw >>

Look out for the announcement of last month’s competition winner who can take advantage of STIR Into Action‘s Workshop on Renewable Energy Co-ops on 6th & 7th June 2015 in Bridport, Dorset. As soon as we have checked they are available for the weekend we can announce!


Lets Get Energized says:
Stories of Change – 5th March in Dorchester, Dorset

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Stories of Change – 5th March, 19.30 – 21.30

Dorchester Arts Centre, School Lane, The Grove, Dorchester, DT1 1 XR

A Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset Event:

Local residents share stories about how they became interested in living more sustainably. Raja is a climate consultant working around the world, Anna is a producer initiating arts and bio-medical projects within the NHS, Ali is championing eco awareness in schools, and Rose is passionate about local food. Then we can all have a conversation! There is also a rare chance to see short entertaining films, including Forkbeard Fantasy’s‘Carbon Weevils’, and Arts Admin’s ‘Pandemonium’ which was part of Imagine the Great Transition.

And you can have a go at ‘Artspark’s specially-created board game.. We’ve been asking people how they think climate change could affect them and their town and used their ideas to create the game…but we want to know what you think too!

The Bar will be open and there will be some yummy locally-sourced snacks too– made by Bridport-based Rude foods.



Lets Get Energized says:
Fracking & Better Energy Solutions – Talk in Bridport Dorset, 12th March

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Fracking & Better Energy Solutions

Talk by Charles Miller
Thursday 12 March 2015

Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start
Bridport Town Hall, Dorset

Admission FREE

West Dorset Friends of the Earth group are delighted to invite you to this interesting and informative talk regarding fracking, presented by Charles Miller.

With twenty-five years experience in the oil industry worldwide, Charles Miller gives a brief outline of the Energy Crisis. He will then explains the problems with Fracking and safer and sustainable Energy solutions that other countries are choosing instead of Fracking, to protect their citizens and countryside and to keep energy bills from rising.

There will be time for your questions at the end of the talk.

We hope to see you there.


Lets Get Energized says:
“I do”, Will You – event in Dorchester, Dorset 4th March

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“I do”, Will You – event in Dorchester, Dorset on 4th March 2015

Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset are holding an event in South Street, Dorchester.

The theme of the event is telling the world what you love about the world/the environment and saying what you do to assist in making the world a greener, friendlier place:

There’s more info on the CLS website – and a chance to take part in a competition and to post your own photos.


Lets Get Energized says:
Get Ready for the Dorchester Renewable Energy Exhibition

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Dorset Energized, the website that informs the county about all things renewable, is hosting our first Exhibition in Dorchester to celebrate Climate Change Week 2014!

Dorchester Renewable Energy Exhibition and Forum
Saturday 8th March, 9.30am until 2.00pm
Dorchester Corn Exchange
FREE admission

There is a strong line up of exhibitors who can advise on Solar PV, Biomass Heating, Thermal Heating, Energy Savings, Green Energy, Eco Design and Sustainable Planning.

We will have the new 100% electric Nissan LEAF car on show and an exciting range of new model Electric Bikes.

Renewable Energy companies will be outlining exciting new projects across Dorset.

Our aim is to demonstrate the opportunities for strong Community involvement in schemes to create local energy and reduce the cost of energy to people living nearby.

There will be a continuous Forum being lead by local Hydro Expert Keith Wheaton Green where we shall have leading speakers talking about a miriad of subjects with lots of time for questions from all our visitors.

We hope that this will be a great opportunity for the people of Dorchester and its surrounding areas to really engage with the opportunities that Renewable Energy offers both in reducing the burden of energy costs and making a contribution to the reduction in CO2 within Dorset.

Click here for the full list of Exhibitors >>


Vince Adams says:
Dorchester Renewable Energy Exhibition and Advice Forum on Saturday 8th March 2014

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Dorset Energized Event for Climate Change Week

Here’s a date for your diaries…

Saturday 8th March 2014, from 9.30am – 2pm
Dorchester Renewable Energy Exhibition
Corn Exchange, Dorchester, Dorset
FREE entry

Come and find out how you can make a difference. Debate and discuss all the energy issues. Discover the opportunities that renewables can offer.

Current exhibitors include:

We hope to see you there!


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Enough Food for Everyone

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If you haven’t already been inspired by our various posts last week for Climate Week 2013 including my ‘Green Your Cuisine’ post about Meat Free Monday, and my post on ‘Low Carbon Farming’, then here’s a fab little video from the ENOUGH FOOD IF campaign at

Compassion in World Farming’s Raw campaign is one of the organisations supporting the ENOUGH FOOD IF campaign to help end the global hunger crisis (also often referred to as the ‘Meat Crisis’).

Hunger is one of the greatest scandals of our age. According to the IF campaign:

  • 1 in 8 people are living with the pain of hunger
  • It kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined
  • Two million children die each year because of malnutrition
  • Millions more children face lost potential, stunting and suffering
  • Raw is a part of IF because ending factory farming goes hand in hand with ending the global hunger crisis.

I personally think it is absolutely shocking that in the 21st century so many people in poorer countries are still dying of starvation this very minute as you read this, while here in the UK we feast on more food than is even healthy or possible to sustain in a planet-friendly or humane way – and even throw a lot of it away! We have completely lost touch with nature and the importance of our food systems. Rearing animals for food is simply a terrible waste of resources. The same amount of land feeds up to 10 times as many people if you grow crops on it to feed people, rather than cutting down more of our precious rainforests to make even more room to graze animals for meat, or to grow soya to feed the animals. The added threat of mega-dairies housing thousands of cows coming here to the UK on our very doorstep is also very scary indeed.

And I’m sure I don’t need to mention the devastating effects intensive/factory farming has on draining our energy resources, contributing to climate change, and how completely unsustainable it is for the planet…

Today is Meat Free Monday so its the perfect excuse to try something new and exciting for lunch and dinner, and feel good knowing you are helping to create a more sustainable way of living to protect animals, people and our planet.

It really has never been easier to buy or cook meat-free meals and its cheaper too!

For meat-free recipes here are some of my recommended links:

Let us know how you get on! : )


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Add your name to the Climate Week Declaration

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As Climate Week draws to a close for another year this Sunday, we need to make sure we all keep taking small steps to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our own energy demand, and to invest in renewable energy if we can…

Make sure you subscribe to our blog (from the right-hand side of this very page!) to keep up with all the latest energy news or sign up to our mailing list to ‘Keep Energized’ (from the bottom of this page!) to be the first to hear when the Dorset Energized E-Newsletter launches for even more exclusive and local offers, and energy saving tips for a more sustainable lifestyle.

And as 1 small action you can do easily right now wherever you are viewing this, add your name to the Climate Week Declaration urging the UK government to do more to prevent climate change.
Many leading people and organisations have already signed – including Lord Nick Stern, the Aldersgate Group, the TUC and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Right now, the government is finalising a new law – the Energy Bill – that will decide the future of Britain’s energy supply.

The Declaration calls on the government to put environmental targets into the Energy Bill. These would help to decarbonise our energy supply and give us cleaner, greener energy.

To add your name to the Climate Week Declaration today go to:


Lets Get Energized says:
On Your Bike…Again…FOE’s Big Green Bike Ride 2013!

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Friends of the Earth have reminded us that you can still register to take part next month in their Big Green Bike Ride 2013: London – New Forest.

The first Big Green Bike Ride raised thousands of pounds for Friends of the Earth in 2012 and they hope it will again this year. All funds will go towards their vital environmental campaigning which of course includes supporting renewable and sustainable energy.

Whether you have an electric bike or not – any excuse to keep your non-electric cars in the garage has to be a good thing!

You can cycle from the bustle of South-West London to the beauty and tranquility of the New Forest National Park, on the Dorset/Hampshire border.

Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 April 2013

Day 1: London to the New Forest, 85 miles
Cycle the pretty lanes of Surrey and Hampshire, as we wind our way to the New Forest.
Day 2: Explore the New Forest, 40 miles
Explore the heather-covered heath, gentle farmland, ancient woodland and mudflats of this charming corner of the British countryside.
Unwind and relax after a day in the saddle
Set in 1,000 acres of ancient woodland the overnight New Forest location is spectacular.
With tents provided – or the option of upgrading to a luxury shepherds hut – you’ll be able to enjoy the ancient woodland setting and the rustic beauty of the carpenter’s barn.

Keep an eye out for grazing deer and ponies as you enjoy a drink from the woodland bar.

With one-day and weekend options, there’s something for everyone.

To get involved and join the adventure find out more and register at:


Vince Adams says:
The FUTURE:TODAY! Eco Travel with the zero emissions Nissan LEAF

Category: Electric Transport, Renewable Energy Film/Video

As a proud owner of a 100% electric zero emissions Nissan LEAF, I was very excited to see this new video of the LEAF which apparently took centre stage at Nissan’s exhibition in Oslo last October.

Nissan wrote in their February E-Mag: Showcasing new technology in innovative ways, one highlight was turning the largest gathering of LEAF owners into an exciting light and sound installation…

Make sure you take advantage of your FREE Test Drive with local friendly Nissan LEAF dealers FJ Chalke Wincanton whose own showroom is even solar powered!

If electric cars just aren’t for you though, then see the other options available under our Electric Transport section and check out our recently updated Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Living pages for other tips on ‘TRAVEL’ including; Walking and Cycling, Car Sharing, Public Transport and Flying…


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Low Carbon Farming – Sowing the Seeds of a Sustainable Future

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Following on from my ‘Climate Week: Green Your Cuisine’ post, I have also just read about the Soil Association’s exciting Low Carbon Farming project which aims to meet the challenges of a resource-constrained world.

They are seeking solutions that balance the needs of society and the environment, and working with other organisations who share these goals and their organic principles of care, ecology, fairness and health.

Over the past two years, the Low Carbon Farming project has been supporting British farmers to decrease their carbon emissions. Agriculture is responsible for 6% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions and the government have set a target of decreasing this by 11% in the next seven years.

The project has been running free info events at farms across the country, connecting farmers with experts. They look at all farming practices and have recently highlighted renewable energy options for farmers.

Did you know that the manure produced each year by our cattle has the potential to produce 5% of our national electricity needs? That’s 100% free renewable energy!

For more information on Soil Association’s Low Carbon Farming and Events visit:

As the founder and Co-ordinator of Compassionate Dorset – the local voluntary supporter group for Compassion in World Farming – I am already a fan of the Soil Association, as their Organic Standard currently provides the highest animal welfare levels in the UK e.g. smaller flock sizes for chickens and no live exporting of dairy calves – so I am pleased to see they are also encouraging farmers to invest in renewable energy too!

However, it’s important that if we are to utilise / recycle waste from our animals that we make sure it is sustainable and not actually contributing to climate change – for example, livestock farming accounts for around 18% of our global greenhouse gas emissions – more than the global transport sector! And it’s not just carbon dioxide that’s the problem with most farms – gases including methane from cattle and nitrous oxide are also produced in significant quantities, released through various sources including animal waste and fertiliser use. Livestock farming produces 37% and 65% of our global methane and nitrous oxide emissions respectively and both gases are much more potent than carbon dioxide.

These are just some of the reasons we need to end intensive factory farming and have organic free-range farms. Currently 2 out of 3 farms worldwide are factory farmed and you may be surprised to know that most farms here in the UK and in Dorset are sadly still factory farms.

Check out Compassion in World Farming’s RAW website which is kick starting a food and farming revolution to see how we can feed the world sustainably and without further damaging our planet:


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Green Your Cuisine this Climate Week

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In case you hadn’t noticed yet, we are celebrating Climate Week until 10th March – a supercharged campaign to inspire a new wave of action on climate change! Climate Week is all about showcasing real, practical ways to combat climate change, and it aims to renew our ambition to create a more sustainable, low-carbon future.

Did you know… livestock farming accounts for around 18% of our global greenhouse gas emissions – more than the global transport sector?!

Did you also know… we throw away 8.3 million tonnes of food from our homes every year in the UK?
If we all stop wasting food that could have been eaten, the CO2 impact would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the road!

Check out the ‘FOOD’ tab under our recently updated Sustainable Living pages for tips on:

  • Reducing Food Waste
  • Composting
  • Choosing Organic, Free-Range and Local Seasonal Food 
  • Growing Your Own

Meat Free Monday

As many studies have confirmed again this year, reducing our meat consumption is one sure way of achieving a more sustainable planet.

I have been happily vegetarian since I was 10, and vegan for about 7 years now, and I also run Compassionate Dorset – the local supporter group for the leading farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming – so I realise just how much difference we can make if we simply ate less meat, and even more so if more people adopted a completely plant based diet, which is also generally believed to be one of the most planet-friendly and healthy diets!

Its never been easier to reduce your meat consumption, so why not join thousands of people across the UK and worldwide who enjoy a ‘Meat Free Monday’. There is even a new Meat Free Monday Cookbook available at – although I haven’t got it myself yet, but I do highly recommend Jamie Oliver’s and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s books, and its great to see so many celebrity chefs now flying the flag for eating less meat, and more ethical meat too.


Theresa McManus says:
The Story of Stuff Movie

Category: Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Film/Video, Sustainable Living

You must watch this great video on The Story of Stuff! From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It’ll teach you something, it’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.

Be inspired to modify your general consumption by watching The Story of Stuff video below and for even more videos visit:

We’ve also recently updated our own Dorset Energized website with our own energy saving and sustainability tips too.
Check out our updated Energy Efficiency section and our Sustainable Living pages for tips on; Home, Travel, Food, Waste and Water.


Anna Celeste Watson says:
WWF’s Earth Hour is Coming – Switch off your lights for the future of our planet

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WWF’s Earth Hour – 23rd March 2013, 8:30pm

Here’s a nice simple concept! WWF’s Earth Hour is a unique annual phenomenon that focuses the world’s attention on our amazing planet, and how we need to protect it. At 8.30pm on 23 March hundreds of millions of people will turn off their lights for one hour, on the same night, all across the world in a huge, symbolic show of support.

For 2013 as we all switch off our lights, WWF want the focus to be on the kind of energy we use. Because to create a better future for our planet we need to move away from dirty fossil fuels and onto clean green renewable energy which works with the awesome power of nature, not against it.

This will be my 3rd time taking part in WWF Earth Hour and I really enjoy it! Its just lights out for 1 hour and is time where you can take the opportunity to sit down and relax in the dark (and peacefulness if like me, you take the opportunity to turn off everything, so no lights, no TV and certainly no computers!), or with the ambience and novelty of candlelight, and it makes you feel really good knowing you are part of making a HUGE difference by saving so much energy!

To find and more and make your pledge to take part go to:
(And remember to like and share to spread the word!) 


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Top Tips for Climate Week at Home

Category: Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Living

As we continue to celebrate Climate Week, the Climate Week at Home campaign asks you to take some small steps to live more sustainably.

For example, virtually every home uses toilet paper – try buying Andrex® Eco which is 90% recycled and 10% bamboo, which uses less land and water than trees. And we recommend using only recycled paper for print too!

More advice on the following tips can be found at their website at:

  • Green your bathroom
  • Green your Cuisine
  • Switch to green energy
  • Sustainable DIY
  • Kick out the Can
  • Upcycling
  • Saving Water
  • Love your Laundry
  • Keep Warm
  • Shower Power
  • Kitchen Care

We’ve just updated our own Dorset Energized website with even more tips on saving energy too – check out our Energy Efficiency section and our Sustainable Living pages.


Lets Get Energized says:
Climate Week in Your Community

Category: Climate Change, Community Energy, Renewable Energy, Water Power

Climate Week is a supercharged national occasion that offers an annual renewal of the ambition and confidence to combat climate change.

It is for everyone wanting to do their bit to protect our planet and create a secure future. It aims to shine a spotlight on the many positive steps already being taken in workplaces and communities across Britain. The power of these real, practical examples – the small improvements and the big innovations – will then inspire millions more people.

We’re very excited to see that here in Dorset there are 6 private events and 3 public events planned to celebrate Climate Week.
To find a local event go to the Climate Week website and search your area:

As well as the small steps you can take personally and in your home or business to save energy – see our section on your Renewable Energy Options for starters – you may also want to consider getting involved in a Community Energy Project. For inspiration check out the Bindon Mill Screw Turbine Installation – a local project which turned a disused water mill into a hydropowered renewable electricity generator –  perhaps you could help regenerate an old watermill near you, to power your community?! If you have any more ideas for Dorset community energy projects please do let us know!


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Climate Week Energy Switch Challenge 2013

Category: Climate Change, Energy Deals & Offers, Green Electricity & Gas, Sustainable Living

Climate Week – 4th to 10th March 2013

This week at Dorset Energized we are celebrating Climate Week so look out for lots more posts about tackling climate change and saving energy (and money!).

Climate Week is Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future.

Each year, half a million people attend 3,000 events in Britain’s biggest ever environmental occasion. Events are run by schools, businesses, charities, councils and many others.

Following on from the success of our recent Sturminster Newton Renewable Energy Exhibition and Forum last month, we hope to be involved in a Climate Week Event here in Dorset in 2014 so do let us know if you would like to be part of that.

Energy Switch Challenge

In the meantime why not kick off this week by taking the ‘Climate Week Energy Switch’ challenge and switch your electricity and gas supply to a green energy company. Ecotricity are one such company, and we always say that ‘if you do 1 thing today – switch to Good Energy as they are the UK’s only 100% renewable electricity supplier…

£50 off your first energy bill with Good Energy

If you switch to Good Energy and quote ‘Dorset Energized’ they’ll even give you £50 off your first bill! Find out more here: Switch to Good Energy >>

If you want some further inspiration or to get more involved in Climate Week you can also check out their website at:


Beverley Satchell says:
Nissan LEAF Test Drive Week for Climate Week

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I’m Beverley, the Electric Vehicle Sales Manager for the Nissan LEAF at FJ Chalke, Wincanton. We are very proud to be in partnership with Dorset Energized.

This revolutionary new car is the world’s first affordable 100% electric car with zero emissions and has impressed the media and potential customers alike, as well as picking up two of the motor industry’s biggest accolades by becoming both the European and World Car of the Year 2011 which, seeing as it is the first electric car to ever achieve this, shows just how good it really is.

I haven’t been in car sales for long at all, and the Nissan LEAF is the first and only car I have ever specialised in. Customers sometimes are too afraid to walk into a dealership in case they are thrown into a massive sales pitch, when all the really want to do is take a look at a car, and possibly test drive it.  So to celebrate Climate Week, FJ Chalke will hold a test drive open week for the Nissan LEAF 12th to 17th March. No strings attached, just come in, take a look at the LEAF and getting a feel for the car by taking it for a test drive and experience the real deal for yourself. All we would ask for is feedback.


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