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The Much Required Gear Shift Towards An Alternate Source Of Energy – Go Green To Secure Your Future With Low-Energy Costs

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Balance of Power: Shift towards renewable energy to sustain the resources and thrive upon an alternative source.

The first lesson for environmental science, back in the school days often started with ‘balance of nature.’ Since we all human beings, animals, the resources, reservoirs and the habitat make up the entire natural system, anything that gets affected from within this natural cycle can be disruptive for the complete circle. Taking out the average daily consumption of energy worldwide – you will see that there are substantial energy costs and energy bills due to an elevated rate of consumption. Whether for electrical equipment or our daily power needs, the use of energy is commensurate with the energy costs and the world is on the brink of finding viable alternatives to reduce such soaring energy bills.

What makes matters worse in the age of evolution and technology, the constant use of electrical devices and equipment that needs regular charging and consumption. As long as we continue to thrive upon such devices, the energy bills will keep ticking, and your pockets will continue to be stretched time and again.

But when we were taught about the ‘balance of nature,’ we were also made aware of our responsibilities as citizens and to ‘sustain energy’ for the future generations. The quest to stop the constant depletion of our natural resources and reservoirs sent a frenzy among the elite who’s who of the top research institutes responsible for the study up on global warming, energy-consumption, replenishment of energy sources and most importantly, finding an alternative source of energy that is compatible with our rate of consumption.

Fortunately for us and our planet, the sun offers a reliable and affordable alternative source of power. Since the sun exists freely and is said to be inexhaustible (at least the next 4.6 billion years, if not forever), it can be harnessed and used to provide our daily power needs. Till date, the experimentation with solar panels and solar heating systems has given respite to a lot of semi-urban settlements in the third world countries, where there is a problem of power consumption due to the limited-access and supply of electricity (that falls short due to a surge in demand due to population growth, and development in infrastructure).

Back in the States, and in most of the advanced European countries – the demand for energy has already given effect to a lot of changes in consumption patterns whether for individual households or corporate structures and multinational companies. Planning and Development authorities are now ensuring that newly constructed homes and offices have solar panels installed to save a lot of energy in the long-term and wisely make investments for the future.
Other exciting alternatives for using solar energy –

A – Use of power banks and solar chargers to charge your devices that will not only solve your needs while you are outdoors but also help you save a lot if you make it your primary option

B – Using a clothesline instead of a dryer in your backyard; will help you save a lot of energy that you would have spent otherwise running the clothes into the dryer

C – Use of solar ovens and solar panels to cook your food and warm your swimming pool premise. Safely cook meat and veggies at any temperature and reduce your bills to half the amount of what it used to be

D – Use of solar light energy instead of artificial lights to light up your house or cabin, since solar light bulbs are more durable and have a higher efficiency rate when compared to conventional bulbs and lights.

Focusing on what you need and protecting what you don’t is the ideal way to sustain resources and energy for the future generations. Make sure you do your bit by conserving energy and using the viable alternatives to procure your daily requirements.


How to Reduce Energy Consumption – We Need Solutions Like Tesla Powerwall

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How to reduce energy consumption or how to improve energy efficiency are pertinent questions that need to be addressed sooner rather than later considering the pace at which we are moving towards an energy-deprived world. Most people are not overly concerned because they don’t see any imminent danger – Or they aren’t aware of the current state of affairs concerning energy usage across the world. On the other hand, there are individual and organizations that are working overtime to find solutions to the growing energy-consumption/energy-efficiency problem.

Robert Llewellyn, British, actor, writer, and presenter, has installed the Tesla Powerwall and upgraded the solar power system in home for sustainable and uninterrupted energy production day and night. The Powerwall is a set of batteries that stores the excessive solar energy produced during the day, but not used in that time. It utilizes this stored solar energy to power your home after the sun sets. You have a self-powered home that is not reliant on external energy resources for its daily power needs.

The Powerwall not only makes you use energy resources more efficiently but helps you save a lot on energy bills too. It is solutions like the Powerwall that are going to make a difference in our bid to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency – And we need people like Robert who accept the challenges we are currently facing and are ready to make necessary amends to overcome them.


Adding Colors to the Colorless Electricity, Giving Wings to the World for a Flying Tomorrow!

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Higher than ever, but not just too close to the Sun!

The world today is not the world we want our kids to live in and certainly not our grandchildren to catch a tiny wisp of!


Conventional energy is dying its slow painful death, and if we don’t take a bold step today, maybe our future generation won’t see the light of another day!

How will they, if we continue to produce the millions of volumes of thick black smoke that we are producing today without even a twinge of remorse!

Old habits die hard, and newer mediums are even harder to accept, but that’s what has been the only cause of our survival on this planet, i.e., Change!

It’s an irony that the word that literally means change is constant in all our endeavours, and that’s exactly what we need to do today!

Give up the million years old fossil fuel and adapt to the modern idea of green energy!

Green energy can be made by everything that doesn’t let out hazardous carbon and cuts out the cost of production, e.g., air, water, sunshine, sustainable bio-organizations, etc.

In the UK, there are two pioneer companies who are working towards the heavenly cause of making this environment a little more breathable, namely Good Energy and Ecotricity.

These two organizations provide 100% renewable energy, and if you own an electric car, then you’re liable to receive an equivalent of 1000 free miles of electricity each year once you choose to avail the benefits of Ecotricity green electricity + car tariff. Not just that, you’ll receive a lifetime free membership of Ecotricity electric highway project, which means you can easily find out the electric charge points on your way and don’t have to wait for your car to get fully-charged whenever you leave home!

Wanna know how we know this much?

Simply, research!

We are a bunch of nature geeks who work tirelessly towards bringing you the best green energy information to cut down yours and nature’s expenses!

More information available on the homepage, click away right now!



Why is it incumbent to shift reliance from fossil fuels to renewable energy resources for all energy needs?

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“There is an urgent need to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, dramatically reduce wasted energy, and significantly shift our power supplies from oil, coal, and natural gas to wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources”. One of the renowned American environmentalist and a journalist asserts well the urgency to harness the renewable energy resources for all our energy needs. The non-renewable sources of energy are on the verge of crisis and to meet the energy needs of the immensely growing population in the coming future will be the greatest challenge.

The climate change, global warming, and the environmental hazards because of carbon emission has made it inevitable to be dependent on green energy resources for our all energy needs. We have everything to make things work out, we have data of pollution level, we have an estimate of fossil fuel reserves, and we have green energy information; the only thing which can bring constructive change is our commitment to bring out the real change. The best method to solve a problem is to work the problem. With the jeopardy of environmental and energy crisis, the necessity of the time is to work the solution. Shifting from fossil fuels to the green energy resources for our energy requirement is the only solution to curb the energy and environmental crisis but this is the time to workout with the solution.


The Alternative Renewable Energy Resources Reduce Stress on The Planet

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Alternative renewable energy resources have been a hot topic of discussions lately. With people switching to an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, the renewable energy suppliers have also come forward to provide renewable energy solutions in U.K and other parts of the world. Alternative energy sources are now available in abundance to help people save more on power while cutting down on the greenhouse gas emissions.

How do these alternative renewable energy sources work?

Matter of fact, alternative renewable energy resources are a sustainable source of energy that makes use of the natural sources such as sunlight, wind, water, and green electricity to increase the energy security for our livelihood. Besides, they are replenished time after time to completely alleviate the several possible risks.

It’s a naked truth that we heavily rely on mother earth for consumption and are constantly involved in drilling and coal mining that is further responsible for the CO2 emissions in the air thereby, causing irreparable damages to the environment. The purpose of alternate renewable energy resources is to reduce our dependence on the combustion of fossil fuels and combat climatic changes while harnessing the power of natural resources.

Lets Get Energized is an initiative – an online guide to help the mankind transform their lives and of others by switching to a 100% green energy supplier. We offer you renewable energy solutions in U.K and latest updates on renewable energy and also provide you with tips and views to make informed decisions related to your green choices.

Lets Get Energized with Renewable Energy!

Lets Get Energized is your online guide to renewable energy and sustainable living with the latest news, views and tips plus exclusive special offers to help you save energy and money, beat rising energy prices, combat climate change and be more self sufficient – right now, and for your future...




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