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Lets Get Energized says:
Slyers Lane Wind Farm Proposal – Public Exhibition 22nd September

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Slyers Lane Wind Farm Proposal – Public Exhibition 22nd September

The Planning Application for a Wind Farm at Slyer’s Lane, nr Charminster, is going to planning in 1-2 weeks so public consultation will be starting around end of September.

The developer, Broadview, are holding their Final Public Exhibitions next Monday 22nd September at:

Charminster Village Hall: 1.00 – 3:30  DT2 9QL
Herrison Hall , Charlton Down: 5.30 – 8.00  DT2 9UA

They are going to have the visualisations (photomontages) plus their latest images showing what the wind farm will look like from several different sites.

Broadview are also bringing along documents and reports that are be submitted with their application for people to look at. Good chance to know what their final plans really are and a last chance to ask questions.

About the visualisations:

Everyone,whether for, against or undecided, realises that the wind turbines will be seen from some places. Broadview, to satisfy planning requirements for Landscape Assessments, have had to follow strict protocols in producing the visualisations and they have followed the Scottish Natural Heritage guidance. Thus coming to the exhibition is a chance to  get as accurate an idea of what the proposed Wind Turbines will look like in the landscape as can be produced professionally for the planners.

Broadview Energy`s online information (including visualisations) regarding Slyers Lane, can be found – Here

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  • vince adams comments:
    "We are now nearing the end of the consultation process and its time for everyone who has a interest to go along to the exhibition, see what is being said and get the facts. I believe that for centuries we have used the wind for our food and for travel and it a natural resource that can bring so much good clean energy to our region. What we have to find is how to bring harmony to local communities for the good of all with WT projects. That’s what Keith and I shall be doing a few miles down the road in Pymore on the someday at 7.30pm where we shall be showing local residents what might be possible with a potential hydro project.
    We want to listen to everyones views and see if there is a consensus to moving forward. We don’t have all the answers, the project is embryonic but with good will and a desire we can achieve success. Why not try going to the Exhibition and Pymore for a truly Renewable evening experience. "

    September 15, 2014 a 9:48 am


Lets Get Energized says:
Community Energy Fortnight 13th – 28th September

Category: Community Energy


It’s great to see so much going on this month on the subject of energy – with the launch of our new monthly prize draw competition for Organic September and Zero Waste Week earlier this month and now it’s Community Energy Fortnight (13th – 28th September 2014)…

Last year was the first ever Community Energy Fortnight which took place right across the UK. Events ranged from a walking tour of mountain hydros in Snowdonia, a visit to Westmill wind farm and solar park, to a free Energy Saving Workshop here in Bridport Dorset and an Open Energy-Saving Homes Day in our neighbouring county of Hampshire.

The aim of the Fortnight is to engage and inspire people about the wide-ranging benefits of community energy – and to encourage groups to set up their own projects too.

Both in the build-up to, and during, the 2013 Community Energy Fortnight, The Community Energy Coalition (CEC)  ran a petition in support of community energy. We are thrilled to hear they received nearly 60,000 signatures! They presented the petition to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey, during the Fortnight.

2014 Events

Here in Dorset for 2014, 18 local residents in Bridport, Lyme and surrounding villages will be opening their homes to the public to share information about how they have made their homes energy efficient, and energy generating between 12th – 14th September as part of an Open Ecohomes weekend.

There is also an Energy Savers Eco Fair in Devon, a Renewable Energy Fair in Somerset, a Poetry Slam in Exeter, and quite a few events including more open eco homes, energy saving workshops and a DIY Solar Panel workshops, in nearby Bristol.

For a full list of 2014 UK events go to:

Our Top 5 Dorset Community Energy Projects

It’s probably a good excuse to highlight some great community renewable energy projects we have previously reported on, to hopefully give you some inspiration to start or get involved with a local energy project with your own community group, school or business:

  1. Community Hydro Energy in Pymore Bridport (Currently only in the Planning Stage)
  2. Salway Ash Primary School in Bridport Go Green (with Solar PV, Heat Pumps and a Wind Turbine)
  3. Benjafield Screw Turbine Installation Near Gillingham (Hydro Power Project)
  4. Blandford Forum Parish Goes Green (with Renewable Heat Systems)
  5. Bindon Mill Screw Turbine Installation (Hydro Power Project)

Check out our Community Energy category here on our blog for lots more news and views too.


Lets Get Energized says:
Tolpuddle wind farm plans reduced while other communities embrace wind power

Category: Community Energy, Wind Power

Photo: Neilston Community Wind Farm in Scotland (from Community Energy Fortnight

Plans for an industrial-scale wind turbine development near Tolpuddle in West Dorset are being scaled back.

View from Dorchester have reported that more than a thousand people had objected to the scheme, originally for ten turbines with protestors collecting more than £12,000 to fight the proposals.

Now the company behind the scheme, West Coast Energy, has said it will reduce both the size and the number of turbines being proposed.

Anti wind farm campaigners say they are delighted with the move – but have pledged to fight on and stop any turbines being built at all. Their opposition continues despite a promise by the company that one of the turbines would be “owned” by the community, bringing an estimated income of up to £100,000 a year for local projects.

Read the full article on:

Read the Tolpuddle wind farm proposals for yourself by West Coast Energy here:

Photo above: Isle of Eigg Wind Farm in the Inner Hebrides

1010 wrote a great post recently called ‘These local energy projects will restore your faith in humanity’ we enjoyed reading which includes stories of other wind farm and renewable energy projects in the UK – read it here:

We appreciate that wind farms are still a controversial technology and Dorset Energized believes that wind turbine proposals should always be very carefully considered on a case by case basis, particularly to make sure they will not have a detrimental impact on wildlife. However, as we reported on our blog last week (‘Good Energy plans 3 new solar farms in Dorset’), according to green energy supplier Good Energy, currently only a staggering 1% of Dorset’s total energy demand comes from renewables which is a third of the UK national average, and sadly, as we also reported last month (‘New website launched to ‘Keep On Track’ of the EU’s 2020 Renewable Energy Objectives’), the UK is also behind track to achieve our objectives in obtaining 20% of our final energy consumption from renewables by 2020 (that’s less than 7 years away), in comparison to most of our EU neighbours. So we simply have to invest in renewable technologies… TODAY!

Of course wind power is just one of several renewable energy technologies. In particular, Wood Energy (Biomass)Solar Energy and green electricity supply are much more accessible and appealing to everyone. But as we are celebrating Community Energy Fortnight we do hope that anti-wind campaigners can show the same passion they have against wind farms, to support and invest in other forms of renewable energy, maybe a hydro-power project like the fabulous Bindon Mill Screw Turbine Installation near Wool.

Please let us know of any community energy projects going on or being planned near you!

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  • Sally Cooke comments:
    "I fear the same reaction may be about to occur with a forthcoming wind turbine proposal at Charlton Down near Dorchester, and with a solar farm at Mapperton. Lessons we might draw (in my opinion) are [1] renewable energy developers need to significantly up their game in enlisting the support of local communities … what I have seen so far suggests this doesn’t seem to be a priority with some of them; [2] roll on the day when we have a much more active *community-based* renewables development company in Dorset, to give us more ownership, control and benefits; [3] many Dorset residents don’t seem to rate switching away from fossil fuels as a priority … much more work to do to explain the case, then; [4] however, people’s genuine concerns about renewables also need to be addressed – e.g. flicker / shadow is seen as an issue by people near existing turbines in both Germany and East Anglia – it doesn’t enhance our case as pro-RE campaigners if we dismiss people’s anxieties. "
    September 19, 2013 a 11:53 pm


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Save water & energy this World Water Week 2013 (1-6 September)

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This week is World Water Week (from 1st to 6th September 2013) so a rather apt opportunity for us all to think about the way we use and overuse water!

According to the humanitarian charity Water Aid there is a global water crisis, as every minute, every day, people in poorer countries suffer and lives are lost needlessly, simply because of a lack of safe water and sanitation.

In stark contrast here in the UK, the vast amount of water we all use every day at home alone is simply putting an unsustainable demand on our planet’s resources, biodiversity and people, so we need to save water and recycle it where we can.

Did you know?…
The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day!

World Water Week is hosted and organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and takes place each year in Stockholm. The World Water Week has been the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues since 1991. Every year, over 200 collaborating organisations convene events at the World Water Week. In addition, individuals from around the globe present their findings at the scientific workshops.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of their supporters and has lots of information on their website on how you can save water and on their campaign to reduce the impact of humanity’s water footprint.

There are lots of small things you can do every day to reduce your water usage that can make a huge difference for our planet – from something as simple as turning the tap off while you brush your teeth, to installing a Hippo in your cistern… Check out Waterwise’s Quick Tips and Facts on Saving Water.

Did you know?…
It takes 10,000 – 20,000 litres of water to produce just 1kg of beef! This compares with around 1,200 litres for 1kg of maize and 1800 for a kilo of wheat. See more on the RAW website.

Did you also know?…
Hydro-electric power, which comes from using water to turn a turbine, supplies around 20% of the world’s electricity and yet it is barely being used at all in the UK even though we have one of the highest wave energy potentials in Europe, if not the world!

For information on how we can use water as a renewable energy source to make hydro-electricity, here in Dorset and the UK, see our section all about Water Power.

You can also check out our Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Living pages for top tips on saving water to save energy (and maybe save on your water bills too!)

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  • Anna Celeste Watson comments:
    "Thanks for your comment Len – very good point and great to see Frack Free Dorset has a new website, good luck with all your campaigning. "
    September 3, 2013 a 2:25 pm

  • Len Herbert comments:
    "The perfect week to remind ourselves about hydraulic fracturing for shale gas. Fracking uses between 3 and 8 million gallons of water per frack, the water is so toxic with chemicals and radioactive particles it cannot be recycled and when the well leaks as all wells do eventually the water table will also be contaminated.
    Find out more at "

    September 3, 2013 a 2:20 pm


Anna Celeste Watson says:
FREE Open Energy-Saving Homes in Hampshire Saturday 7th September 2013

Category: Eco Homes DIY & Tourism, Energy Efficiency, Energy Events in Dorset

Open energy-saving homes tour
Saturday 7th September 2013, 10:00am – 1:00pm
Camp Road, Bordon, GU35 0LH (Whitehill & Bordon, Hampshire)

As part of a series of events happening throughout the South West and the UK for the Community Energy Fortnight (24th August – 8th September 2013), The Co-Operative has joined up with Energy Saving Trust to offer you an exclusive opportunity to join another free event in our neighbouring county of Hampshire…

You can tour homes that have been retrofitted with a number of energy-saving measures, and visit the retrofitted old firestation (now called the Eco-station) which houses an interactive exhibition about the Whitehill & Bordon regeneration project, and you can tour the first zero-carbon home in the town which has a range of innovative energy-saving measures including an inter-seasonal heatstore.

To book tickets for this event email or more information visit

For other Community Energy Fortnight events in the South West (including the FREE ‘Energy Saving Workshop’ in Bridport, Dorset on 3rd September) visit:


Lets Get Energized says:
Good Energy plans 3 new solar farms in Dorset

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Good News for Dorset!

Good Energy are planning 3 new solar farms here in Dorset.

Good Energy are based in the South West (in Dorset’s neighbouring county of Wiltshire) and were the UK’s first dedicated 100% renewable electricity supplier. Their mission has always been to help tackle climate change by giving people the opportunity to buy electricity generated from UK renewable sources, rather than imported fossil fuels.

Dorset below the national average for renewables despite being the sunniest county?!

Shockingly, currently only 1% of Dorset’s total energy demand comes from renewables – this is a third of the UK national average! To play our part in meeting national renewable energy targets, generation needs to increase by over 15 times in just 8 years.

Apparently, we have the highest number of sun hours in the country, so solar is an obvious solution for Dorset.

Above: Mock-up of the proposed Mapperton Solar Farm

Good Energy Solar Projects for Dorset

Good Energy is seeking to develop 3 solar farms in Dorset to generate over 47,000 MWh of peak daytime power for customers whilst fostering wildflower meadows, biodiversity and creating substantial benefits for Dorset communities. The proposed sites are:

  1. Homeland Solar Farm
  2. Mapperton Solar Farm 
  3. Woolbridge Solar Farm

Above: Mock-up of the proposed Woolbridge Solar Farm

Go to the Good Energy website to download detailed plans for each Dorset Solar Farm at:

If you aren’t already a Good Energy customer, you can switch your energy supply to them for competitive and stable energy bills, and if you quote ‘Dorset Energized’ they’ll give you £50 off your first bill!

Switch to Green Energy at Good Energy today to get £50 off your first bill at:

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  • Paul McIntosh comments:
    "Its good to see that Good Energy are engaging with the communities which are affected by these installations and negotiating meaningful community benefit. "
    September 13, 2013 a 10:24 am


Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Could Weymouth have its own Tidal Mill… Again…?

Category: Community Energy, Water Power

Tidal mills were once a fairly common feature in medieval Europe. They were deemed a reliable source of energy. Even in relatively modern times a few lingered on. But now of course they are regarded as interesting historical curiosities if they are noticed at all.

Tidal mills have inspired the idea of building modern electricity generating plants using the same basic principles (allowing the tide to flow in, but capturing the water and then releasing it later to drive a wheel/turbine). But so far there are very few examples of electricity being generated this way (there’s one on the Rance estuary in France which cleverly uses the incoming tide as well as the outgoing).

No UK Tidal Mills… yet!
In the UK so far there are none. The Severn Estuary has been proposed as a site for an enormous tidal mill – but probably due to it being so enormous many obstacles stand in the way, so it never gets beyond the drawing board. But, if we could build these tidal mills in the middle ages, why can’t we now?

Check out these links below for some historical examples and interesting UK museums:

The Tide Mill Living Museum in Suffolk –
Welsh Mills Society –
The House Mill London – (you can support them to reinstate the machinery to working order and develop education and hydroelectricity at the site – the deadline is this September 2013)

Perhaps the problem is this determination that unless it’s a large system it’s not worth bothering with? Maybe (one day) it might seem worthwhile to build small Tidal Mills/Power Stations? And perhaps being smaller they will be seen to be practical and then we might have (found) another source of renewable (and reliable) energy to contribute to the overall supply.

And that it seems to me, could be rather beautiful (the historical ones have a sort of practical beauty after all).

Weymouth Historic Tidal Mill
It is possible that there was once a Tide Mill in Weymouth – see more on – and it does seem clear that the tidal race in Weymouth Harbour is of sufficient strength to show such a mill would have been viable, as of course an electricity generating mill/turbine would also.

Water Power on a Smaller Scale in Dorset & Beyond

There are Community Energy projects going on throughout the UK including by the Stour and Vale Hydro Group in Dorset to reinstate old water mills. Check out the Bindon Mill Screw Turbine Installation – a local project which turned a disused water mill into a hydropowered renewable electricity generator. Perhaps you could help regenerate an old watermill near you, to power your community?!

Find out more about how Water Power can generate renewable electricity at:

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  • Anna Celeste Watson comments:
    "Just came across news in The Guardian that Scotland has given the green light to Europe’s largest tidal energy project where wave power will provide electricity to 40% homes in the Highlands as work on building turbines in Pentland Firth gets approved – let’s hope Dorset will follow their example! : ) "
    September 17, 2013 a 1:21 pm


Anna Celeste Watson says:
FREE Energy Saving Workshop in Bridport on Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Category: Community Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Events in Dorset

Energy Saving Workshop
Tuesday 3rd September 2013, 4:00pm
Bridport Arts Centre, South Street, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3NR

As part of a series of events happening throughout the South West and the UK for the Community Energy Fortnight (24th August – 8th September 2013), The Co-Operative has joined up with Energy Saving Trust to offer you an exclusive opportunity to join a free event which provides advice and takes you through some straightforward ways to save money on your energy bills and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint.

The session will cover everything from small changes you can make in your home, to deals you can negotiate with suppliers, and habits you can change to make a real difference. Their simple ‘Three Steps’ programme can save you up to £155 a year without having to invest a penny!

You will also have a chance to hear about exciting community energy initiatives in the rejoin, such as the Bindon Mill Screw Turbine installation, and meet local groups that are working within your community.

This event is open to members and guests, and booking will be on a first come, first served basis. Places are limited.

To book and secure your place, visit, click the ‘Book tickets’ button on the right, or call 01884 266892.

For other Community Energy Fortnight events in the South West (including the ‘Open energy-saving homes’ in Hampshire on 7th September) visit:

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