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Lets Get Energized says:
Communities Living Sustainably – Bridport Events, 20th – 23rd October

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Communities Living Sustainably – Bridport Events, 20th – 23rd October

Save money, turn waste to something useful, and have fun

Inspired by the idea of ‘Living Differently’, the themes of One World Week, Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset is staging a series of events to encourage, promote and champion sustainable alternatives in our food, energy and financial systems as well as in our personal lives. Come and join us – most are free, and should appeal to a wide range of interests!

On Wednesday 22nd October CLS in Dorset and many others will be helping you to Waste Less and Spend Better. This FREE event will be held between 12pm and 6pm in the Town Hall and Bucky Doo Square, will host experts on energy, water, waste, food and transport, as well as lots of fun activities. In the square we’ll be serving hot soup, offering your bicycle a check-up, and hosting the Real Food Shop. Upstairs in the Town Hall, enter our best driver competition, get money saving tips, and use your crafty skills to convert your “rubbish” to a “resource”. Emily Bullock, CLS event organiser says “This event will offer very practical ways of saving money on household bills, and you’ll be able to cash in your savings – by claiming your free chocolate coins!”

In the evening (19.30-21.30hrs) CLS is bringing filmmaker, creativity czar and founder member of dance music group Faithless, Jamie Catto, to Bridport’s Lyric Theatre to talk about the Deeper Roots of Sustainability. Jamie speaks in universal truths, and will show us that it is not just about what we eat and where we buy it, but also how we change our relationship to the world around us. We will have a chance to see an extract from his award-winning films, and local food producers will join in a Q&A session so we can find out more about solutions on our doorstep.

To help us consider how to keep money in the local economy, the think-and-do tank New Economics Foundation will be delivering a FREE workshop — Plugging the Leaks: Local Economic Development as if People and Planet Mattered (Thursday 23rd October, morning, in Dorchester). Since the financial crisis of 2008, local communities have been demanding a greater role in our financial system through ethical investment, participatory budgeting and the creation of local currencies that support economic resilience and promote personal wellbeing. The workshop will encourage local communities to take a different approach to economic development: one that is local, community-led and puts the needs of people before profit.

On October 20th (14.00-17.00), CLS will also be collaborating with West Dorset Friends of the Earth to host Alan Heeks’ and Serenna Davies’ workshop on Personal Resilience: Staying Happy in Changeable Times, at Bridport’s Chapel in the Garden. This event offers practical skills — a resilience toolkit — to help manage the chaos of climate change, public service budget cuts, and the general pressures of modern life. There is a small charge for this workshop.

CLS in Dorset is one of 12 programmes funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Communities Living Sustainably programme. This has made it possible for most of the events to be free. For further information, and to book your free place for the Jamie Catto evening and the Plugging the Leaks workshop, visit HYPERLINK “”

For Further information:

Media enquiries contact: Candida Blaker, Dorset CLS Programme Manager:

For further background, visit

CLS in Dorset is supported by the Big Lottery Fund for a three year period from March 2013. Dorset is one of the Big Lottery Fund’s 12 Communities Living Sustainably (CLS) programmes in England, and is the only such programme in the Southwest.

CLS in Dorset aims to help people adapt to climate change and to live more sustainably. The project strives to act as a catalyst for action, building on the great work already taking place in the local area and exploring some innovative approaches. The programme will be delivered in Bridport, Dorchester and their surrounding areas.

CLS in Dorset is focusing on Greener Choices and Energy Efficiency; Renewable Energy; Local Food; Eco-Schools; Climate Change Adaptation with fishing and farming communities and older people.

CLS Living Differently - Poster

CLS Living Differently – Poster



Lets Get Energized says:
North Dorset Ecohomes Event, 17-18 May

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North Dorset Ecohomes Event, 17-18 May


North Dorset’s first Open Ecohomes event will take place on the 17th and 18th May. A chance to visit and learn from householders and managers of community buildings who have made environmental improvements to their properties. Thirteen properties are opening. Times vary, and some visits need to be booked in advance.

Lots to see, from sustainable building materials, to renewable energy technologies, to how lifestyle changes can save you money and carbon. One example, where a new owner, enthusiastic for low carbon living, is transforming their home  :”The dwelling dates from 1890 and has transformed its energy efficiency grade from E to a B. “

2014-03-07 16.44.47

The event is organised by North Dorset District Council in conjunction with the Green Open Homes Network.  For full details go to


Vince Adams says:
FREE Green Business Start-Up Launch Pad Workshop – 20th February 2014 in Hampshire

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Check out this FREE one-day interactive workshop for green business start-ups providing an opportunity to tackle the challenges that face new eco-ventures amongst like-minded others.

Green Business Start-Up Launch Pad
Thursday 20th February 2014, 9am – 4pm

Eco-station, Camp Road, Bordon, Hampshire GU35 0LH

What’s Happening?

Expert Panel Question Time – With representatives from the key areas of business support, bring your business issues and get some wise advice.

People, Planet and Profit – Business mapping exercise based on ‘shared value’. Ensure your enterprise is truly reflecting your motivations and values.

Collaboration ‘Shout Out’ – Find partners for business solutions from England and France. Use the ‘Shout Out’ board to find collaborators and discover opportunities.

Eco-Business Champion – Conversation with one of Hampshire’s outstanding Green Business leaders James Hewetson-Brown, founder of Wildflower Turf.

You be the Judge – Reflective learning activity where delegates get to be on the panel of investors. Find out what you’ve been missing.

Be Inspired!

Located in Hampshire’s remarkable Eco-town Whitehill Bordon, this enterprise support event is open to all people developing environmentally sustainable businesses.

A retro-fitted ex MOD fire station demonstrates how a redundant facility can be transformed into an environmentally-friendly centre.

A new build exhibition house built with many innovative energy-saving technologies. A guided tour is available to all delegates.

Register for your FREE place now and I hope to see you there!


Paul McIntosh says:
North Dorset ecohomes project is looking for ecohomes!

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The first free Eco-homes event in North Dorset will take place on the weekend of 17/18 May 2014 to showcase energy efficient homes and offices in the District.

North Dorset District Council has received support from the Centre for Sustainable Energy to run the event.

We are asking for those householders and companies who have installed energy efficiency, renewable energy and other environmental improvements in their homes and offices to share their experience with those who wish to improve their own properties. There are many who have invested in improving the environmental performance of their properties and offices – with energy prices rising this is an opportunity to share experiences to the benefit of the local community and show off your work!

The project is aiming to have 25 homes, community buildings and other environmental projects in North Dorset available to visit over the weekend. With increasing concerns over fuel poverty, rising energy costs and wider environmental issues the project will aim to demonstrate, even in older properties, what can be done to address all three concerns.

Householders interested in taking part in the scheme are being asked to register their details online by going to

and filling out some basic information. The project will close for entries at the end of February 2014 when a website and booklet will be produced to showcase the event.

Bridgett Newberry, Project Manager for the Bristol-based Centre for Sustainable Energy, said:

“We are delighted to be supporting this initiative in North Dorset which joins a long list of communities who are undertaking similar green open homes projects. Our research shows that both homeowners and visitors alike benefit from the sharing of experience and expertise on making homes warmer and more efficient.”

For more information contact me, Paul McIntosh, Sustainability Officer for North Dorset District Council, on 01258 484019 or email

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  • AmberGreen Solar Panels comments:
    "It’s great to see that renewable energy is being embraced in North Dorset. Hopefully the rest of the country will follow suit. "
    January 14, 2014 a 11:01 am


Paul McIntosh says:
Free draughtbusters workshops in Bridport 16th November

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Draught Busters Poster

Save fuel, save money, save the environment. Draughts are responsible for up to 15% of heat loss in the home. The discomfort from cold draughts can make homes feel even colder. Transition Town Bridport are hosting two free workshops to help cut your bills this winter, demonstrating effective, low cost ways to save fuel and make your home more comfortable.

They will show you how to make thermal curtain liners without a sewing machine and how to draught-proof your home.

Both workshops will be held in the Chapel in the Garden, 13 East St, Bridport DT6 3JX.

Workshop 1 – Curtains
10:00am Saturday 9th November 2013

How to make a pair of simple thermal liners to beef-up your existing curtains into cold stoppers. Also, how to turn duvet covers into curtains. You will receive free thermal lining material, which does not need hemming, for one of your windows. Please give us the dimensions of your window openings and existing curtains before the workshop.

The liners are made by ironing curtain tape on to the liner with hemming tape and then reinforcing the tape with a minimal number of stitches.

The tools you will need to make thermal liners at home are an iron, hemming tape and a needle and thread.

Workshop 2 – Draught-proofing
10:00am Saturday 16th November 2013

How to draught-proof your windows and doors using professional quality draught-proofing strips. Funding has enabled us to provide materials for the workshop and allow you to buy the materials at less than half the retail price.

The tools you will need to draught-proof your home are a pair of secateurs, a small hacksaw, a tape measure and a small hammer.

For further details or to book a place on or Chit Chong on 01297 445682


Lets Get Energized says:
Take a peek at Dorchester’s Eco-Homes

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Take a look at some of the homes that previously opened their doors to Dorset visitors as part of the Greendor Open EcoHomes Weekend in Dorchester…


test alt

Above: The Old House at Home, Dorchester

This former public house dating from about 1750, Grade II Listed, has been retro-fitted with solar PV panels, internal insulation, and low energy technologies, bringing energy use down to under half an average household’s.


Above: Streetway Lane, Cheselbourne

A former police house, built in the 1950s complete with cells! The owners were the first in their village to fit solar thermal panels, and now have solar PVs and an Air Source Heat Pump as well. A pioneering rainwater harvesting system with UV filter provides drinking water.


Above: Watery Lane, Upwey

Built in 2007 to the owners’ design, this timber framed house has solar PV panels, a ground source heat pump and solar water heating. Local and recycled materials have been extensively used, and rainwater harvesting has been installed.


Above: Dorchester Road, Maiden Newton

This terraced house built pre 1840 close to River Frome, had the ground floor re-planned for flood resilience, including removable flood barriers. Renovated using lime mortar, clay paint and lime render.The home is heated by an air source heat pump, wood stove and solar hot water.


Above: Manor Road, Dorchester

This 1940s detached house has been adapted for sustainable living with solar hot water and PV panels, poly bead cavity wall insulation, grey water recycling. They keep poultry in their backyard too. They use no car, but electric bikes and bike trailers. Garden loads by electric miniature railway. Newly built solar conservatory helps to heat the house.


Above: Chalk Wall House, Dorchester

Completed in 2010, this eco-home was designed and project-managed by the owners’ son whilst he was an architectural student, and built by the family. North and west walls of rammed chalk dug on site help to keep a stable internal temperature. Wall and roof Insulation uses wood fibre and sheep’s wool, and lime render is used in the external finish. The house has a green roof and many other eco-features.


Above: St Helens Road, Dorchester

A late Victorian house in a Conservation Area. Planning limitations have ruled out some options, so the owners have fitted their solar thermal panel out of sight at the rear and their solar PV panels in the back garden. They are trialling DIY secondary double glazing as an alternative to new windows on the front of the house, grow food at Dorchester’s community farm, and are pioneering a wood recycling project.

For more information on other Open Eco-Homes Days in Dorset visit

Read more about all your Renewable Energy Options or see more ideas on Saving Energy.


Guest Energizer says:
Greendor delighted with success of Dorset open eco-homes weekend

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Over 800 visits were made to eco-homes that opened up to the public in Dorset over the weekend of 14th – 15th September 2013.

Nineteen private homes were open in a wide area centred on Dorchester and Bridport. The aim was to showcase both the buildings themselves, and the greener lifestyle being adopted by many of the householders.

Low-impact building techniques that were on show included timber homes, a home extension built with load-bearing straw bale walls, and a self-built, low-cost house fitted out using many recycled materials.

Householders had developed a range of skills to cut their living costs and the amount of resources used to run their homes. Popular approaches included rainwater harvesting, heating with wood, draught-proofing and ventilation control, and permaculture-based food production at home.

Photo Above: Cindy Bodycombe welcomes visitors to her ecohome at Highfield

Photo Above: Malcolm Drew shows his rainwater harvesting system

Photo Above: Nutmeg House, Shipton Gorge

Photos: 5 PVs recessed into roof at Watery Lane

The events were enjoyed by visitors and hosts alike. One host said “We’re proud of what we’re doing here, and it’s nice to have the chance to share it.”

Visitor comments included “As a newbie to sustainability, it was good to hear first hand experience of what can be done – most interesting and very enjoyable visit”.

The event was organised by Dorchester’s greendor project – developed from the Transition Town’s energy group – and Transition Town Bridport, with help from Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset, funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Greendor and TTB are non-profit making community projects run by volunteers.

For further information and for news of future events, see or contact greendor on or 07794 432 297.

Posted by Sally Cooke at Greendor


Lets Get Energized says:
Bridport Open Eco Homes 14th & 15th September 2013

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Would you like your home to be warmer and cheaper to run?

Greendor, a project of Transition Town Dorchester, has joined with Transition Town Bridport and Dorset Architectural Heritage Week to arrange for 19 eco-homes to open to the public for FREE this weekend on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September.

There is a great variety of homes opening up, they include:

  • self-built houses
  • timber-framed kit houses
  • homes built with materials dug out of the ground on the building site
  • homes that are completely off-grid
  • and others that are traditional and conventional but have been cleverly adapted to save energy, water and waste.

All the householders have tried to make their homes warm, comfortable, good to live in, cheaper to run, and kinder to the planet by saving resources and waste. They welcome visitors and are keen to share their experience of making their homes part of a greener lifestyle.

Some of the visits are open to all, and some are bookable.
Full details can be found on the greendor website:


Anna Celeste Watson says:
FREE Open Energy-Saving Homes in Hampshire Saturday 7th September 2013

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Open energy-saving homes tour
Saturday 7th September 2013, 10:00am – 1:00pm
Camp Road, Bordon, GU35 0LH (Whitehill & Bordon, Hampshire)

As part of a series of events happening throughout the South West and the UK for the Community Energy Fortnight (24th August – 8th September 2013), The Co-Operative has joined up with Energy Saving Trust to offer you an exclusive opportunity to join another free event in our neighbouring county of Hampshire…

You can tour homes that have been retrofitted with a number of energy-saving measures, and visit the retrofitted old firestation (now called the Eco-station) which houses an interactive exhibition about the Whitehill & Bordon regeneration project, and you can tour the first zero-carbon home in the town which has a range of innovative energy-saving measures including an inter-seasonal heatstore.

To book tickets for this event email or more information visit

For other Community Energy Fortnight events in the South West (including the FREE ‘Energy Saving Workshop’ in Bridport, Dorset on 3rd September) visit:


Lets Get Energized says:
Eco Skills Courses for Self Reliance in Dorset & South West this November 2012

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Skills for Self Reliance are offering various eco courses including on; Renewable Energy, Sustainable Building & Construction, Food & Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Venues in Dorset include Monkton Wyld (near Charmouth, Bridport) and Kingston Maurward College (Dorchester).

Confirmed upcoming 2012 Courses include:

Bricklaying 5th November £tbc
Plastering 8th – 9th & 22nd – 23rd November £tbc
Willow Weaving 17th November £15
Celebration Food 20th November £20
Living Nutrition 30th November – 2nd December £50
Renewable Technology 1st, 15th, 29th November £FREE

Skills for Self Reliance is a unique public, private and third sector partnership, which links together 5 partners who provide training in a wide range of skills such as permaculture, sustainable construction, anaerobic digestion, running an eco-business, developing herbal products and much more. Thanks to funding secured by the project they are able to offer many places on their training courses at a hugely subsidised rate and in some cases free of charge.

For more information and to book a course email or visit their website at:


Lets Get Energized says:
Greendor Eco-homes in Dorchester a great success

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Dorchester recently had its first weekend of free visits to eco-homes, on 8th and 9th September 2012. The weekend was part of Architectural Heritage Week and was organised by greendor, a local community project. The event was a great success, with over 260 visits to the seven homes that were open over the two days. Visitors commented that they found the visits “inspirational” and said it was “lovely to have such informed people to tell us about it”.

The open homes ranged from an individually designed low-carbon home built in 2010 to historic Listed Buildings that have been adapted for low-energy living.

The aim was to show in a practical way how people can save energy at home and still be comfortable. In fact by saving money on their fuel, water and electricity bills they can lighten the load on the household budget. At the same time it’s helping Dorchester to move towards lower-carbon living, which we all need to do as oil is getting more expensive and climate change is increasing.

Some of the things that visitors enjoyed seeing were unusual materials at different homes, such as external wall insulation made from lime and wood-fibre, a light tube to bring natural daylight into a dark area of the building, and a rainwater harvesting system which host Tobin Sykes said “has halved our water costs – and that was our highest utility bill.”

Many people expressed interest in following up their visit, and greendor is planning some further events. Ideas include : an opportunity to use a thermal imaging camera, which can show up where heat is leaking out of a building; home visits by local independent energy advisers; talks by energy and building experts; and small home-based groups where people can learn together about greener living.

Anyone who would like to know more about these events is welcome to contact Sally Cooke at or 07794 432 297.

Details will also be posted on the website

Here’s some further reading:

1. greendor is a newly started community initiative. It works in association with Transition Town Dorchester, and is grateful for a small grant from Dorset County Council towards the costs of the weekend. It is also very grateful for practical help from Dorset Energy Advice Centre, and for the generosity of the eco-homes hosts in opening up their homes. We also appreciate the help of East Dorset Heritage Trust, who administer Architectural Heritage Week in Dorset.

2. Energy from buildings is a big contributor to the UK’s overall carbon footprint, providing 36% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions. See the UK’s government-established Climate Change Committee website:

3. Dorset has a target of raising its contribution to clean energy generation by over ten-fold by 2020, and home generation has a part to play in that. See Dorset’s Renewable Energy Strategy:

4. The building industry employs over 2 million people in the UK, and has great potential for transforming the country’s building stock. Providing an opportunity to see the skills that are involved in low-carbon building or re-fitting has been one of the aims of the open eco-homes weekend. Guests from the local planning and building sector attended a special event at the Chalk Wall House, Dorchester, on Sunday 9th September.


Lets Get Energized says:
The Green House eco-friendly hotel in Bournemouth unveils new EV charging points

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We are very excited to hear that yesterday, The Green House hotel in Bournemouth unveiled their new Electric Vehicle charging points.

The award winning Green House is a beautiful eco-friendly boutique hotel in the heart of Bournemouth that lives, eat and breathes sustainability. In 2011 it was listed in the Guardian’s Green Travel List 2011 and it has just received a gold accreditation from the Green Business Tourism Scheme.

Extensive thought and painstaking research has gone into every aspect to ensure that this designer hotel minimises its impact on the environment at every turn. Interior highlights include 100% UK wool fabrics, woven on the isle of Bute, British designed and made wallpaper, FSC certified, printed with vegetable ink, solid hard wood furniture, either recycled or hand crafted in the UK from fallen trees damaged through storms or disease. Solar thermal energy, complemented by electricity generated on site, ensure that public resource is only used where absolutely necessary. All of this without compromise to guest satisfaction and pleasure, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now it has just increased its green credentials by the activation of their two Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, donated by Zero Carbon World.

Olivia O’Sullivan General Manager for the hotel said “As the greenest hotel in the UK we are always looking for ways in which to add to our green credentials. As we already generate our own electricity onsite, what better way than with EV charging points, so our guest’s can charge their Electric cars”.

Zero Carbon World donates Charging Stations to the hotel and leisure industry to support the development of a national charging infrastructure and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. “There are no restrictions to use Zero:Net,” said Kevin Sharpe Founder of Zero Carbon World and Chair of the Trustees. “You don’t have to be a member, subscribe, pay in advance or use a smart card to access electricity. Wherever EV drivers are, they can recharge while eating, sleeping, working or simply relaxing. We are extremely proud to be creating the UK’s only Open Charging Station Network”. Growing rapidly with over226 donations to date, ZCW is on track to install 1000 Charging Stations in the UK.

Westover Nissan was invited by the hotel to be the first to connect a Nissan LEAF on the new charging point. Sallyann Tanner Electric Vehicle Relationship Manager for Westover Nissan said
“This charging point will allow guests to stay in a gorgeous eco friendly green hotel and charge their eco friendly electric car whilst staying in one of 32 superb guest rooms, this is ecotourism at its very best”.

Olivia told Dorset Energized “Everyone was so excited with lots of great stories. These Nissan LEAF cars are amazing, they are so quiet and really fast and better still 100% tax deductable!”.

All guests who dine or stay at  The Green House get to charge their electric vehicles for free so you don’t have to be a member of anywhere to use it.

For more information on The Green House eco-friendly hotel visit:


Lets Get Energized says:
Greendor Open Eco-Homes 2012 – Book in advance by August 17th

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Dorchester’s first open eco-homes weekend is coming up on 8th and 9th September 2012. Visits are FREE but some need to be booked in advance.

With fuel prices and government policy all pushing us to save energy, this is an excellent chance to find out how local ‘green’ householders are cutting their bills.

The homes taking part include a Listed Building, homes in Conservation Areas, a modern terraced house and an innovative self-build, finished in 2010. All have been designed or adapted to save energy and other resources. Visitors can exchange ideas with home-owners, and hear what has worked well – and not so well. Click here for more details of the homes.

Intriguing materials that can be seen include:

  • chalk dug on site to make massive, heat-retaining walls
  • traditional lime plaster
  • recycled plastics used as work surfaces

There are energy-saving features, including electricity monitors, as well as poly-bead, mineral fibre and sheeps-wool insulation. Renewable energy installations include solar PV and solar hot water panels, and heating with log stoves and wood-chip. Other eco-features include rainwater recycling and eco-paints; one home even boasts a solar-powered garden railway!

How to book

The main booking period is open until mid-day on 17th August ; any places remaining after that will be released on a first-come, first-served basis from 25th August. The eco-homes will be open on Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th September. Click here for booking details.

The event forms part of the annual Heritage Open Days, and is supported by members of Transition Town Dorchester.

To book visit:


Lets Get Energized says:
Greendor Eco-Homes Booking Now Open!

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greendor 2012 is Dorchester’s first Open Eco-Homes weekend. Homes with eco-features will open up to the public on the weekend of 8th and 9thSeptember, during the annual Dorset Architectural Heritage Week.

A chance to see how to green your home, and chat to people who’ve done it.

Bookings are now open – visit the website to book:

Please download, print and post or forward on our poster here: Download the greendor poster.


Lets Get Energized says:
Greendor – Dorchester’s First Open Eco-Homes Weekend

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greendor 2012 is Dorchester’s first Open Eco-Homes weekend and there is now less than 2 weeks until booking opens!

Homes with eco-features will open up to the public on the weekend of 8th and 9thSeptember, during the annual Heritage Open Days. This is a chance to see how to green your home, and chat to people who’ve done it.

Here’s just a small taster of the features that will be available to see at the greendor Eco-Homes in September:-

  • buildings using local timber
  • walls made of rammed earth dug on the site
  • worktops made from recycled plastic
  • rainwater harvesting
  • sheeps-wool insulation
  • eco-paints
  • heat exchange ventilation
  • green roof
  • plenty of solar panels (both hot water and PV types)
  • wall insulation
  • and low energy lighting..

…the list goes on! Stay in touch with the site for more news:


Anna Celeste Watson says:
New Eco Holiday Cottage in Wool, Dorset

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Fresh from the excitement of launching the Dorset Energized website, I am also very excited about another renewable energy website I have just created for the new Railway Eco Cottage in Dorset…

Catherine Fisher from Swanage (who now lives in Scotland but frequently visits Dorset) has lovingly renovated her old family terraced cottage in Wool, in an eco-conscious way, and I am very impressed by her commitment to making it as green as possible simply because she feels it is the right thing to do!

Here’s how she has made this 100 year old end of terrace into a practical, contemporary and beautifully presented eco-home:

SOLAR THERMAL PANELS on the roof heat all the water, of which there is always an abundant supply (but of course she encourages her guests to be mindful of their water usage).

All appliances are electric (no gas) and powered by Good Energy’s 100% RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY upon Dorset Energized’s recommendation (and she respectfully asks visitors to be mindful of their energy usage and to switch off appliances and lights when not in use).

UNDERFLOOR HEATING is more energy efficient. The WOODEN FLOORS are also an eco-friendly product designed to retain heat and are also very hardwearing so shouldn’t need to be replaced.

A WOODBURNER is more energy efficient and uses carefully sourced wood logs as fuel.

ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTBULBS are used on all light fittings throughout the whole cottage.

The kitchen table was made from RECLAIMED WOOD and both beds and mattresses made from SUSTAINABLE SOURCES.

ECOVER products are provided for her guests convenience and the cleaners Dust & Shine also use ECO-FRIENDLY products. There is deliberately no tumble dryer to encourage guests to use the WASHING LINE to save energy.

She encourages her guests to take advantage of PUBLIC TRANSPORT especially with Wool train station situated next door, or to explore Dorset by walking or cycling. Guests can keep their bikes in the undercover porch or shed but she is also currently building a special area just for bikes.

The garden shed has a WOOD STORAGE area and she makes RECYCLING and COMPOSTING easy with specially fitted bins in the kitchen cupboard doors.

Even during the renovation, Catherine was very careful not to waste any materials that could be RECYCLED and used ECO-FRIENDLY PAINTS.

The cottage is a perfect base to explore Dorset for anyone who loves simple holidays and nature, especially with it being right by the River Frome, and is ideal for eco-conscious travellers.

Catherine would be delighted to offer you advice on your own eco home renovations, or installing solar thermal panels or woodburners – email her on

Check out the website for photos and more inspiration, and make sure you recommend your friends!


Anna Celeste Watson says:
B&Q Eco House Complete

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B&Q’s Eco House which has been refurbished to help you reduce the amount of energy used in your home is apparently now complete. Follow their experts as they continue to make improvements to the 3 bedroom end of terrace into an eco-friendly 22nd century home. Follow the latest developments, watch videos… and get inspired!

By the way, we’re not sure why it’s a 22nd century home though – definitely 21st century as everything they have done is accessible  to us now, and B&Q of course sell a whole range of products to help you on your way to your own eco house!

Check out the B&Q Eco House website here:

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