An interesting article has been published by Carbon Brief who report on the latest developments in climate science, and fact-checks stories about climate and energy online and in the press. They are funded by the European Climate Foundation, whose objective is to reduce emissions.

Carbon Brief published the results of polling on energy and climate change issues, over the Easter bank holiday.

According to their results, 69% of UK adults believe scientists and meteorologists are trustworthy sources of accurate information about climate science. Politicians fare rather worse, polling at just 7%  – in joint last place with blogs and social media.

The poll also reveals that 89% believe climate change is happening, though there appears to be a split over whether people think it’s caused by humans or not. Interestingly, this split was not echoed in whether people want to see action to tackle climate change, though. Nearly 70% said they want the government to act to avoid warming.

Polling expert Leo Barasi writes that the results show ‘belief’ in climate change really doesn’t mean that much – people tend to trust climate scientists and want to see action on climate change, and doubts about whether climate change is happening aren’t rising.

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