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Lets Get Energized says:
Blandford Hill Wind Farm Public Exhibitions 14th & 15th February 2014

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REG Windpower is currently investigating the potential for harnessing wind energy at Blandford Hill

REG Power are looking into the possibility of building up to 4 wind turbines on land at East Farm, Lower Street, to the South East of Winterborne Whitechurch.

They are currently undertaking a large number of on-site surveys to determine the feasibility of turbines on the land. This work includes ecological surveys, background noise monitoring, visual amenity assessments, cultural heritage assessments, drainage and land surveys to name a few. At the moment they believe that this site could accommodate no more than four turbines of up to 130 metres. A wind farm of this size would generate enough electricity to power approximately 4,500 homes each year.

Public Exhibitions 14th & 15th February 2014

Friday 14th February, 4pm – 8pm
Saturday 15th February, 10am – 2pm

Winterborne Whitechurch Village Hall, Dolway Lane,
Winterborne Whitechurch, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11

REG Power are inviting local people here in Dorset to view the details of their proposals at their public information sessions in February. Come along to view the proposals in detail, meet the project team and ask any questions you may have.

Community Fund for local good causes

Wherever REG Power install new turbines they will also set up a Community Fund to support local good causes.

Typically this would be a fund managed by the local community into which they pay an annual sum. Their funds are based on annual, index-linked payments (so the sum increases with inflation) of £5,000 per MW installed, which would mean at Blandford Hill there could be a community fund of up to £36,000 each year (based on four 1.8MW turbines). The sum is usually paid annually, but it’s also possible they can make a significant proportion
of this money available at an early stage to enable more major projects to get off the ground quickly.

They say that they firmly believe that local people should decide how the money is spent so would love to hear your ideas for projects the fund could support.

For more information and to submit your comments visit:


Lets Get Energized says:
Slyer’s Lane Wind Farm Planned in Charminster near Dorchester Dorset

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Broadview Energy is currently investigating the potential for a wind farm on agricultural land to the north of Dorchester in Dorset.

Wind Farm Plans Welcomed by President of Dorchester’s Chamber of Commerce

The wind farm investment opportunity has apparently been welcomed by the President of Dorchester’s Chamber of Commerce. According to the DorsetEcho, Alison Moore has stressed that the Chamber did not have a view on whether or not the scheme planned for land near Slyer’s Lane at Charminster should go ahead, but said she was pleased with discussions with developer Broadview Energy Limited that if any scheme does go ahead then firms in the county town will be in line to grab a slice of the investment into the area.

Mrs Moore said: “The Chamber doesn’t have a view on whether it goes ahead and it would not be appropriate for us to have one. However, we have been in contact with the developer and have been reassured that if the planning should be successful they are looking to source as many of their suppliers from local businesses as possible, which is absolutely brilliant.”

Broadview’s project manager Tom Cosgrove commented in the Dorset Echo: “Despite the proposal for the Slyer’s Lane project being at a very early stage we are keen to hear from local contractors and businesses who could potentially get involved in the construction phase of the wind farm. If planning permission were to be granted, there would be a range of opportunities for local businesses to get involved through tendering for a wide range of services which could be anything from catering and security to providing labour and materials through construction. We are keen to meet with local suppliers and service providers over the coming months so that we can formulate a picture as to where the best opportunities for utilising a local supply chain lie if the project goes ahead.”

You can read the full Dorset Echo article here:

Potential for up to 7 Wind Turbines

Broadview have stated that initial studies indicate that the site has potential to accommodate up to seven wind turbines, which, if constructed, could make a valuable contribution towards increasing the UK’s energy security and reducing carbon emissions.

In September 2013 West Dorset District Council granted permission for Broadview to install a 60m high wind monitoring mast at the site, which has now been erected. Also underway are a number of detailed technical and environmental studies which will provide further information on the suitability of the site and help to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment, investigating how any future wind farm proposal will integrate with the existing environment.

An important part in the development of the proposal is consultation. Not only with advisory bodies such as Natural England and English Heritage, but also with the local community. Broadview has therefore thanked all of the residents that took the time to come to its public exhibitions during October 2013. The feedback received at the events will be considered during the upcoming design process, during which turbine numbers, size and locations will be fixed. Once they have settled on the project design that achieves the best balance between maximising the generation of renewable electricity and being sensitive to the important characteristics of the local environment, they will hold further exhibitions to display their plans and invite feedback.

For more details of the proposals by Broadview visit their website here:

You can also get updates on the Facebook page here:

Dorset Energized are thrilled to see that our local newspapers are discussing the wind farm in a positive light as we believe that wind power should be an important part of our local energy mix as a clean, domestic resource with no dependency on imported fossil fuels. Click here more information and FAQs about Wind Power.


Vince Adams says:
Dorset councillors say Navitus Bay wind farm has “more holes than Swiss cheese”

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According to the Dorset Echo today, Dorset county councillors have labelled the controversial Navitus Bay wind farm plan as having ‘more holes than a good piece of Swiss cheese’. You can read the full article on:

Personally I feel that Dorset Councillors rantings have become rather a meaningless act of political expediency based on the wishes of a small number of their constituents. In raising issues about a project far out to sea that will create enough energy for nearly 800,000 homes is outrageous and once again displays all the characteristics of “Not in my Backyard” syndrome.

Dorset is a wonderful County where we could take a lead in creating renewable energy and low carbon targets higher than anywhere in the UK. Instead we complain, argue and leave other parts of the UK to take an unfair burden of the need to create our own local energy.

Today’s renewable projects have a life of approx 30 years after which they return the area to its original pristine condition and extremely low impact. Compare that with Power Station and Nuclear!

Go and see Sweden, Denmark and Spain’s landscape with Wind Turbines. It enhances areas of beauty and gives a lead to future generations.

Wind has always been our gift from travel, to producing food and now energy. Lets embrace it now and drive forward the quality of technical innovation and opportunities that Dorset and the UK could be a major part of worldwide.

Clink here to read more about the Nativus Bay Offshore Wind Development or to find out more about wind power for your home, business or community go to:

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