According to the Dorset Echo today, Dorset county councillors have labelled the controversial Navitus Bay wind farm plan as having ‘more holes than a good piece of Swiss cheese’. You can read the full article on:

Personally I feel that Dorset Councillors rantings have become rather a meaningless act of political expediency based on the wishes of a small number of their constituents. In raising issues about a project far out to sea that will create enough energy for nearly 800,000 homes is outrageous and once again displays all the characteristics of “Not in my Backyard” syndrome.

Dorset is a wonderful County where we could take a lead in creating renewable energy and low carbon targets higher than anywhere in the UK. Instead we complain, argue and leave other parts of the UK to take an unfair burden of the need to create our own local energy.

Today’s renewable projects have a life of approx 30 years after which they return the area to its original pristine condition and extremely low impact. Compare that with Power Station and Nuclear!

Go and see Sweden, Denmark and Spain’s landscape with Wind Turbines. It enhances areas of beauty and gives a lead to future generations.

Wind has always been our gift from travel, to producing food and now energy. Lets embrace it now and drive forward the quality of technical innovation and opportunities that Dorset and the UK could be a major part of worldwide.

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