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Anna Celeste Watson says:
What happened to National Carbon Footprint Day?

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Last year saw the first ever National Carbon Footprint Day here in the UK so I must say I am rather disappointed to not be able to find any information on the day continuing this year (please let me know if you hear any more!).

Climate change is as big an issue, if not a bigger issue, than ever. You may have seen Dorset Energized’s post last monthNew Report: Climate – Everyone’s Businesson a new report which adds thousands of new studies on the body of evidence on climate change.

This week the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has been widely criticised by climate scientists as “immoral” after they accused him of playing down the dangerous consequences of global warming. You can read more about that in The Telegraph at:

Confused about Climate Change?

The WWF have produced this interesting short video for people who are still confused about Climate Change and how we can all take action today:

Calculate your own carbon footprint & save money

Our lifestyle choices make up our environmental footprint.

You can calculate your Environmental Footprint on:

The government may well not be doing half enough to tackle climate change but they have at least produced the Act on CO2 Calculator website which I think is great, and where we can all as individuals and households play our part in reducing our carbon emissions and also save energy and save money too (which let’s face it, is the bottom line for most of us!).

You can measure your carbon footprint with the Act on CO2 Calculator at:

Check out our Energy Efficiency section for lots of other ways you can reduce your home energy bills. There are also several government grants and money back schemes available at the moment including the Green Deal and to prepare for the Renewable Heat Incentive which has been delayed until next year – check out our section on Renewable Energy to find out all the ways you can help reduce your carbon footprint and save money whilst investing in green sustainable energy, and look out for exclusive Dorset Energized offers too!


Guest Energizer says:
Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air

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Just one advantage of push-bikes is their low running costs – I use mine almost every day, yet have spent only £40 on it over the last 3 years!

Here is the link to a very interesting book

Also, here is a link to a video of the author discussing the subject, which complements the book rather well:

And an interesting link to a site which allows you record your energy (gas and electricity) consumption and displays it in graphs as you accumulate values over time:

I’ve just started using this to record my landlord’s household energy consumption. There are 6 of us in the house and we will try to reduce our consumption each week, in an effort to beat that of the previous week, thus steadily reducing costs. Quite a nice activity I hope might catch on here in Dorset! It is actually explained by the author of the book in the video link above at 36 min 45 seconds into the video.

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