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Anna Celeste Watson says:
Ecotricity Founder talks about his politic donations for the 2015 General Election & greening up football

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With less than 2 weeks to go before the UK General Election, we thought we should share this recent video of Dale Vince, Founder of Green Energy Suppliers Ecotricity, talking about his politic donations for the 2015 General Election, and greening up football…

Our Lets Get Energized and Dorset Energized team, predominentaly ran by volunteers, are obviously keen that we offer a non-biased political opinion, but of course green energy in the UK is so dependent on the decisions made by government that it would be silly to ignore politics altogether at such a time. I should point out that I myself have no political affiliations at all, so am just as ignorant to politics as most everyday members of the public!

It goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) that there is only one party fully committed to green energy issues as a key part of their agenda, and that is of course the Green Party, so it may come as a surprise to many renewable energy supporters (like it did to me) to learn that the Founder of Ecotricity has not donated to the Green Party, but to Labour AND also to the Liberal Democrats.

Ecotricity have however previously donated money to the Green Party, specifically Caroline Lucas’ campaign, and continue to do so via a partnership arrangement, where they donate up to £60 per sign up of any new green energy customer. This has apparently been hugely successful since the membership numbers have increased significantly.

Interviewed by Robert Llewellyn (Kryten from Red Dwarf!), Dale discusses the Green issues which he thinks need to get more air time in the election debate, his donations, and why he thinks there needs to be a leaders debate if we are to really tackle the environmental issues we face.

Soundbites include:

“The idea that we could run the whole country by renewable energy is not just a pipe dream, it’s absolutely possible”

“It seems to me that the Conservatives have made this a presidential election”

“A leaders debate would be the most useful thing for all of us in the country so we can make a better judgement about the qualities of the two people who are pitching to run the country”

“The conservative ideology is a failed ideology”

“We should have a ministry of carbon, whose job is to focus on the carbon emissions from energy, transport and food”


Anna Celeste Watson says:
3 Recommended films to inspire you to action for Zero Waste Week

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As Zero Waste Week continues this week, I thought I would share a couple of films I have been recommended on the subject of reducing waste. Perhaps this is something like me, you can add to your #ZeroWasteWeek pledge (i.e., watch the films and be inspired, or maybe prodded more likely, into action!) or maybe Dorset Energized will put on a screening sometime – please let us know if you want to get involved with a film night or know anywhere in Dorset screening these!

1. Trashed (Feature Film, 2012)

Trashed – No Place For Waste, starring Jeremy Irons, looks at the risks to the food chain and the environment through pollution of our air, land and sea by waste. The film reveals surprising truths about very immediate and potent dangers to our health. It is a global conversation from Iceland to Indonesia between the film star Jeremy Irons and scientists, politicians and ordinary individuals whose health and livelihoods have been fundamentally affected by waste pollution. Visually and emotionally the film is both horrific and beautiful: an interplay of human interest and political wake-up call. But it ends on a message of hope: showing how the risks to our survival can easily be averted through sustainable approaches that provide far more employment than the current ‘waste industry’. The film premiered in Cannes 2012 and has won 8 awards.

You can watch this online for a very modest download fee – just go to or watch the trailer below:

2. N0 Impact Man (Feature Film, 2009)

In No Impact Man, Colin Beavan decides to completely eliminate his personal impact on the environment for the next year. It means eating vegetarian, buying only local food, and turning off the refrigerator. It also means no elevators, no television, no cars, busses, or airplanes, no toxic cleaning products, no electricity, no material consumption, and no garbage. No problem – at least for Colin – but he and his family live in Manhattan. So when his espresso-guzzling, retail-worshipping wife Michelle and their two-year-old daughter are dragged into the fray, the No Impact Project has an unforeseen impact of its own. Laura Gabbert and Justin Schein’s film provides an intriguing inside look into the experiment that became a national fascination and media sensation, while examining the familial strains and strengthened bonds that result from Colin and Michelle’s struggle with their radical lifestyle change.

You can watch this online for FREE – just go to or watch the trailer below:

3. The Story of Stuff (Short Film, 2007)

The Story of Stuff, originally released in December 2007, is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It’ll teach you something, it’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the Stuff in your life forever.

You can watch this short film online for FREE – just go to or watch the trailer below:


There’s so many more great looking environmental and food themed films out there I want to watch, but these 3 should do for now!

Please send us your reviews on these films and any other recommendations by submitting your Comments below : )


Lets Get Energized says:
Energize your day with It’s All Good Radio Show & Dorset Energized

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It’s all going on this week here at Dorset Energized, and its all good!!!

Dorset Energized are very excited to be working with the inspiring duo Debbie Hyde and David Durant who have created their own internet radio show entitled It’s All Good as co-founders of Media for Good, which is a non-profit partnership with the aim of harnessing the power of media to effect change towards a more sustainable economy and protection of the Earth’s resources.

Dorset Energized’s Vince Adams first met Debbie at Ecotricity’s Green Britain meeting in March 2014 in Brighton, and since then our team have been in talks with Debbie and David about how we can work together to help people get energized and create a renewable energy future…

It’s All Good Radio Podcasts

You can tune in to stories, news and interviews with people like you – creating a bright clean energy future, every week on the It’s All Good radio show podcasts on Renewable Energy which will also feature contributions from the Dorset Energized Team including our bloggers Vince Adams and Keith Wheaton-Green.

Debbie has also set herself a challenge to write a blog post every single day this September so make sure you check them out at

As Debbie says on her latest blog post Communicating a positive vision of a 100% clean energy future – we all have power and we all have choices. Every one of us has the opportunity to choose today to work towards a positive vision of a 100% clean energy future, for as William Ward says “If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

She calls upon fellow broadcasters, advertisers, writers, bloggers, designers, photographers, film makers, actors, artists, musicians and singers – as “together we need to bring sustainable living to life and make it a natural part of our culture which is relevant and fun for all of us.”

We are right here with you Debbie and very much looking forward to sharing your shows…

Throughout September you’ll enjoy a mix of stories, news and interviews from people all around the world who are making the switch to renewable energy. Get involved and share your stories too. Just click onto plus check out the previous podcasts on Renewable Energy at

Do YOU support a 100% Clean Energy Future?
Choose a way YOU can take action:

Here are some great actions Debbie also shared on her latest blog post we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss:

It’s All Good Radio Show is an internet radio show produced and presented by Debbie Hyde which is broadcast at 9pm GMT on


Lets Get Energized says:
Promised Land film @ Langton Matravers 6th August

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Langton Arthouse Cinema presents Promised Land

This Wednesday, 6th of August at 7.30pm the Langton Matravers Arthouse Cinema is showing the film Promised Land starring Matt Damon.

The film deals with Fracking – something we at Dorset Energized of course oppose:

Langton Arthouse Cinema website: here


promised land film photo


Jacob Windsor says:
Ecotricity Reach 100,000 Customers & Freeze Green Energy Prizes til October

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Ecotricity have got some good news: you may remember that last September we announced that we would be freezing our prices, over winter, until 1st April.

We’re now announcing a further price freeze, through the spring and summer, until 1st October 2014.

With this extended freeze, we won’t have increased prices for 21 months – meaning we’ll have the longest period of price stability in the energy industry. Our single electricity and gas tariffs are as stable as a fixed price deal, but without any strings – no exit fees, no penalties, and our best price for everyone, regardless of when they joined or how they choose to pay.

The other good news is that on Wednesday last week we reached 100,000 customers!

It’s a very big milestone, and one we’ve had in our sights for some time – nearly 50,000 people have joined us since last summer, which is quite incredible.

It all began last summer when we moved to a single 100% green tariff for electricity, reduced our prices slightly as part of a new policy to cost less than the Big Six, and then froze prices twice over the following winter.

Our two pieces of news are linked. With 100,000 customers we have some economies of scale and – coupled with it being a very good year for wind – we’re able to absorb those of our costs that are rising, and keep yours where they are. Our investment in new sources of green energy hasn’t just insulated us from fossil fuel price movements, because the cost of wind doesn’t go up – but when the wind blows well we have an additional benefit – which we’re keen to share with our customers.

People Power in Action

Our mission is to change where Britain’s energy comes from – to bring about energy independence and sustainability. The more customers we have, the more new sources of green energy we can build, the more we can protect our customers from price rises. It’s a virtuous circle, and it’s People Power in action.

Speaking of People Power, have a look at our latest short film about fracking – we’ve put this together to lend support to local communities opposed to shale gas fracking and to highlight the fact that many British households are inadvertently supporting shale gas through their energy bills.

You can switch to Ecotricity online at or call us on 08000 302 302 and quote ‘Dorset Energized’ to receive a free £60 Naked Wines voucher to celebrate!


Jacob Windsor says:
Ecotricity Launch New Anti-Fracking Video

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(Photo: Dorset Energized’s Co-founder Vince Adams is on the top just in right of the green man!)

Last Thursday 6th March 2014, down in Brighton, and with the help of Caroline Lucas (Green party MP) – and Vince from Dorset Energized – Ecotricity launched our latest anti Fracking initiative. The centrepiece of that is our latest animation, which you can find here:

We’ve big hopes that it’ll go viral as our ‘Dump The Big 6’ video did a couple of years ago, achieving global fame and some 3 million hits.

Fracking is a very serious subject and our government seem hell bent on imposing it on Britain – we hope a little humour will be an effective weapon, coupled with our Frack Free gas promise which enables people to boycott Fracking – a powerful weapon itself if it catches on.

You can read Ecotricity’s latest press release on this link:

We hope you like it and will want to share it with your friends to spread the word and stop the UK government from fracking under our feet!


Guest Energizer says:
Transition Together Comes to Dorchester

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Thanks to funding from the Big Lottery ‘Communities Living Sustainably’ programme, a free Transition Together project is about to be launched in Dorset.

Members of Transition Town Dorchester have received training in organising and supporting Transition Together – a scheme that originated in Totnes, Devon, where 550 households have saved an average of £570 per year each on items such as energy, travel costs and food bills.

It works like this: a group of 6-10 people interested in living more sustainably (they may be friends or neighbours) form a Transition Together group and plan to meet 7 times over a period of 3-4 months. They usually meet in each others’ homes on a rotating basis for approx 2 hours per meeting. A trained volunteer facilitator attends the first meeting to help the group get started. The facilitator also provides a Transition Together manual for each person, with chapters on energy, water, transport, food and waste. The manual provides up to date independent information on how much you can save by making different lifestyle choices and changing habits.

The group then carries on without the external facilitator and works through one chapter of the Transition Together manual at each meeting, usually with everyone taking turns to be the organiser or co-ordinator. The external facilitator then attends the last meeting to see how the project went and provide any further help needed. In practice it can be a lot of fun and some groups continue to meet after the end of the 7 sessions.

There is more information and videos on the website

Transition Together groups will be starting in the Fordington and Monmouth Road areas of Dorchester in early February.

For further details or for help to start your own Transition Together group please contact Emily on 07507 321954 or 01305 213721 or email

Posted by Pete West


Jacob Windsor says:
Green energy suppliers Ecotricity introduce winter-long price freeze

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Ecotricity has announced a price freeze for all gas and electricity customers until the end of winter 2014.

The green energy company had previously announced a price freeze until the New Year just as the Big Six announced price increases of up to 10% – Ecotricity are now extending that price freeze until at least the end of winter for both their 100% Green Electricity and Green Gas tariffs.

Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, said: “Energy bills are a big part of the cost of living in Britain, and there is simply not enough being done to solve the problem. The Big Six are increasing prices by up to 10% just before winter, the Government is playing politics by blaming ‘green taxes’, and the regulator has not been strong enough ever.

“If we continue the way we are now, we’re going to see energy bills increase significantly over the next decade – we could even see them double.

“There is another way – our model of using our customer energy bills to build new sources of green energy, what we call bills into mills; it’s working for our customers, and it’s a model we think is right for Britain. We’re not just making greener energy, we’re making cheaper energy – and we’re demonstrating how that works now by freezing prices until the end of winter.”

Ecotricity has reached a degree of energy independence by building its own green energy sources, and this enabled the company to announce a price promise in October 2013, to always undercut the standard regional tariff of the Big Six – providing green energy for less than the standard price of brown (fossil fuels).

Dale said: “We now produce around 40% of our own energy through our own green sources, and the more we build the better able we are to shield our customers from price hikes that come with a reliance on the fossil fuel market. That’s the way Britain has to go, because only energy independence can properly tackle rising fuel bills.

“The alternative is where we are now – a continuing reliance on fossil fuels, ever-increasing energy bills, and more people falling into fuel poverty every year.”

Ecotricity spends more per customer on building new sources of green energy than all other energy providers in Britain put together – on average, over the last nine years, this has equated to almost £300 per customer per year.

Ecotricity generates around 40% of its own electricity through green sources, and has planning permission for enough new sources of green energy to double that percentage.

Dale said: “The energy industry has to change. It needs to serve the people of Britain, not the largely foreign owners of the Big Six. Putting prices up at the start of this winter is a good example of what’s wrong: it’s cynical timing just as consumption doubles, and it’s just not justified by wholesale energy prices. In the end, it’s the people of Britain who are losing out.”

Ecotricity has an Ethical Price Promise, which means that every customer gets the same 100% Green Electricity or Green Gas tariff and everyone gets the same, best price, regardless of when they signed up or how they pay…

So it really is time to #DumptheBigSix!

Switch to Ecotricity through Dorset Energized and you’ll receive a £60 Naked Wines voucher!
Go to: or call free on 08000 302 302. When you sign up please quote ‘Dorset Energized’.

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  • Energy Brokers comments:
    "If you are increasing and then freezing the price, will people love you for this. Its better you reduce your prices. "
    December 25, 2013 a 7:25 am


Anna Celeste Watson says:
What happened to National Carbon Footprint Day?

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Last year saw the first ever National Carbon Footprint Day here in the UK so I must say I am rather disappointed to not be able to find any information on the day continuing this year (please let me know if you hear any more!).

Climate change is as big an issue, if not a bigger issue, than ever. You may have seen Dorset Energized’s post last monthNew Report: Climate – Everyone’s Businesson a new report which adds thousands of new studies on the body of evidence on climate change.

This week the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has been widely criticised by climate scientists as “immoral” after they accused him of playing down the dangerous consequences of global warming. You can read more about that in The Telegraph at:

Confused about Climate Change?

The WWF have produced this interesting short video for people who are still confused about Climate Change and how we can all take action today:

Calculate your own carbon footprint & save money

Our lifestyle choices make up our environmental footprint.

You can calculate your Environmental Footprint on:

The government may well not be doing half enough to tackle climate change but they have at least produced the Act on CO2 Calculator website which I think is great, and where we can all as individuals and households play our part in reducing our carbon emissions and also save energy and save money too (which let’s face it, is the bottom line for most of us!).

You can measure your carbon footprint with the Act on CO2 Calculator at:

Check out our Energy Efficiency section for lots of other ways you can reduce your home energy bills. There are also several government grants and money back schemes available at the moment including the Green Deal and to prepare for the Renewable Heat Incentive which has been delayed until next year – check out our section on Renewable Energy to find out all the ways you can help reduce your carbon footprint and save money whilst investing in green sustainable energy, and look out for exclusive Dorset Energized offers too!


Anna Celeste Watson says:
More Than Honey Film Screening in Bridport on Saturday 6th October 2013

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Saturday 6th October 2013, 7.30pm
Bridport Arts Centre, Dorset
More Than Honey Film Screening

The new film More Than Honey hit the big screen in September – supported by Friends of the Earth – and it’s coming here to Dorset!

The multi-award winning film tells the tale of what might happen if our bees disappeared. Oscar-nominated director Markus Imhoof investigates honeybee colonies in California, Switzerland, China and Australia.

Over the past 15 years, bee colonies across the world have been decimated, giving rise to a phenomenon that scientists have coined “colony collapse disorder”. This documentary looks for possible reasons why the bees are dying out and searches for solutions from the scientific community to avert an ecological disaster. More Than Honey is a great accompaniment to Friends of the Earth’s The Bee Cause campaign.

Narrated by one of my favourite actors, John Hurt, it looks at the reasons for the current bee crisis and why we rely on bees for so many things so should be a fascinating night out!

For more information and book to see the film go to:


Lets Get Energized says:
Navitus Bay Development Offshore Wind Farm Proposals in Dorset

Category: Renewable Energy Film/Video, Wind Power

Navitus Bay Development Limited released a video earlier this year to show how their proposed wind farm off the coast of Bournemouth, Dorset will look, along with some mock-up photo montages of the proposed views.

The proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park is an exciting 50-50 Joint Venture between Eneco Wind UK Ltd (Eneco) and EDF Energy.

Pic: Mock-up of Viewpoints from Bournemouth West Cliff and Undercliffe where the wind turbines would be barely visible

You can watch the video here:

According to The Guardian’s recent article on the global growth of wind turbines at, the UK is by far the world leader in offshore wind deployment. Eneco Wind UK Ltd and EDF Energy, who will be installing the turbines have said the scheme could start generating energy by 2020 and has the potential to produce enough energy for the domestic needs of 790,000 average UK households.

A nine week public consultation began back on 1st February 2013, and Navitus Bay are hosting consultations throughout the area this September 2013 showing new pictures and interactive 3d models of the site. There will also be experts on hand to talk through the plans and answer any questions you might have.

Friends of the Earth reported that anti-wind protestors gathered on Swanage seafront back in January, but they were surprised to see the strength of support for the project, with over 100 brought together by the newly formed BH Green alliance.

Visit the Nativus Baywebsite for full details on or call 0800 008 6763.

For general information on the pros and cons of wind power visit our webpage on Wind Power.


Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Can Dorset follow South Korea’s lead & have roads that wirelessly recharge electric buses?!

Category: Electric Transport, Renewable Energy Film/Video

Photo: Electric Bus by Primove Technology

In the field of electrically powered transport innovations are coming thick and fast – unlike the vehicles themselves (in the UK at least) which are still almost as rare as the proverbial “hen’s teeth”.

South Korean road wirelessly recharges OLEV buses

So it is that another new and innovative idea has been put into practice in a small showcase demo in South Korea – where they have switched on a road which can recharge electric vehicles as they drive over it! More details at

It is of course very early days with that particular project – and of course the nay sayers are already predicting it’s infeasibility due to cost and so forth. But what it does show is that all over the world people, companies, universities and so on, are trying to find solutions for the generally expected moment when the oil flow can no longer match the demand (leading to ever higher prices, etc).

The system being demonstrated in South Korea uses inductive coils embedded in the road to provide charge for electric vehicles travelling above (the inductive transmission method has been known about for a long time. Basically it is a simple idea – a primary coil sits passively under the road, when it detects a similar coil – in a vehicle above which has been fitted with one – a powerful alternating current is set up in the primary coil, this creates a strong magnetic field which stimulates a current in the coil in the vehicle and energy is transferred, without wires). The major difference with the South Korean system to others under trial elsewhere is that the coils run continuously along the length of the road (thus the cost) rather than being located at occasional and particular points.

In Germany (for instance) in the city of Braunschweig a system is being tested using 3 induction loop charging points on an 8 mile circuit (one bus route). The system is being developed and tested by a partnership of the local bus company, the city, the Technical University of Braunschweig and Bombardier Transportation.

Read more at the Braunschweig University inductive loop project page –;jsessionid=TRIFORK9394182716

Watch a video of PRIMOVE’s system which provides a contactless power source for all types of electric transport – from light rail and bus networks to commercial vehicles and cars:

The Bombardier developed system being trialled uses their PRIMOVE inductive charging system, which itself is being developed further by replacing some batteries with high density capacitors in a system called MITRAC. The advantage of capacitors is that being electrical (rather than chemical like batteries) they can withstand tens or hundreds of thousands of charge cycles, they also weigh much less than batteries and although they cannot (yet) store as much energy as batteries do this (disadvantage) is obviated when there are inductive loop charging points available on a route.

Read more about PRIMOVE at:

Read more about MITRAC at:

Could Dorchester’s Electric Bus Route wirelessly charge electric buses?

Perhaps inductive loop charging may be the (or a) coming thing? We shall see. Neil and Judith Forsyth writing in AtoB Magazine June 2013 (Issue 96) – – about inductive loop systems (and to whom I am obliged for many of the references here about Bombardiers systems and so forth), suggest in their article that the Poundbury electric bus route could perhaps utilise an inductive loop charge point, perhaps at its railway station end? The route currently requiring two buses (as one is re-charging at the depot while the other is in use) could manage with one, charging at a point in the route, leaving the other bus for a further route. That would make Dorchester (and Dorset) even more leading edge (in the UK context) than it already is. Prince Charles himself was one of those who sought to have electric buses used to serve Poundbury – maybe he might take an interest in this further development of the inductive loop?


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Lush Say Frack Off! Defend your right to clean air and water…

Category: Dorset Energized News, Fracking, Renewable Energy Film/Video

If you haven’t heard about the dangers of fracking yet, or have and wonder what the frack all the fuss is about, then this new video from the always inspiring ethical people at Lush Cosmetics (who started here in Poole, Dorset) explains it all!

Fracking is a threat to our water and our air. The oil and gas industry wants to frack the UK when we should be investing in more renewable, sustainable energy sources. Only we can stop them.

Lush are supporting Frack Off – a grassroots campaign group committed to stopping the spread of ‘extreme energy’ and unconventional gas extraction here in the UK.

Find out more about the Lush campaign to fight against a fracked future at:

You may be alarmed to know that Dorset is a hot spot for planned fracking!
Find out more about our local group Frack Free Dorset at:

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Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Paravelo: The world’s first flying bicycle

Category: Electric Transport, Renewable Energy Film/Video

Another great idea this Green Transport Week 2013?! Not sure it’s quite my thing or within the reach of my bank balance, but the inventors have been busy and a new form of combined transport has appeared on the horizon, or rather, above it!

The Paravelo launched on Kickstarter promises to give you affordable flying on (believe it or not) a bicycle. It sure looks interesting and seems quite a practical proposition if you have a head for heights. Perhaps one day we’ll see these in the air above Dorset – perhaps visitors bringing tourist pounds to the county on their ‘Flamping’ (flying and camping – the Paravelo incorporates a tent as well) holidays.

So, the Paravelo, as versatile as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – and cheaper to run!

Check out the video below:

For full details visit the following links: and


Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Green Transport Week: A Smart New Electric Bike

Category: Electric Transport, Renewable Energy Film/Video

This week is Green Transport Week 2013 (14th -23rd June) and so far it’s got to be said that Electric Bicycles are only a very small part of the bicycle market – only 25,000 were sold in the UK last year, which represents just 1% of all bicycles sold. But conceivably a new entry into the eBike market might begin to change the picture. Smart, the subsidiary of Mercedes and famed for their small cars, have just brought out an Electric Bicycle of their own – the Smart Electric Bike.

The new Smart Electric Bike is clearly aimed at those looking to find a new way to manage the practical task of commuting and of course doing so in style. Thus the Smart Electric Bike not only looks slick, but also seeks to deliver the rider to work effortlessly and indeed cleanly, being equipped with an oil free belt drive, instead of the usual oily chain. It uses the well established BionX motor which is well known for it’s silent and powerful operation – plus it can return some charge to the battery using regenerative braking. Range on a fully charged battery is claimed to be 70 miles which of course depends on terrain and the amount of pedalling effort the rider puts in, but with the comparatively large 423kwh battery 30+ miles without needing to recharge is clearly a possibility – and being a bike that just needs a plug point, recharging at work or home is easy, and indeed cheap.

Of course this is not the cheapest eBike on the market (although a very attractive Hire Purchase arrangement is available @ £59 pcm for 36 months) – but it is clearly the result of a very considered design process and carrying as it does the Smart (and thus Mercedes) name it might get more people into the joys (and practical advantages) of electric cycling.

Have a look at the Smart Electric Bike here for more info:


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Don’t duck climate change – the Power of IF…

Category: Climate Change, Renewable Energy Film/Video, Sustainable Farming & Food

Today we celebrate Earth Day and Enough Food For Everyone IF have just released another fab little video showing how climate change causes hunger and how the money that the UK and other G8 governments pledged as aid to help poor communities cope with climate change, can help mums and dads put food on the table for their children.

Now we need to make sure they don’t duck their climate promise.

Please take just 1 minute today to ask our Climate Change Minister Ed Davey to keep the climate change promise.
Read more and sign online at:


Vince Adams says:
Solar Power Farmhouse of the Future!

Category: Renewable Energy Film/Video, Solar Energy

I really like this 2 minute clip – it says it all! [Once you get past the short trailer]…

Jim Evans in Springfield, USA built this green home in 1976 and has been making it greener ever since, but his motivation is economic.

Watch the video and read the full article ‘Solar Power Home Wave of the Future’ by Laura Kennedy on

For more information on your Solar Power options here in Dorset, UK check out this link:


Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Innovative New ‘Urbee’ Eco-Friendly Car

Category: Electric Transport, Renewable Energy Film/Video

What happens if you try to create a car using the same principles many of us apply when buying food and other goods – principles such as: the nearer it’s produced the better, the more environmentally friendly it is the better, the more recyclable it is the better, the less energy it consumes in use and in its production the better, and of course the more affordable the better and even if being a bit greedy, the more visually appealing the better?

Well such principles and more are being used during the design of the Urbee car – it could be a next step in environmentally friendly transport and where possible using the energy you can produce at home.

Have look here for more information and for something truly inspiring be sure to view the video below:


Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Hire a Twizy and Tour the New Forest!

Category: Electric Transport, Renewable Energy Film/Video

A friend of mine happened to mention that in the New Forest they now have a scheme set up for tourists to hire the electric Twizys (rather like the scheme in the Brecon Beacons) – with a network of charging points as well.

Apparently you can “Explore the wonderful scenery of the New Forest by hiring one of Renault’s new electric two-seater Twizy cars! Not only is this a funky and fun way of exploring this unique destination, but you will also ensure your holiday is as environmentally-friendly as possible.”

For more information visit:

And of course check out the Dorset Energized info on Electric Transport here:



Vince Adams says:
Put your hand up for restoring the Earth

Category: Renewable Energy Film/Video, Sustainable Living

Here’s a simple idea we wanted to share with you and hope you will share with everyone you know too!

“Put your hand up for restoring the Earth”.
Voiced by Joanna Lumley, written and produced by Luke Bradford and Frogspawn Creative for Restore The Earth.

For more information visit and check out Dorset Energized’s top tips for Sustainable Living here:

Lets Get Energized with Renewable Energy!

Lets Get Energized is your online guide to renewable energy and sustainable living with the latest news, views and tips plus exclusive special offers to help you save energy and money, beat rising energy prices, combat climate change and be more self sufficient – right now, and for your future...




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