Lakeland view Fontmell Gifford today


There is so much to be annoyed about right now, nothing more so than the appalling treatment of sub-postmasters which is still never ending. Last week I watched the ITV drama and nearly cried over the treatment of fellow citizen of our Country by the “pillars of power”.

I decided to set myself a 3 step solution rather than bottle things up.

1. Breathe deeply 3 times to find the inner strength that we all have.

2. Do something however small, in this case for me it was to write to my local MP and ask him to actively support the motion to pardon everyone who was found guilty of the offences against the Post Office.

3. Re-double my work to ensure that more and more people are given the facts about climate change and going green at whatever level they can achieve at the start.

1 = 2 – 3 and it’s done until I watch the next news bulletin when I will do the same process