Community Investment opportunity at Slyers Lane

Slyers Lane proposed Wind Turbine project and Broadview Energy are offering local residents within the area, great opportunities to invest in the Wind Turbine project. This new form of Community engagement is a wonderful chance for people to invest in their home area with long- term advantages over leaving money in bank savings accounts.

Equally the project will realise a community fund for spending on local projects that should be agreed by the people for the people.

I stress this point because whilst you argue yes or no to the project the real opportunity for you to have a real say in what’s going to happen passes you by. Councils, “do good`s” and the like will take over how the community funding is spent. This doesn’t mean it will all be wrong but my point is be a part of the process, engage now with the issues and decide for yourselves what is the right decision to be made.

Dorset Energized can help you with detailed questions and answers about Wind Energy, totally free from any vested interest. If there are any other points that nag away at your mind then raise them under comments and let’s see if we can get a factual response from people with experience who know what they are talking about.

Listen to all the arguments, ignore signs saying one thing or the other, it’s the future for us, our kids and their children that we are talking about right now.