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Some time ago, as Managing Director of my family business Respect Organics – which is based in Shaftesbury and very proud to be the UK’s leading organic cake producers – I became interested in renewable energy. Its closeness to Organic Food and The Landscape made it attractive partners for both Respect Organics and our Art Gallery, hence why we helped to found

My wife Lin and I aren’t green revolutionaries, but as a family we’ve always simply loved nature and the countryside. As someone who always looks to the future I embraced the concept of ‘future proofing’ and so was the first in our home village of Sturminster Newton (and probably for miles around) to cover our roof in solar panels and buy a lime green Smart car. I also help with the local Sturminster Transition Town project, and appreciate just how complicated all the green issues are. In all honesty the Respect Organics cakes are organic because that way they simply ‘are what they are’, no compromise. What it always comes down to in the end is taste and good value. (And you should see us demolish a ginger cake!). So we helped set up Dorset Energized to share our passion and help inspire Dorset people to get energized with renewable energy!

From that point it was a small step to find and change to a green energy supplier who supply electricity from completely renewable sources…

Good Energy fitted that bill with their overwhelming commitment to renewables and so we changed supply in our bakery, offices and at home. We were meet with caring real people who were contactable and approachable. It felt like a time long overdue and its been a great experience having them as our supplier.

I now also have a Nissan LEAF 100% electric car supplied by FJ Chalkes which I love and on good days I charge it using our solar panels at home fitted by NGPS Renewables – read more about that here. My wife Lin calls it “Riding on sunshine” and frankly that’s how it feels! Plus my electric bicycle also makes for a smooth effortless ride. Controls allow me to use differing levels of power and at the lower the e-bike has an average range of 50 miles!

We are thrilled to have also teamed up with them so we can provide an exclusive offer to Dorset Energized users to help you make the switch to green energy too – so if you switch to Good Energy, quote ‘Dorset Energized’ and they’ll give you an amazing £50 off your first bill so you can start saving money straight away! Click here to switch to Good Energy today – we think you will be as happy as we are!