My first set of solar panels were installed 10 years ago and I never thought that I should look to change or update…

However, after a conversation with Nick Good at NGPS Renewables I was convinced that I could seriously benefit from upgrading my set up.

The results were amazing. My original array was actually laid on the wooden roof beams with the tiles taken away. The first thing NGPS did was completely renew my roof with new tiling. Next I had beautiful new panels put up with individual computer terminals all connected to an internet site that monitors each one and tells me day by day what energy we are producing.

I also found out that a number of my original panels were not working and thus reducing my energy output, so this is a warning to everyone to have regular checks by good installers or engineers of their solar energy systems.

The great thing is that solar now heats our shower water for the morning and energy for my Nissan LEAF 100% electric car from¬†FJ Chalkes in nearby Wincanton and my e-bike too – essentially making my travel now almost free of charge!!! Plus the electricity is from 100% renewable energy with Good Energy as we switched to them for our home and business supply – you can read more here. My wife calls it, “Riding on sunshine!” and that’s how it feels!