Would you like your home to be warmer and cheaper to run?

Greendor, a project of Transition Town Dorchester, has joined with Transition Town Bridport and Dorset Architectural Heritage Week to arrange for 19 eco-homes to open to the public for FREE this weekend on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September.

There is a great variety of homes opening up, they include:

  • self-built houses
  • timber-framed kit houses
  • homes built with materials dug out of the ground on the building site
  • homes that are completely off-grid
  • and others that are traditional and conventional but have been cleverly adapted to save energy, water and waste.

All the householders have tried to make their homes warm, comfortable, good to live in, cheaper to run, and kinder to the planet by saving resources and waste. They welcome visitors and are keen to share their experience of making their homes part of a greener lifestyle.

Some of the visits are open to all, and some are bookable.
Full details can be found on the greendor website: http://greendor.wordpress.com