Solar panels are being implemented in more and more buildings and houses, and the benefits for the environment are quite clear. However, much like other green efforts around the world, solar panels are still well short of being thought of as the normal, or the standard, and the simple fact is that many people don’t fully understand their benefits. So with that in mind, here are 10 fun facts and benefits about solar panels.

1. Japan Leads The Way
According to Solar Tek, a US based solar panel site, half of all the world’s solar panels are used by Japan, and all in residential buildings.

2. Potential Is Exceptional
Some have noted that desert land stores vast potential for solar panel use. In the American southwest dry regions and deserts, for example, a 10,000 square mile solar panel arrangement could power the entirety of the country.

3. Gas Reduction Is Monumental
If you pit solar energy against coal energy, the reduction of carbon emissions is astounding. A single kilowatt of generated solar energy replaces up to 300 pounds of carbon dioxide that would emit from the coal needed to create the same energy.

4. Da Vinci Did It First
Okay, Da Vinci didn’t make solar panels, but in the 1400s, he did suggest using solar power to heat water for use in industrial mechanisms.

5. The Sun Gives Us More Than We Needs
According to, in a single hour the Earth receives more energy from the sun than it typically consumes in an entire year. We can’t harness all of it, but we simply don’t need to.

6. Solar Panels Differ
There are different types of solar panels. PV panels are the basic ones most of us imagine, and directly convert sunlight into usable energy. Solar Thermal panels absorb heat and then use that heat to warm water to be used when warm water is needed in domestic environments.

7. Germany Leads As Well
Along with Japan, Germany is well ahead of most of the western world in solar energy use and panel installation.

8. Solar Panels Are Affordable
A 2012 article noted that though many see solar panels as very expensive energy options, prices are dropping dramatically. The simple fact is, as they become more commonplace, solar panels will likely become more affordable. There are also lots of other solar powered gadgets and gizmos available now at popular stores like

9. Solar Energy Can Catch Up Quickly
We’ve already covered how much energy the sun provides in an hour. What’s even more fascinating is that 30 days’ worth of this energy would exceed the energy we’ve gotten from fossil fuels in all of human history.

10. Solar Panels Are Low Maintenance
Solar panels require no maintenance and only very rare repairs.

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