West Coast Energy invites you to attend the public exhibitions as part of the launch of the Milborne Wind Farm project.

The  proposed onshore wind farm development is north of Tolpuddle, southwest of Milborne St Andrew and currently comprises ten wind turbines which could provide clean energy equivalent to the annual electricity consumption requirements of some 14,000 homes, or more than one third of all domestic dwellings in the West Dorset area.

A couple of public exhibitions are to be held, on 14 and 15 August, as follows:

Tuesday 14th August 2012 – Tolpuddle Village Hall, 2-8pm

Wednesday 15th August 2012 – Puddletown Village Hall, 2-8pm

The exhibitions are being held to give the local community an insight into the proposed development. They will be public events open for attendance by anyone, and everyone will have the opportunity to comment on the proposals, ask questions and put forward views to the West Coast Energy project team directly.

West Coast Energy remains committed to the principle that communities should benefit financially from the generation of local renewable energy. By owning a share of the wind farm and using the income to fund projects that will better the community, residents are able to make a real difference to their environment.

In order for communities to participate and share in the benefits of local renewable energy generation West Coast Energy has an established policy to offer local communities a share in the ownership of the profit from wind energy generation by providing an annual payment to the community based upon 10% of the annual net profits from its wind farm developments.

For the Milborne Wind Farm this 10% of annual net profits effectively equates to the net profit from one of the 10 turbines – which will be dedicated as the “Community Turbine”.

West Coast Energy would secure all the necessary consents and financing facilities and procure, build and operate the turbine on behalf of the community. The community would then receive all of the net financial benefit from the generation of electricity from the turbine for the whole operational life of the wind farm. It would be down to local people to determine how the income from the community turbine should be spent on social, educational and environmental projects that will benefit the wider community.

Based upon an operational 10 turbine scheme, and taking into account present known financial and site technical data, the benefit generated by the Milborne Wind Farm community turbine is expected to total almost £7 million over the 25 year anticipated life of the wind farm.

If you require more information on this proposed development then please do not hesitate to contact Matthew Hayes on 01352 705236, email matthew.hayes@westcoastenergy.co.uk or visit West Coast Energy’s website: www.westcoastenergy.co.uk.

West Coast Energy Limited is a leading independent wind energy developer and operator based in Mold, North Wales. The company was established in 1996 and specialises in the identification, design, planning, development, construction and operation of wind energy projects.  They recently won the Community Engagement Award in the RenewableUK Energy Awards 2012.


UPDATE 16th August 2012
Dorset Energized volunteers Vince Adams and Theresa McManus attended these exhibitions – check out Vince’s response at: www.letsgetenergized.co.uk/archives/2012/08/16/a-response-to-the-milborne-wind-farm-proposal.