CSE (Centre for Sustainable Energy) hosted a free webinar on 31 July 2012 which covered the myths and realities about wind power, as covered in their publication ‘Common concerns about wind power’.

Presented by the report’s author and independent science writer, Iain Cox, from his home in Texas, it had CSE’s technical expert Martin Holley on hand to give a UK perspective and was hosted by CSE’s James Watt.

The webinar consisted of a 30 minute talk covering the main issues, followed by a 15 minute Q&A.

Iain and Martin focused particularly on how wind can be an appropriate vehicle for community owned energy projects with the hope that the webinar will give groups further confidence to talk about wind projects in their community. The webinar was recorded and you can now view the whole thing back here:

You can also download the publication ‘Common concerns about wind power’ at:  http://www.cse.org.uk/downloads/file/common_concerns_about_wind_power.pdf

‘Common concerns about wind power’ is one of CSE’s most popular publications and has been downloaded nearly 10,000 times from their website. It covers issues such as: payback time, costs, efficiency, subsidies, property prices, safety, shadow flicker, noise and ‘bird strike’. Printed copies of this publication are also available free for individuals and community groups.

Why not check out the wind power video CSE made for their PlanLoCaL initiative below on ‘Wind: an introduction – Things to consider before starting a wind project’:

Please let us know what YOU think about wind power and if you are thinking of starting a project by sending your comments below!