greendor 2012 is Dorchester’s first Open Eco-Homes weekend and there is now less than 2 weeks until booking opens!

Homes with eco-features will open up to the public on the weekend of 8th and 9thSeptember, during the annual Heritage Open Days. This is a chance to see how to green your home, and chat to people who’ve done it.

Here’s just a small taster of the features that will be available to see at the greendor Eco-Homes in September:-

  • buildings using local timber
  • walls made of rammed earth dug on the site
  • worktops made from recycled plastic
  • rainwater harvesting
  • sheeps-wool insulation
  • eco-paints
  • heat exchange ventilation
  • green roof
  • plenty of solar panels (both hot water and PV types)
  • wall insulation
  • and low energy lighting..

…the list goes on! Stay in touch with the site for more news: