The Rio Connection – 16th-22nd June 2012

This summer, 20 years on from the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, government representatives from around the world will meet at a ‘Rio+20’ summit to discuss sustainable development.

Over the past two years, as part of the African and Big Climate Connection, local groups around the UK have been building up connections with each other through lobbying their MPs. The Rio Connection will be a chance to build on this grassroots movement.

Local networks will hold Rio-themed events with their MPs (or their MSPs in Scotland/ AMs in Wales), ranging from simple lobby meetings, to themed football tournaments and local carnivals!

These events will connect global and national sustainability issues with those in their community, inspire new people to talk about sustainability, and encourage our politicians to sign up to a sustainable future.

Check out their inspiring video and for more information visit

UPDATE 27th June 2012:

“Please tell us what you thought of 2012’s Earth Summit in Rio which has been described as a shambles! Here’s a couple of links to recent news articles: and