Founder and organiser of the world famous Glastonbury Festival, Michael Eavis, is one of the countries biggest pioneers for all things environmentally friendly and advances in eco-technology. He has had 1200 solar panels fitted to the roof of one of his farm buildings and, along with his staff, is always looking at other ways of reducing CO2 emissions and running costs of the farm, right up to the point where plans are being drawn up to have a third reservoir made to utilise hydro-electricity.

So when FJ Chalke Wincanton introduced the Nissan LEAF to him, he jumped at the chance to give it a go. Currently driving a car on loan from us he has already expressed the desire to buy the vehicle. With the car charging from electricity generated by his solar panels Mr Eavis is enjoying totally free motoring. He is very impressed with how the car performs and what it is like to drive. Enjoying it so much his wife started a daily blog detailing how the car is used and how it is versatile and practical enough to handle a multitude of day to day activities. Whisper quiet to drive it does not disturb the peaceful surroundings of their farm and local village.

Like Nissan and the team at FJ Chalke he firmly believes that electric cars are the future, Nissan has proven the technology is here and that it works, and works well. He has even thought of installing a charge point near the entrance to Worthy Farm so local people who invest in an electric car, so therefore a greener future, can come and charge up.