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West Dorset Pro Wind

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West Dorset Pro Wind

At Dorset Energized we are keen to support the efforts of groups and organisations whose aims are similar to ours – promoting renewable energy, campaigning for a more environmentally friendly way of life. So we are happy to assist the new West Dorset Pro Wind Group. Below is the latest news from them:

West Dorset Pro Wind Group Update June 19th

The group formed in early June- its aims are to give balanced information about wind energy, provide some information about the 3 wind farm proposals and encouraged those who want to support a proposed wind farm development to write expressions of support during public consultation period. This update is to give some idea of what is on in very near future.

Contact Details: Facebook- West Dorset Pro Wind Group

Email: (Website-not ready)
Joining us: Email us and let us know if you want info only or want to help in group etc.


Saying yes to wind- what’s on

If you do support wind energy, this is your chance to have your say . Expressions of support in letters or online comments to planning departments during the public consultation period and to your local district councillors are the most effective way to support wind energy in Dorset. For the 3 wind farm proposals in West Dorset , this support will be key in counteracting the influence of the anti-wind groups, politicians and media.
West Dorset Wind Farm at Tolpuddle now in planning

Last date for letters/online comments of support 4th July
Email West Dorset Pro Wind if you want details of planning application and list of points you
might want to consider in your letter.

A pro-forma letter can be downloaded – Here: WD Pro-forma support letter

And further information can be downloaded – Here: West DorWD Pro-forma support letterset Planning application and bullet points for letters

Coming soon…

Blandford Hill Wind Farm goes to planning at end of June and Slyer’s Lane Wind Farm in September. Information on their websites. We will alert you about public consultation dates.

Slyer’s Lane Wind Farm Information Workshops- Broadview Energy

For residents of the nearby villages or Dorchester who are for, against or not sure.
Monday 23rd June 5:30-6:45 Community Benefit and Ownership

Charlton Down Herrison Hall
Monday 7th July 5:30-6:45 Television Reception

Charlton Down, Herrison Hall
Friday 25th July 6pm-7:30 Planning Process

Charminster Village Hall


West Dorset Pro Wind Group Stalls in South Street, Dorchester

First Stall held Tuesday the 17th- very positive response from many people

Planned: Sat June 21st Tuesday 24th June 24th Tuesday 1st July

Times- 2-3 hours between 10-2pm, depends on availability of helpers. Reply asap by email if you can help ; a tel. number is helpful and give times when you are available. If none of these dates suit you but you could help later on, email us and we will get back to you. Some people who have already done the stall will be there.


Update – West Dorset Pro Wind launch their new website – further info: here

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  • vince adams comments:
    "Gillian and Ben thank you for coming forward with what I call balanced and sensible comment regarding our use of wind here in Dorset.
    My wish is to see informed debate between people on all sides who wish to see a cleaner environment, reduction in costs, sharing energy across communities and much lower costs because the locals actually own a part of the project.
    We have to be sensitive to landscape, I am passionate about that but in the right place and broadly away from high density building turbines offer very little threat.
    As an example I meet a farmer above Martintown and he wanted to put up 2 turbines in carefully chosen locations to minimise any real hurt to landscape.
    One turbine would have run his dairy and the other would have been for the people in Martinstown to be part of and share in the energy that it would provide.
    Win and win again for everyone but planning opposition stopped the project in its tracks.
    Who are the losers almost all of us and the winners a small minority.
    Come on Dorset lets step up to the plate ! "

    July 6, 2014 a 6:53 pm

  • Erik Blakeley comments:
    "Many large companies include elements that we should support and elements that we should object to. It is by engaging with them and encouraging the good things that we influence their behaviour far more than simply by attacking them at every turn. The 2020 targets are merely a way marker on the route to the far more demanding 2050 targets which are the ones that really matter as far as changing the course of the climate change juggernaut. Dorset’s politically manipulated ‘plan’ to meet the 2020 targets is deeply flawed for 2 main reasons. Firstly, it treats the 2020 targets as the end point and give the impression that once we reach them then that is it – job done. The point is that even if we reach the 2020 targets without using wind turbines (or any other particular technology) it merely means that we will have to build that technology between 2020 and 2050. As onshore wind turbines are currently the cheapest and cleanest form of sustainable energy generation it makes sense to build them first and give the other technologies like wave and tidal lagoon to mature lowering their costs and reducing their environmental impacts. Secondly the Dorset plan envisages taking advantage of “national policies” to provide fully half of the CO2 savings required meaning that Dorset expects to provide less than its share of savings through measures in our area. This is pathetic! Dorset has remarkable renewable energy resources available and has a low population density allowing it to site effective renewable energy infrastructure in areas well spaced from people’s homes. Only the oppose anything at any cost brigade are stopping it from happening. With all the advantages we have Dorset should be doing more than our share and helping out those areas with low resources and very little space. "
    July 6, 2014 a 12:15 pm

  • Mac Evans comments:
    "Alot of truly green groups are against fracking, so it’s seems strange to support the West dorset wind farm development, when the company West Coast energy has just been acquired by GDF Suez, look to their businesses…Gas etc. Wind energy should be put in the right places sensitively. Not so near to peoples homes, not where you will damage business. Dorset relies on it’s tourism. You might be interested to know that Dorset is due to meet its renewable target in 2020, without one turbine, so is nt it good instead of wasting rare earth minerals, pouring tons of concrete into the ground, etc etc. to put wind turbines in places where they do not meet the targets. "
    July 4, 2014 a 6:27 pm

  • Ben Tyler comments:
    "Here in hilly dorset we have the perfect geography that creates wind through our valleys and villages. It is mad to think that someone would rather have a fracking site next door to them rather than a majestic turbine. The noise issue is blown out of proportion and those who think they are an eye sore needs to be shown a fracking site. My only suggestion is that we move away from the inefficient, overly large pylon design and look at new technologies that are emerging all the time that are more efficient and use a smaller footprint. Look at the websites I have included here , I can see a future where cars are all electric and personal and local wind generation charges them at home and takes the strain off the grid. Fossils are way past their sell be date as fuel! "
    July 4, 2014 a 10:27 am

  • Gillian Miles comments:
    "Its free its here to stay use it now,let the wind BLOW,and use it. "
    June 22, 2014 a 5:46 pm

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