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Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Electric Assist Tricycles

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Electric Assist Tricycles

I recently wrote a piece for this Blog (Ebike Fun in the Sun) in which I mentioned people enjoying riding Electric Bicycles for the first time. And how my own bicycle, which is fitted with a Mojo Crank Motor, proved popular with one electric bicycle first timer.

Well yesterday we were contacted, via the Comments section of the Blog, by John Thraves who also has a Mojo equipped bicycle. But John has his motor fitted to an ICE Trike. John it turns out is an amputee and is keen to spread the word about how Electric bicycles can assist those with such a disability to get back out on the road – an excellent project indeed, so we thought it would be great to post some of John`s photo`s and his introductory words.

John has sent us some photo`s of his Trikes – like many of us cyclists he has more than one bike (they just seem to accumulate :-)

So below are the words from John and then the photo`s of his rather excellent Trikes:

3 Great Trike`s

These trikes have helped to give me my independence, confidence since I lost the lower half of my right leg nearly 4 years ago. I was a keen cyclist before then but I found that I could not ride two wheels anymore due to the balance problem. However it is worth noting that the electric assist on all of them provides me with the ability and enjoyment of managing around 30 miles in one ride with no pain or discomfort and as I have said I would like to link other amputees to the benefits of this facility.

If you require further information or advice then please do not hesitate to contact me (which you can do via the Comments Box at the foot of the page – Ed)

The Scorpion is the next on the list for conversion to the MOJO and I am thinking of selling the Adventure.

The bikes are pictured below: The top one is of the ICE SPRINT with the MOJO motor, the second one is the HPV Scorpion, my first trike, and considered to be the Rolls Royce of the trike world. The third and fourth are of the ICE Adventure, my general workhorse and both the Scorpion and the Adventure are both powered by BIONX, which I do consider to be the best of the hub motors around. (Editors Note: Hub motors are, as the name implies, mounted in the center of a wheel, which can either be front or rear. Crank Motors (or Mid Motors) such as the Mojo are mounted by the front chainring/crank and drive the bike via the chain and can use the rear gears)

ICE Sprint with Mojo

ICE Sprint with Mojo


Scorpion with BionX Motor

Scorpion with BionX Motor


ICE Adventure with Bionx

ICE Adventure with Bionx


ICE Adventure

John with ICE Adventure


Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Get Your Mojo!

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For many advocates of electric bicycles the preferred way of delivering the power of the electric motor is so it goes through the gears in the same manner as the riders own effort. To make this type of assistance possible means having the motor installed at the crank (where the front chain ring is) or between the front chain ring and the rear wheel (attached to the chain).

Until very recently the only way to have this type of motor fitted onto an existing (non electric) bicycle was by putting it between the front chain ring and the rear wheel – a reasonably efficient method, but not always easy to install and set-up, and to many eyes a rather inelegant solution, but all the same an effective method of electric assistance – see some examples here:

However, now a new product is available which can be installed on an ordinary non-electric bicycle (your own favourite maybe) and give the same level and manner of assistance as the excellent but expensive electric bikes built around the Bosch or the Panasonic Electric Motors – for example.

The Mojo is a light, quiet and powerful system that adds electric assistance to any bicycle

The new motor aptly named The Mojo is being marketed by a long term exponent and developer of electric bikes, Tony Castles, under his Mr Motorvator trade mark. The Mojo system is installed by removing the existing cranks and front chain ring on the donor bicycle and then replacing with the Mojo. Something any reasonably competent cycle mechanic could do, and well within the abilities of many a DIY-er. See more here:

Mojo motor unit

I must say having coming across this motor only a few days ago I am still slightly (and apologies) drooling over it – in short, I want one!

Having had dealings with Tony Castles before (and aware of the great enjoyment the Nano drive electric conversion kit for Brompton Folding Bikes, that Tony developed, has brought: I’m sure that any product he shows his confidence in, by selling, is likely to be a good’un. And for product support – well it’s good to deal with someone who really understands the technology.

If I give in to my urge to get one of these Mojo drives (and resistance is not necessarily futile, but at least rather difficult) I’ll do a write up of my on road experiences using it.

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