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Vince Adams says:
Power in the hands of other Countries

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Power in the hands of other Countries

Europe imports over half the energy it consumes. Only Denmark is left as an exporter. We import 90 percent of our crude oil. We import 66 percent of our natural gas. Even 40 percent of our nuclear fuel comes from beyond European borders.

So my friends to state the obvious that if we want to have a sustainable energy supply for the UK its time to get fully behind, wind, water and solar power generation.

Lets not quibble about how we get there just letsgetenergized and make it happen.


Theresa McManus says:
Ensure your own energy security by using & producing your own renewable energy

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Catherine Mitchell has recently written a really powerful article published in the Guardian, which is critical of the UK’s energy policy. The article Who is in charge of Britain’s energy policy? claims that “Intense lobbying by energy companies and government misinformation is creating genuine uncertainty about who has overall control”. It is cause for concern, but effectively emphasises the need for people to take their own steps to avoid possible future price hikes and to make their own low-carbon choices.

Read her  full article here:

For more ideas and inspiration from local people who are using renewable energy check out our ‘Dorset Energy Stories’ at and visit our Renewable Energy section on this website to see what is available and to take the next step:

As always, if you have any queries you can comment here on this blog post, or talk to me or one of my colleagues at the Dorset Energy Advice Centre on 0800 975 0166 for some free advice.

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  • Peter Bywater comments:
    "Another article in the Guardian a few months ago pointed out that the renewables industry gets a constant bad press and most of that bad press is completely void of fact. It was pointed out that in terms of subsidies we pay for energy through our fuel bills, we pay up to around £350 per year to subsidise nuclear power and only around £60 for renewables. In fact with the new cut in the wind + hydro subsidy that will be down to £55 next year. "
    July 31, 2012 a 9:02 pm

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