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Sharon Fay says:
Charge your Nissan LEAF e-car in 30 minutes with the new Rapid Chargers

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Even more positive news for Nissan LEAF drivers!

There are now 1000 CHAdeMO rapid chargers that have been installed in Europe.  Out of these 1000 almost 20% are here in the UK.

The CHAdeMO units can charge the Nissan LEAF in just 30 minutes to an 80% charge.  The chargers are available around the UK at Ikea stores, motorway service stations and Nissan dealerships, most of which are completely FREE for Nissan owners, including at FJ Chalke Wincanton in Somerset/Dorset.

If you have any questions please contact me (Sharon) at FJ Chalke 01963 34335 or email or simply pop by to our showroom to charge up! Find out more at our website:


Nathan Shaw says:
Electric Car Movement Picks Up Speed!

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Not quite news from Dorset, but a bit further north the electric car movement has picked up some speed (apologies).

On Monday, Michael Eavis, of Glastonbury fame, was seen plugging his Nissan LEAF [leased from Dorset Energized partners FJ Chalke in Wincanton] into Bristol’s first free green public electric vehicle charger.

Solar Sense installed the point and has confirmed it is for use 24 hours a day and, on top of this, they have just invested in a fleet of electric cars. If the demand is high enough, then hopefully more will be implemented within the Bristol area.

Also, British Gas last week announced a new 6 month scheme with POLAR, through which the companies will install 1500 free charge points for people living in London, Milton Keynes and the Midlands as well as providing electric car owners with a free home charger and installation.

In Wales, Zero Carbon World, in association with Good Energy, have just installed 2 electric charging pumps at the Centre of Alternative Technology, with plans for more to hopefully increase the potential of electric transport across the border.

Finally, the Department of Transport has published figures showing that 473 new electric cars were purchased between April and May 2012 – double the figure for the same period last year. This can attributed to the plug-in grant scheme offering buyers £5000 of the 10 electric car models.

It seems that the issue of what comes first: the electric car or charging point is beginning to be solved. Hopefully this can increase demand, reduce cost and bring the relevant infrastructure to areas away from the major cities, places like Dorset. Of course, this all means very little if the electricity is not coming from renewable sources but action to create a sustainable transport network is being taken, and sometimes action creates change.

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