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Debbie Cripps Promotions Manager at Simon King Wildlife says:
Wildlife Adventure Holidays with Simon King

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I’m really lucky to have a job with so much diversity. As Promotions Manager for Simon King Wildlife each day holds a different challenge, from liaising with businesses and NGO’s, writing newsletters and press releases, taking bookings for personal appearances by Simon and raising awareness of our charity the Simon King Wildlife Project, there is certainly a lot to keep me busy!

One of my favourite aspects of the job is helping Simon to arrange the wonderful wildlife trips he hosts. The holidays are designed to create awareness of the natural world and what we stand to lose if we don’t take care of the planet.

I have even been lucky enough to be hospitality staff, helping the guests to have the best time possible. I know first-hand what amazing adventures folk have on these holidays. Simon is with them from dawn to dusk, using his immense natural history knowledge and great communication skills to ensure they spot many of the wonders each region has to offer. We choose exclusive accommodation, serving yummy food, and because the guests are ‘like minded’ lifetime friendships have been formed.


This year he is running a holiday to Islay (which is fully booked), in June he hosts a Somerset Safari, which includes a unique trip to Wild Meadows, the land surrounding his home, and a ‘behind the scenes’ visit to Secret World Wildlife Rescue. At the end of October he is running a trip to Zambia in search of big cats, wild dogs and other amazing creatures.

Next year there are plans for trips to India, Shetland, which is always hugely popular, and Canada.

So, if you want to see the world with Simon, visit our travel section at and sign up to our mailing list.

Perhaps we’ll meet in future…


Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Eco Travel Taking Off in the Brecon Breacons

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Things Electric seem to be taking off in the Brecon Beacons – the tourist sector embracing the new technology to boost trade and to bring the joys of Electric Transport to holiday makers.

Here in Dorset we also have many visitors seeking to enjoy the countryside and of course those visitors wish to enjoy the rural scene in a way that keeps it the quiet and peaceful place that drew them here in the first place.

In the Brecon Beacons they are setting an example of how this might be done – using quiet electric vehicles so people can explore and enjoy without disturbing, tourism with a light footprint.

Of course what is needed to make this effective are more charging points so those using electric vehicles of any type, can recharge their batteries. Businesses seeking to boost trade might well profit from offering charging facilities, and of course feel good by doing so as well.

In Dorset there is signs of this Electric Transport tourism emerging as well – the electric bicycle hire available near Bridport – and of course the same factors apply, electric bikes need recharging facilities as much as cars – and while the vehicle recharges, well opportunity signals for the alert business people!

Of course as electric vehicle ownership increases, more and more people will need the charging facilities – surely an opportunity not just for the switched on people in the tourist industry?!

Check out the sites below for more info on eco travel and of course our page on Electric Transport. – The Brecon Beacons project – Electric Bike Hire in Bridport

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