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Guest Energizer says:
Pros and Cons of Biomass Energy

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Pros and Cons of Biomass Energy

One thing we can agree upon is that the perfect energy source simply doesn’t exist yet. Each and every one source of energy we have out there has its own promises and disadvantages, but they may vary from type to type. This article will cover the details of biomass energy and what it has to offer.

Biomass has been used and around for a long, long time, before anyone actually spoke of alternate energy or renewable resources. At one point wood was the primary energy source for cooking, heating and other solutions. It still happens to be used today in many countries around the world, though in less locations in the west as it stands. Cleaning it also takes quite a bit of effort unless used in productive ways, as the following examples will point out. When we mention biomass today, we talk about a few applications used today:

Direct burning to create heat

This is the usual, traditional method of burning fossil fuels we are all very familiar with, meant for cooking and heating. It is still widely used around the world, but also responsible for plenty of greenhouse gases, respiratory illnesses and worse.

Generation of electricity

Biomass can be used to feed a boiler, which in turn will provide steam to a turbine generator. Feedstock is usually made from wood residue, as well as industrial and urban waste wood. This type of generation of power can also be improved with a co-generation solution that uses the heat of the process to improve efficiency for a combined arrangement.


The biomass is used and heated in an environment that allows it to break down into flammable gas. Once the gas has been filtered and cleaned, it can then be reused as a natural gas in a combined cycle turbine. The feedstock used is made of agricultural and forest residue.

Anaerobic Digestion

Biomaterials used in a fermentation process that works on converting the organic compounds into biogas, composed of roughly 60% methane and 40% carbon dioxide. The methane is converted into CO2 and water by being burned still has a net positive from a greenhouse gas perspective, as methane is a more tenacious greenhouse gas than CO2.

Pros of using biomass:

  • Renewable fuel source
  • Low cost
  • Ample supply
  • Domestically produced
  • Low carbon contents
  • Convertible into energy to keep waste low

Cons of using biomass:

  • Energy intensive for production purposes with little gain
  • May lead to deforestation
  • Needs water supply
  • Not entirely clean when burned
  • May compete with food production
  • Seasonal fuel sources
  • Process of creation is still fairly expensive
  • Methane and CO2 emitted during production
  • Heavy feedstock requires energy to transport

When it comes down to it, biomass seems compelling at first, considering its renewable source and it may be produced on domestic soil, but there are also plenty of drawbacks that make it an eco-unfriendly solution in the end. As population keeps growing, the competition between arable land for food production and water will make this type of option work poorly in the days to come. The other option that would work better is that much of the materials used to create biomass may also be used for composting and food production, which is a cleaner alternative although not directly tied to energy production.

This post is by Guest Energizer Sofia Lewis for Cleaners House Ltd. who offer eco-friendly house and office cleaning services. Sofia is a passionate freelance article writer and blogger. She is inspired by home improvement and gardening projects and writes mainly about domestic cleaning, green living home solutions and gardening.


Lets Get Energized says:
Wessex EcoEnergy

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Wessex EcoEnergy

Dorset Energized recently attended and exhibited at the Dorset County Show, with a stand in the tent provided by Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset. Alongside us in the tent, were Wessex EcoEnergy – and below is some information about them that they provided us with:

Wessex ECOEnergy is a local renewable energy company based in Dorchester and provide renewable energy systems to homes and businesses.

One of the company founders attended Thomas Hardye School so grew up in the local area. They aim to take more of a consultative approach to your renewable energy needs and offer combined systems to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and energy price rises.

They specialise in providing and combining:

The World’s leading Solar Thermal system: Which uses daylight to heat your hot water and central heating system. Clients can save on average 50% to 75% of their annual bills and get ongoing payments from the government via the RHI (renewable heat incentive) scheme.

Market Leading Biomass
Their Froling solution is a market leader offering pellet, wood and combined wood and pellet boilers. Also benefits from substantial RHI payments.

Primary business clients:
Nursing Homes
Caravan Parks/Campsites
Any business that owns it’s own premises
Any home with a reliance on oil will make a substantial saving
Detached properties
Households with 4 or more people

Contact for a consultation and quote:
01305 250429


Keith Wheaton-Green says:
There really is a Renewable Energy Revolution Going On!

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There really is a Renewable Energy Revolution Going On!

I’ve just read about the record breaking wind energy records for a day in August 2014. 5.0 GW of electricity supplying 17% of the UK demand on a Sunday night. At the same time hydro was delivering 2.0% and biomass 2.5%. So we had 21.0% of electricity being delivered by renewable`s.

However, it appears that these figures from the trade organisation Renewables UK and other data from DECC don’t include anything other than the half hourly metered generation ie the big MegaWatt sized wind and solar farms, big Scottish high head hydro plant and old coal fired power stations converted to burn wood pellet or chip. What about all the Solar PhotoVoltaics on house and industrial estate roofs or the small 20 kW wind turbines on farms or the small hydro plant at old mill sites? These don’t appear to be captured in the data because up to the minute (well half hour) generation data is not available. They are only metered on a quarterly basis. Luckily you can get an idea of what is happening with these small kW sized installations from the ofgem Feed In Tariff`s statistical reports – Click Here and go to FIT installations statistical report – or direct to the report: Here

My calculations indicate an additional 1% of UK demand over the course of a year. Less than I was hoping for but growing quickly all the time. Especially Solar PV, which is apparently found on 1 in every 32 houses in the south west. I know from my own generation from 4 kW of PV and the generation from the South Somerset District Council PV portfolio that 2014 has been a bumper year.

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Lets Get Energized says:
Award-Winning Renewables Roadshow starts September 2012

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The award-winning Renewables Roadshow returns this September and has been designed to deliver the essential day in your year!

Whether you’re looking for information, innovation or inspiration you will find it there. So if you need to get up to speed or if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the rapidly evolving renewables marketplace, make sure you visit the Renewables Roadshow.

The nearest venue to Dorset is Exeter, so if you can travel it should be well worth the effort!

2012 Dates & Venues:

  • Ricoh Arena, Coventry – 13 September
  • Westpoint Arena, Exeter – 18 September
  • International Centre, Harrogate – 20 September
  • SECC, Glasgow – 26 September
  • Event City, Manchester – 28 September
  • Wembley Stadium, London – 03 October

You will also have the opportunity to attend a succession of key demonstrations & presentations delivered by real industry experts FREE of charge.

Energy Efficient Technologies on display will include:
Air Source, Biomass, Commercial, Controls, Domestic, Electric Efficient Technologies, Energy Management, Greywater Recycling, Ground Source, Hydro, Industrial, Insulation, Low Energy Lighting, MHVR, Micro CHP, Micro Wind, Rainwater Harvesting, Smart Metering, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Underfloor Heating, Ventilation, Water Efficient Technologies.

Demonstration & Presentation areas include:
Green Deal Theatre, Commercial Theatre (CPD Points), Domestic Theatre, Solar Theatre, Training Theatre, Water Efficiency Theatre, Installer Theatre.

BOOK YOUR FREE TICKETS via the website at:

Lets Get Energized with Renewable Energy!

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