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Anna Celeste Watson says:
Stop Loosing Money While You Sleep Infographic

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Here’s another great little infographic as its BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK 2013 – this time from energy suppliers Ovo Energy showing how simply leaving your home appliances and devices on standby is wasting a lot of energy and burning a whole in your pocket!


Remember to check out Dorset Energized’s section on Energy Efficiency for even more energy saving tips to save lots more money!


Guest Energizer says:
An Ethical Investment for the Winter

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As we warm ourselves in the afterglow of Ethical Investment Week, happy in the knowledge that we are better and more ethical people for our involvement, I came to wondering what kind of ethical investments might be best for the home.

With these in mind I’d like to highlight the current work being one on Heat Pumps. Because it’s an investment for the home, and if you are in the mind of investing ethically, a heat pump would be a pretty good choice.

This is why:

  • There are two sorts of heat pumps; an air pump, and a ground pump. They work like a fridge. Apart from the other way round. They make the ground/air colder and pump that heat into your house. On average they work at an efficiency of 250-300% however, so they’re quite a lot more efficient than a fridge. (That is it puts out 2.5-3 times the amount of energy put in)
  • Common costs for installation are high to start, but they add that value onto the house and save significant amounts of money on oil, electricity and solid heating bills.
  • It doesn’t need to be warm outside to work. Because the surface area covered is large, given that heat is absorbed through coils, the latent heat in the ground is absorbed. You don’t need to have a hot spring in your back garden for it to work.
  • Maintenance costs are pretty low. Most systems come with a three year warranty. A check by a professional every three to five years should be sufficient.
  • Should you produce too much energy for your own use, you can sell it back to the National Grid.

At the very worst, that is the most inefficient working system against the least polluting fossil fuel, gas, the heat pump system saves 400kg of CO2 emissions per year.

So there you have it. My number one recommendation for an ethical home investment; the Heat Pump. Please, please visit the very good energy saving trust website for more information (link below) and see if this is the kind of ethical investment you might consider.


Posted by Guest Energizer Sean McArdell


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Energy Saving Tips at Home for BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK 2013

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As its the BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK 2013 I thought I’d share this great infographic I came across on Pinterest that provides a visual guide to easy ways you can save energy and save money in your home:


This infographic was created by Juice Electric Supplies who sell a range of energy saving products and gadgets, with information sourced from The Energy Saving Trust.

Check out Dorset Energized’s section on Energy Efficiency for more energy saving tips as well!


Lets Get Energized says:
Win a Wireless Electricity Monitor for Big Energy Saving Week

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Win an Owl Energy Saving Monitor and Organic Cakes

Win an OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor
(and yummy organic cakes too!)

To celebrate the start of BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK (21st – 25th October 2013), Dorset Energized have launched a very special offer to win an OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor courtesy of our partners Good Energy. Plus, as a double whammy, if you like us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest you’ll also have the chance to win an assortment of yummy cakes by our friends at Respect Organics, and if you share our offer on your social networks you’ll have even more chances to win cakes!

The OWL+USB Wireless Electricity Monitor (which retails at £42.95) is a complete wireless electricity monitoring solution to let you monitor your electricity usage through live and historical charts via your PC at a time to suit you, via the supplied USB cable and software supplied. With a superior memory capability, ultra fast download speed, Owl + USB makes it easy for you to track and save money. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to be able to see a visible reduction in their consumption and cost of electricity or reduce their household impact on the environment to fight against climate change.

All Respect Organics cakes are organic and use free-range eggs. Organic farming releases less greenhouse gases than non-organic farming, so choosing organic, local and seasonal food can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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Whilst using and generating renewable energy is really important, we also need to be more energy efficient to reduce our energy consumption.

There are lots of small steps you can take to save energy in your home and save money too!

Check out the Energy Saving Trust’s ‘Energy Saving Top Tips’ at: 

Plus… look out for more energy saving tips later this week here on our blog, and check out our section all about Energy Efficiency.

Offer ends 30th November 2013

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