We at Lets get Energized are non-plussed at the Governments latest decision to prop up the Nuclear power red herring. Clearly neither EDF or even the Chinese really believe in the validity of the investment but George Osbourne’s offer to support the initial stages with a £2 billion loan is just the precursor to even more gurantee’s and loans in the future.
At the sametime the latest moves by the Government to bring the Solar Energy Industry here in the UK to its knee’s is quite amazing.
What does it tell us about our future. How will our children childrens live with the growing cost and potential dangers of Nuclear fusion. Where will be put all the waste material.
We hear such a lot about national security and yet the Government is considering letting the Chinese build and I assume run a nuclear plant here in Essex.
Down the road we are about to have a huge debate on whether or not we should continue pouring billions into Trident because of the “threats to our national security” One set of principles for war and another for saving the worlds climate by setting the UK firmly on the path to a renewable energy future.
Its interesting that whilst China is selling us rather old technology such as nuclear they are investing hugely in their own renewable energy future.
Are we becoming a dumping ground for old technology because of the backward commercial thinking of our Government.
Please support renewables, comment its time this debate began to take centre stage.