• Here at M&S Energy, we want to enable more communities in Great Britain to generate renewable energy and become environmentally and financially sustainable when compared to not having such renewable energy technology installed.

So we’ve launched The Community Energy Fund to help you do just that. 

It’s part of the M&S ethical and ecological programme, Plan A, which sees us aim to source responsibly, reduce waste and help communities. 

If you’ve got a project that wants to use renewable energy, produced locally, to provide community benefits, this is your chance to try to secure funding. Community energy groups come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you’re a sports club, a neighbourhood or simply an organisation that wants to have a positive impact on the environment – we want to hear from you.

Funding available

There are 4 types of funding available to support renewable energy projects across Great Britain3.

    1. A national funding pot for a project that requires a maximum of £40,000
    2. A national funding pot for a project that requires a maximum of £20,000
    3. Regional funding pots for projects that require a maximum of £12,500
    4. A judges award of £15,000 of funding which will be split between the most inspiring projects
  • How you can get involved
    1. Step 1. To have a chance to win, simply register at www.mandsenergyfund.com and complete the online application for the funding amount you need. You have until 26 July 2015 to enter.
    2. Step 2. If your project has been shortlisted, the competition begins! Organise support from your community to vote for your project. 
    3. Step 3. The most voted for projects per region will secure their funding. We’ll also announce funding for those inspiring projects we felt went the extra mile for their community. We’ll announce the results by the end of October 2015.

If you simply want to support your local community energy group, check back on www.mandsenergyfund.com for campaign information and placing your vote.

For full terms and conditions please visit www.mandsenergyfund.com.