Would your organisation benefit from installing renewable energy ? 3 steps that could make it possible.

Step One, find a suitable funding partner

We believe across Dorset and neighbouring Counties there are numerous sites suitable for installation of wood heat boilers, photovoltaics or other renewables were the site owner would like an installation but can’t afford it or doesn’t have the capacity to arrange. Many of these can loosely be described as community sites. Village Halls, schools, British Legions, scout huts, churches etc.

So we set up a Community Energy Society to help. We registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as Energize Stur Valley Industrial and Provident Society Ltd. We can plan, project manage and raise a local share issue to fund projects. The project host gets reduced energy costs and the investors get more than 5% interest and their original investment returned over 20 years with a 30% tax rebate in the first year on their investment.

The IPS is not for profit but because we believe passionately that renewable energy should be installed to replace fossil fuels wherever possible and benefit the community.

Step Two

With the help of a local installer we discuss and outline the potential project and together cost and create a potential revenue stream.

Step 3

This then allows us to create a share offer that offers a fair rate of return over 20 years, money back on the initial investment, tax incentives for the shareholders. Substancial energy cost saving for the project host and in some cases even a share of the revenue stream.

Let us have your comments even requests on how to get started: