Transition Town and its views on the future

At Letsgetenergized we believe that we are here to communicate news of  the World of renewable Energy in all of its various guises.

Today we would  like to share with you the latest vision of a renewable future as seen by members of the Transition Town network.

Its a wide ranging look at the future putting sustainability as its central theme and offers a glimpse of what is happening now.

Real people doing real things centred around localism, food, energy, transport and even money that is inspirational.

The BBC news report from Brixton on its  community energy project demonstrates just how any local scheme can change the lives of local people.

Our own local Community Energy Schemes are already set to go. One of our contributors said and I quote “community energy schemes are just like standing on street corners giving out £5 pound notes, its almost so good that people walk on by”

We are here to tell you its true they are a win for you the public, a win for the community and of course a win for the environment.

Spend sometime exploring all that Transition RE is about.