4 Tips for Green Living (2)

Being environmentally conscious is not about buying LED bulbs or sorting your garbage. You know that saying – small changes make huge difference? That is true, but only if you make green living your lifestyle. It is an everyday effort and should extend beyond your cleaning methods or furniture preference. It should become a way of thinking. This will not happen in a day, but you can start by improving small things around your home.

There are three major reasons why you should embrace an eco–friendly way of living…

Firstly, you will lower the negative impacts on the environment, secondly, you will have healthier life and thirdly you will save some money.

1. Be Energy Conscious

If your lights still operate with regular incandescent bulbs, replace them immediately with LED ones.They have longer life, use less energy and decrease sufficiently the cost for electricity.

The commercial production of electrical power involves the use of hazards for the environment. Fossil fuels contribute to the emission of a large amount of carbon that is the leading driver of global warming. Switch to green energy! Although some green electric companies charge a little bit more, the amount is not that significant. You will set positive examples that will inspire others to take the same actions.

Another option is to install your own solar panels. You can take advantage of the government’s incentives like lower taxes. Plus you will produce your own energy and you will not depend on external parties.

4 Tips for Green Living (1)

2. Green Clean

Remove the toxins from your home for good. They are not only harmful for the environment, but also for your health. Commercial cleaning products contain hazardous components can cause allergies, sickness and even poisoning. Create your own cleaning solutions by using natural ingredients. Use vinegar to clean your floor and upholstery. Baking soda is ideal for rubbing stained surfaces, while lemon will sanitize your toilet and whiten your laundry, leaving refreshing aroma.

3. Save Heat &Water

The first step towards saving water is by fixing the leaky faucets. Buy high-efficiency showerheads and a water-conserving toilet that will save several gallons of water. In addition you can install sink-aerator attachments. These inexpensive appliances will contribute immensely to your household budget.

Heating constitutes a large part of your energy consumption and affects significantly your expenses. Use solar water heaters or wrap your regular one with insulating blanket. Check if your windows are well sealed and there are no air leaks. You can either proof the problematic areas or insulate your whole home. It is a one–time investment that will surely repay the next month when you get your bill.

4. Get Green Utilities

Buy energy efficient appliances. Some washing machines can do magic with yor laundry even with cold water. Use the dishwasher only when there is full load. It’s preferable to do the dishes manually.

Lastly, unplug all the electrical devices when you don’t use them anymore!

This post is by Guest Energizer Sofia Lewis for www.cleaningcarpet.co who offer eco-friendly cleaning services. She is a passionate freelance article writer and blogger. She is inspired by home improvement projects and writes mainly about cleaning, green living home solutions, removals and other home related topics.