If you do 1 thing today…

Switching to a green energy supplier is one of the simplest things that anyone can do to invest in renewable energy to be part of transforming the UK’s energy landscape for local, natural, sustainable energy – whether you are a homeowner or tenant, have a family or share a student flat!

At Lets Get Energized we are passionate about renewables and sustainable living which is why we recommend the UK’s only two 100% green electricity suppliers – Good Energy and Ecotricity.

We want to show you just how easy it is to switch and how good it will make you feel, which is why all our team use green electricity ourselves at home! Some of us have been supporting green energy for years and others have signed up recently after being inspired by working with us.

Say ‘frack off’ to bad energy!

Ecotricity take the money their customers spend on their electricity and gas bills and turn it into new sources of Green Energy. When they talk about green energy they mean 100% Green Electricity made from the wind and the sun, and ‘Green Gas’ – that comes with a ‘Frack Free’ guarantee.

People are really beginning to turn against the Big Six energy companies, to question where their energy comes from. The reaction to fracking plans in Balcombe is evidence of that, and at Ecotricity they have ensured that none of their gas will come from fracking, and their electricity is always 100% Green. And they don’t just supply green energy, they make it themselves with their rapidly growing fleet of renewable energy parks.

Ecotricity’s Price Promise

As the Big Six Energy companies continue to increase prices by as much as 10%, Ecotricity have also frozen their prices until next year.

And they have a Price Promise too – that they will always be cheaper than the standard Big Six electricity tariff in your region and the standard gas price from British Gas wherever you live.

As a not-for-dividend company, with no shareholders or investors to keep happy, Ecotricity are free to dedicate their money to their mission – changing the way energy is made and used in Britain.

Switching energy supplier is one of the easiest and single biggest things you can do to make a change…

Switch to Ecotricity and get a £50 John Lewis voucher

As if switching to a green energy supplier was not rewarding enough in itself, we are very pleased to announce that Ecotricity have just updated their sign-up offer so that you can celebrate switching to them by treating yourself to a shopping spree at John Lewis with a £50 voucher. And unlike most organisations that take a referral fee for sign-ups – we are giving the whole offer directly to YOU!

It couldn’t be easier to switch to Ecotricity and literally takes less than five minutes.

Switch online at: www.ecotricity.co.uk/letsgetenergized or call Ecotricity free on 08000 302 302.

When you sign up make sure you quote ‘Lets Get Energized’ to get your £50 John Lewis voucher…. Enjoy!