Saving Water The Whys and Hows (2)

Conserving the water resources of our planet is crucial in times when scarcity is a real threat. The liquid is vital not only for humans but for every living creature. With this in mind you need to be cautious of how you use water supplies.

By following these simple saving tips, you will not only limit the waste of water, but you will also save some money.

Why it Is Important to Save Water?

First and foremost, because without fresh water life on Earth would be impossible. Although the major part of the planet’s surface consists of water, only 3% of it is suitable for your everyday needs, of which only 1% is available for immediate use. The rest is salt water. It’s hazardous to rely on such a small percent and still recklessly wasting prolific amount of water. With the constantly growing population and scarce resources, we may be at the edge of water insufficiency. On the other hand, climate change has negative effects on the water supplies. Rain and snowfall may become rarer. Global warming causes the melt down of the snowpack of the mountains, which are a natural source of drinking water found in the streams and rivers.

If the described apocalyptic scenario doesn’t scare you then think about how much money you can safe by limiting your water consumption. Reducing the water use will have an impact on another other ecologically problematic area – energy production. The water extraction and purifying requires great amount of energy, which leads to the exhaustion of resources such as oil and natural gas. Already convinced? Here are few tips how to lower the water use.

Saving Water The Whys and Hows (1)

3 Ways to Save Water

1. Buy Water Efficient Appliances

Invest in an energy and water efficient washing machine. It saves water and money at the same time. Kitchen cleaning has a huge part in the household water consumption. Wash the dark clothes that don’t require special care with cold water. Use the dishwasher occasionally. These devices use smaller amounts of water than when washing your dishes by hand, therefore when you have a full stack of dirty dishes it’s better to get them to do the dirty job.

2. Reduce the Leaks

Install aerators on the kitchen and bathroom faucets. In addition put low – flow shower heads. Buy a dual – flash toilet. Get a fish tank to collect rain water to moisten the household greenery or even use it for cleaning your car.

3. A Matter of Habits

Sometimes little changes make huge difference. Avoiding practices such as leaving the water running constantly while brushing your teeth or cleaning fruits and vegetables. If you are a bath tub lover, you should sacrifice this little pleasure.

Use water wisely and show your care for the environment. If this is not enough to convince you, you should think about the benefits of saving some bucks from your bills!

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