Ways to Make your Home More Energy Efficient s (2)

Saving money is always an issue. So why not cut the costs of your utility bills?

An energy efficient home will make you feel comfortable while saving you money. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking simple steps or making huge investments. It will surely pay off over time.

Energy Vampires

Look for the sneaky energy suckers. Electronic devices left unplugged cause a lot of waste. You may think that some items are turned down, when they’re actually not. For instance, while TVs are on standby, they continue to use energy. A quick tip to make sure that everything is switched off is to plug your devices into a power strip. When you don’t use them any more, you can quickly turn off them all at once. If you are absent minded, buy a smart power strip that will automatically do that for you.

Beat the Air Leaks

Don’t lose heat during the cold months. It’s unpleasant and it will affect your energy consumption. Double glazed windows will keep the warm air in and the cold air out. If this seems costly, you can install draught proofing. You have two options foam seal and metallic or plastic brush strips. Nothing will preserve the warmth in your house like a wall and attic insulation.

Update Your Appliances

Replace the energy in-efficient dryer with a clothing line. It is practical and it will make your home smell clean and lovely. Go one step further and wash your clothes by hand. If you are not ready to give up the washing machine then just do the laundry with colder water. Buy a manual lawn mower, instead of electric one. Immediately change the incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones.

Cool Down

If you want to make your home more energy efficient, then you need to lower the degrees of your thermostat a little bit. Did you know that by turning down your thermostat by 10 degrees for only eight hours you can decrease your bill with up to 15% per year? Do this before going to work.

Ways to Make your Home More Energy Efficient s

Renovate Your Home

Lower your energy bill considerably by transforming your rooftop into photo-voltaic solar system. The practice is receiving wide acceptance, mainly because of the government incentives. The institutions are fostering the use of green energy through sponsorship and different tax benefits. If you’re planning a full home renovation, browse online or contact government agencies for further information. You will not only save money, but you will also boost the value of your estate.
When talking about indoor changes, here are some areas you should consider…

Heating has a major share in the household energy consumption. If you’re up for investing in this area definitely pick under floor heating.

If your home is not suitable for the system or if the system is just too expensive for you, then the cork flooring is the right solution. The primary advantages are that it can be placed over existing surfaces such as stone, ceramics, wood and linoleum and it works great as an insulation material. Don’t be afraid that the furniture may damage it. The cork flooring is just as strong as the regular one.

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