Pic: Electric battery for the first electric car circa 1912 (Speed 25 kilometres ph, Range 77/90k)

Pic: Electric car in a parade just after the First World War

Pic: Electric car elegance 1920!

Pic: Electric Speedster

Pic: The world's first electric car in 1912 was used by the army for invalid soldiers. After that came this sexy black beast!

On my recent travels to Sweden I visited an amazing museum with a fascinating collection of electric cars at the Johannes Museet 20k south of Malmo. A Swedish man called Johannes was given an old electric car which he restored lovingly. Then one thing led to another and he ended up creating the museum. My wife Lin and I met his surviving son who continues the line and has become a real national personality in Sweden.

Electric cars were in production even before the First World War, in fact there were over 2000 made over 5 years and the company who produced them became a part of Audi in the late 1940’s I believe.

Isn’t it amazing, that at that point in time a whole century ago, we could have gone electric but we choose petrol – why? Because it was cheap!

Now we have used most of it up, electric is next if hydrogen does not work, but its a long push uphill to get things started.

I’m glad to say my 100% Electric Nissan LEAF is rather more practical and comfortable than these original electric cars and the technology is progressing all the time, and becoming much more accessible to everyone.

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