There is a shift in thinking regarding car use. A growing number of people are no longer aspiring to own a car due to rising costs and environmental issues, such as climate change and congestion. These people are turning to other forms of transport which are cheaper and kinder to the environment, often using multiple modes of transport to replace the car. Other people are selling their second car, which sits on the driveway most of the time, costing its owner’s a small fortune in depreciation.

Car clubs are a relatively new solution to this problem and are rapidly expanding throughout the country…

Dorset Flexicars offers its members access to nearly new, fully insured and well maintained vehicles to hire by the hour. This allows members to use other forms of transport like walking, cycling and public transport, and then on the occasions when they really need to use a car, they have one available to them. The club also has a number of business users who use the vehicles.

Company Secretary, Pete West, said “My wife and I live in Dorchester and used to own 2 cars, just in case both of us needed to use a vehicle at the same time. Since joining Dorset Flexicars we have sold one car, saving approximately £1000 per year in devaluation, tax, MOT and insurance (and saving the hassle of car ownership). Now we can book a car on–line if we both need to use a car at the same time. The Car Club is ideal for anyone who just needs to use a car now and again.”

Dorset Flexicars C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company which exists for the benefit of the community and is “not for profit”, which guarantees members great value for money.

The club is now expanding into Weymouth and Blandford Forum after securing grant funding. This has paid for four new cars, which will offer the people of these Towns the opportunity to try out this scheme.

If you want to know more, or wish to become a member; visit, email or call 08456 211 611.