The data displayed on this page  might be of interest:

The ETA’s Road Clock is a counter that displays many transport-related stats including total miles driven, petrol and diesel consumed, bicycles stolen and the number of car breakdowns each day. Compiled and published by the Environmental Transport Association, the Road Clock counter reveals the astonishing amount of resources consumed, and pollution created, as a direct result of the way we travel each day.

There’s lots of info all in one place and speaking as a cyclist (albeit electric, that’s the bike, not me!) it’s interesting to see that cycling miles are greater than motorbiking miles but of course vastly less than car journey miles.

Speaking of cars, the data available here does give a good picture of how much fuel is used by cars – and how much car users pay on fuel duty.

Of course those who use Electric Vehicles will not be troubled by those numbers – electric vehicles being able to refill (refuel) via any ordinary electrical outlet, or at the fast chargers becoming increasingly available, without any extra surcharges on the cost.

For more info on zero emissions Electric Cars check out this page: