If you are aged 50 plus and have a reasonable income, then I believe it is so important that you support Solar and other renewable energies.

I have solar panels installed at my home in Dorset, and these words below are written by my good friend Jack Olver who lives in Monterey, California…

“Of course solar generation doesn’t occur at night so energy storage is the problem that must be solved for solar to become the main power supply. Fortunately scientists and engineers around the world are chasing this very lucrative goal. Here are a few of the proposed solutions at www.renewableenergyworld.com. But remember, this is early in the game. The computing power that enables solutions to these problems has only been around for a few years and that power is growing every day, and more and more countries are producing more excellent scientists. The solutions of today, remarkable as they might be, are nothing compared to those that will come a few years down the road.”

See the Dorset Energized section on Solar Energy to view the current solar options available for your home: www.letsgetenergized.co.uk/energy/solar-energy.