According to the Carbon Action Network, new research released this week shows the UK suffers the worst fuel poverty in western Europe and comes bottom of a fuel poverty league table for western Europe.

The press release on the Report from the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) and the Energy Bill Revolution campaign, states:

Woeful levels of insulation in this country’s homes are sending energy bills through the roof for people in the UK, according to the figures from the Association for the Conservation for Energy and the Energy Bill Revolution campaign.

Although most other European countries face higher energy prices than those of the UK, better quality home insulation means our European neighbours pay less to heat their homes.

The heat leaking from the UK’s homes is condemning over five million households to fuel poverty this winter, and this number is predicted to rise to eight million within the next four years.

The ranking table giving the estimated share of households in energy poverty is as follows:

1 Netherlands 8.1%
2 Belgium 8.9%
3 Sweden 11.2%
4 Austria 11.9%
5 Slovenia 12.0%
6 Denmark 12.4%
7 Germany 12.6%
8 Finland 13.0%
9 Ireland 13.5%
10 Luxembourg 13.6%
11 Czech Republic 14.5%
12 France 16.2%
13 UK 19.2%

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