On Saturday the 16th of February 2013 I went with a friend to the Sturminster Newton Renewable Energy Exhibition and Forum and I’m glad I went!

I went of course with a set of expectations and to a certain extent these were confirmed; there were various exhibitors passing on useful information about Renewable Energy and how it can be applied to ones own life and there were also exhibitors showing of the latest technologies in energy saving, such as LED lighting. Being fairly involved in all this myself I tend to think I am fairly well informed, but after attending this Expo I am definitely now better informed – there is always more to learn, especially as this is an ever developing field, and that sure adds to the fun of it.

But as I said I went with a set of expectations – and one thing I was not expecting was the “conversation” as one person described it, going on at the Forum part of the Exhibition. And this was interesting – seeing various people with expertise in Renewable Energy stand up and give a short presentation on a particular aspects of the Renewable Energy “thing” and then open up the floor for a questions and answers & general discussion. This proved to be very interesting, various points being raised, ideas being proposed – people feeling involved. Should there be another of these Exhibitions I fervently hope that it will include that Forum part.

Going by the numbers of people coming into the room – some staying to hear the speakers, some just browsing the stands of the exhibitors, some deep in discussion amongst themselves, I would say the event was a great success. The exhibitors will no doubt have their own criteria but it would seem likely to me that if another such event was run, then those who were there on Saturday would seek to return and quite possibly there will be others also seeking to exhibit.

On a closing note I ought to mention my friends impressions – she is someone not necessarily taken up by the Renewable Energy cause, but like many people she takes an interest in what is happening with our energy supplies and so forth. She like me found the Forum part interesting, but did feel that the discussion about the proposed Community Renewable Energy scheme in Sturminster Newton might have been more fully explained, and I could see her point. So perhaps a Forum event in the future might include the opportunity to talk more in depth with the people presenting or perhaps some information sheets to accompany the talks (though to save on paper these could perhaps be printed on demand at the venue).

Anyway all I can add is that I’m glad I went and many thanks to the people who were there, exhibitors and visitors – all were involved and included in making it the success it was (and the sun shone!).