Providing we are not (or even if we are) all about to enter into other dimension with all the talk of 21st December as the end of the Mayan calendar (!), myself and everyone involved with Dorset Energized, would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Very Happy Christmas!

Thank You Dorset
We also want to thank all our bloggers for contributing to this very blog, and a special thanks to Vince Adams and Theresa McManus for all their enthusiasm and work putting this website together.

Dorset Energized was set-up as an online portal to help you get energized and be part of the green revolution of people connecting with our natural world through renewable energy. I started designing this site a year ago now and we officially launched in Spring 2012. Since then we hope we have shared a huge wealth of knowledge, news and events on renewables and saving energy in Dorset, and beyond, and hope that in 2013 we will continue to develop this site, and connect even more people with our green energy revolution!

We are a voluntary group of renewable energy enthusiasts, including individuals from da21 and Dorset Energy Advice Centre (DEAC), and with support from carefully selected local companies who have given our users exclusive money saving offers, including Good Energy (the UK’s only 100% renewable electricity supplier), FJ Chalke Wincanton (friendly dealers in the 100% electric Nissan LEAF cars) and Respect Organics (the UK’s leading organic cake producers – who are run by our very own Vince Adam’s whose passion for renewables is always an inspiration to our team).

This site has also inspired some individuals to form Energize Stur Valley – a local community group who champion renewable energy in their community around Sturminster Newton, and we would be thrilled if more people formed their own action groups in 2013 – do let us know if you want help doing so!

Wind Power Controversy
Dorset is a very beautiful county and contains such fabulous areas of outstanding natural beauty, supporting high biodiversity and many rare species. We must find a way to work with nature, rather than against. Although we aim to provide impartial advice and information on all renewable energy options, of which we of course believe wind energy is an important part of, we weren’t surprised to see a lot of negative comments on this blog against all local wind farm applications. We have always posted such comments as we believe in free speech, and we do hope that our posts and answers to any comments provide a positive response.

However, if wind power is just not for you, it is even more important that you take steps to reduce your own energy demand, and there are plenty of other renewable energy technologies available to you and your community. Check out our main page on the Renewable Energy Options on:

Have a Cozy Christmas
Make sure you keep warm this Christmas and perhaps take advantage of the sales to check out your local heat energy showrooms to choose a more energy efficient woodburning stove to make your home even cosier. See our page on Wood Energy here:

Until 2013…  have a fabulous Christmas and be happy!