This afternoon, Dorset County Councillors approved the proposal for a single 500kW wind turbine at Masters Quarry, East Stoke (near Wool and Wareham).

The Councillors voted in favour, with only 1 abstention. The fact that a wind turbine of this scale obtained planning consent at Council level is very encouraging and Dorset Energized believes it is an important step forward!

Approval for both the Alaska Wind Farm and Masters Quarry Wind Turbine is a fantastic result as there is a situation now where there are options. Alaska Wind Farm, being the project with the larger output, is the preferred option but consent for Masters Quarry means there is a fall back plan just in case. In any case we are hopeful that wind energy will be generated at Masters Quarry within the next couple of years.

More information on the project and other projects by the Developers at Infinergy are on their website: