I thought I would highlight the research findings regarding Wind Turbines, especially in light of Donald Trump’s current objections to the much needed Wind Turbine development in Scotland…

Clean energy development is subsidised through the Renewables Obligation, which obliges electricity companies to buy a certain amount of their electricity from renewable sources.

Thornton Moor in “Bronte Country” is one place where wind turbines are being opposed. The additional cost is passed onto the consumer.

According to the regulator Ofgem, the cost of this in 2010-11 amounted to £15.15 per household per year. Just over half – £7.74 – was accounted for by wind power.

Ipsos-Mori asked people “to what extent do you consider this good or poor value for UK energy consumers?”

RenewableUK has just released the responses to this question – 43% thought it was either “very good” or “fairly good” value, against 18% who found it “fairly poor” or “very poor”.

Asked why they approved of wind power, a majority of respondents said it helps curb greenhouse gas emissions, helps tackle climate change, and contributes to the UK’s energy security.

“The misleading refrain that wind energy is an expensive burden on the public was disproved by recent figures from Ofgem,” said Maria McCaffery, Renewable UK’s chief executive.

“In fact it adds just 2p per day per household to energy bills through the government’s Renewables Obligation. Wind energy is a fantastic investment that brings broad benefits and the public knows it.”

1. In a sense we need to highlight that everyone one of us is paying for support of renewable energy so why not get your own share of the money you are putting in. This seems to me a fairly crucial selling point and one we need to highlight.

2. Lets take the research finding to the public.

3. Quote… as a long-time golfer, Scot and lover of the game I am outraged that Donald Trump can not only come to Scotland and radically change one of the most beautiful coastlines of Great Britain but now seeks to stop the development of much needed Wind Turbines, saying he is opposed to the concept.

I don’t believe its anything to do with the golfers themselves who in the main will be concentrating on their game and oblivious to the scenery. No its potentially going to effect the sale of Millionaire Houses to a very small number of potential house buyers. It’s this concern that really fuels Trumps outburst and its root is all about Profit nothing to do with Renewable Energy, scenery or wildlife.