As the co-ordinator of animal welfare group Compassionate Dorset in my spare time (aside from working on the Dorset Energized website of course!) I am naturally concerned about the impact wind turbines could potentially have on birds, but also know that we must invest in renewable technology, quite simply, to save the planet! (This observation is from my non-expert point of view as a member of the public I should add, and after learning more about renewables from this very website), so I am very pleased to read that the RSPB, who apparently do support wind turbines anyway, have just announced plans to have a wind turbine installed at their HQ.

Adam Murray from the RSPB, says “We believe that renewable energy is an essential tool in the fight against climate change, which poses the single biggest threat to the long term survival of birds and wildlife.”

He adds “We know that with the right design and location wind turbines have little or no impact on wildlife, but we always take care to consider any wind turbine proposal on a case-by-case basis.”

Check out their full plans for yourself here: