I’m Ben Michael, a Sales Executive for FJ Chalke Nissan, Wincanton. The Nissan LEAF is my company car, and I travel to and from my home in Wellington everyday. The following is my views on the Nissan LEAF and how my experience has been over the last month.

Firstly the ride comfort is sensational, but the way the Nissan LEAF handles, picks up speed, and how quiet it is, make it such a peaceful commute everyday. I believe the LEAF to be the best solution against Petrol/Diesel, purely on how easy it is to re-charge, and the rapid charge to always fall back on… which in the near future I hope they’ll be a lot more around!

Charging my LEAF at home is both safe, and convenient. I can truly say I love driving my new car, luxurious inside with all the ‘bells and whistles’, but hassle free and an enjoyable commute of 90 miles a day. It is truly a superb alternative for people who do little mileage, and wish to save a lot of money in the long run.